Marshawn Lynch Said To Be In Great Condition, “Loves Jon Gruden”

Updates on Marshawn Lynch don’t come often and when they do, they rarely come from him.

In this case, the source is the next best thing to the man himself.

Lynch’s first cousin, who is also Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B., appeared Friday on 95.7 The Game and said Marshawn and head coach Jon Gruden are off to a great start together.

“He loves Gruden. We talked about that earlier this week. He loves Gruden. He loves what Gruden has told him.”

”He told [Marshawn], ‘Man, I want to get you more involved in the offense.’”

”That has [Marshawn] getting into some of the best condition I’ve seen him in in a long time. He came in, he gave me a hug the other day after shopping. I was like, ‘****, cuz. What you on steroids?’”

NFL Network’s Mike Silver, who is relatively close with both Gruden and Lynch, said weeks ago that the two may surprisingly be a perfect partnership.

Lynch was reportedly slow to get into shape last year (missing a year of football may have contributed to that), but he also wasn’t known to be the hardest worker in practice.

It sounds possible that neither will be a problem this year, as evidenced by comments made by Lynch’s cousin – but also by the Raiders willingness to essentially guarantee Lynch $4.5 million for next season.

Whatever it was that Gruden and Lynch have discussed, it seems to have them both fired up.

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16 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Said To Be In Great Condition, “Loves Jon Gruden”

    1. In seattle, they ran zone scheme w cable during lynchs best years. Mid year last season, they began running more zone blocking to aid lynch. Theyll run zone this year. Just a bummer our highly paid o-line plays better man

      1. We started off running zone failed. We are a power running team. Stick to it. Marshawn will make it happen either way

  1. Don’t worry about that. Gruden will run what fits our team best. That’s what great coaches do and that’s what I expect from Gruden. With the additions and comments he is making, its obvious we are setting up for power running. His ultimate goal is to be versatile enough to run everything but he will go with what working best and we have the pieces for a bruising running game already. He will take advantage of it.

  2. Its thunder and lighting effect. Lynch being thunder and martin being lightning like gruden did before with garner and wheatley…

    1. Martin is technically a bigger back listed @ 123lbs than Lynch, who may closer to that weight now…Martin is just shorter… therefore I would call it “Double quick Thunder “

  3. Jeff I thought the same thing when I read the article, NFL is probably in route to Marshawn’s house for a test, hopefully him & Gruden has a good conversation about how much the Raiders need him this year & possibly beyond, hope he stays clean especially since we might go back to power blocking where our O-line plays the best, big year for Lynce!!!

  4. Actually our O-Line ran a lot more outside zone last year and the previous year under musgrave we ran a lot of inside zone

  5. We’re Going to Run the Rock and make the other 31 Team’s Try and Stop it, and this will Help
    the Passing Game Thrive?

  6. Nobody cares what you sideline coaches think Gruden wull have the Beast play like a beast.

  7. PJFF 🤘…. Listen man… Oye me Chico…. The Pillagers are going to slice you up… pWo……

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