Does It Really Matter If Derek Carr Cried?

Tuesday was a strange morning for Raider news. An anonymous source familiar with the team is saying that some players are losing confidence in Derek Carr and NBC Sports’ Mike Florio implied that Carr crying on the field was further complicating the matter… or more accurately, Florio implied that the original report in The Athletic said that Carr crying was an issue, when actually the original report only speculated on the matter.

But here’s the question. Does it really matter if Carr cried or he didn’t?

Carr denied shedding any tears against the Seahawks in England, but even if he did, wouldn’t the most important detail be what he did after peeling his injured body off the field? Carr has a history of playing through pain and significant injuries and tried to talk Jon Gruden into letting him return to a blowout loss on Sunday (to face a defense that had been knocking him around all day).

For what it’s worth, plenty of professional football players have cried on the field. If Carr ever needs to be added to the list, he would be among elite company. Anyone questioning the skill and leadership capability of these players and former player?

Probably not.

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  1. Nothing but a hater writer trying to stir up crap. Derek is one of the toughest players in the league. Go Derek!! Go Raiders!!

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