Gruden: Marshawn Lynch Is Down To 232 Pounds

Go to the Raiders website and you’ll be glad to know Marshawn Lynch is in great shape. He’s standing 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs a mere 215 pounds.

Actually that weight is a big fat lie according to Marshawn’s head coach because according to Gruden, Lynch has been nowhere near 215 pounds since joining the Raiders.

“He’s 232 pounds today which is as light as he’s been in a while,” Gruden said of Lynch this week during an appearance with JT The Brick on Fox Sports Radio.

Even before the most recent Gruden hype, Lynch was said to be working extremely hard going back to the beginning of the offseason. Lynch’s cousin told 95.7 The Game in April that at that time, Lynch was in the best shape he’d seen him in a long time.

Lynch was rumored to have joined the Raiders last year in reasonable shape, but not in great shape – one of the reasons he appeared to get stronger as the season progressed. This year, it seems that won’t be the case.

For what it’s worth to fantasy footballers out there, expect Lynch to share plenty of carries under Gruden regardless of what kind of shape he’s in. Plenty of touchdowns though… hopefully.

And a final thought. If Lynch weighs only 232 pounds this year and he’s in great shape, what in the world did he weigh in August a year ago?

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