Gruden, Mayock, and Carr: Tackling the Latest Rumors Around the Raiders

It’s only the second week of January, but it’s never too early to talk about a few fresh offseason rumors around the Raiders.

No need for a long introduction. Let’s skip the appetizers and get started on the main course…

1 – Is Derek Carr going to be the Raiders quarterback in 2020? Obviously no one knows 100% what will happen, but this was interesting nugget from someone familiar with the Raiders mindset on Carr: he actually might have had a better chance of being traded last year than he does this year.

The only way Carr is leaving the Raiders is by way of trade and the only way that is going to happen is if the Raiders get an offer that’s better than what they were looking at a year ago.

2 – Is there really trouble in paradise between Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock? It’s been a year of interesting challenges for the Raiders, but good luck finding anyone connected who thinks Mayock is seriously weighing an early exit from the team. Furthermore, Mayock and Raiders owner Mark Davis were spotted together at a Vegas hockey game just last week. All is well.

Consider the Mayock speculation a non-story, which technically it wasn’t a story in the first place. So if you’re a Mayock fan, go ahead and rest easy today… if you weren’t already.

3 – If true that Lamarcus Joyner is a lock to return to the Raiders next year, what does that mean for Karl Joseph?

Complicating the notion of Joseph and Joyner returning is the fact that both are 5’10 or less and are no match for big tight ends like Travis Kelce. Furthermore, it seems like neither player is capable of playing nickel cornerback, so it’s hard to imagine the Raiders bringing back both players.

Which of the two would you rather have back next year?

4 – Take a listen to this Silver and Black Today segment with the author of last’s week report on NFL referees and their clear bias against the Raiders. Very compelling.

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Has @EthicalSkeptic proven @NFLOfficiating bias against the #Raiders for the past six decades? His evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Hear him lay out his case. #RaiderNation Listen to the full interview here:

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12 thoughts on “Gruden, Mayock, and Carr: Tackling the Latest Rumors Around the Raiders

  1. Never believed the dumb rumor of Mayock leaving. After last years draft, there was no way Mark Davis or Gruden would let him get away. As for question about which player I’d like to keep..Karl Joseph. He was having a good year before he got injured. Joyner was a huge disappointment, but that could have been due to Guenther keeping him at slot corner, even though he was being toasted repeatedly. It was as if Guenther refused to see that Joyner wasn’t any good covering the slot. I am not a fan of Guenther or his defense. He puts players where he wants to put them instead of putting them in a position to utilize their talents. Wish he was the one who is leaving.

  2. Joyner’s contract is too steep (11mil)per year. Joseph is more physical/younger and just starting to ball before getting injured.
    Give Joseph a reasonable contract. Put Joyner on the market. He’s good but not 11 mil good at nickle…..even at safety.

  3. This bias by the refs need to be screamed from the roof tops – NOTHING will be done unless a Bridget light is shown on this stuff – it painfully obvious even to non raider fans

  4. I’m a long time fan of the Oakland Raiders. Give Carr a big,strong, and smart offensive line, and good things happen. Draft a rcvr that can catch the ball. On defense, helmets are for protection, shoulderpads are for hitting. Fundamentals is everything

  5. I completely agree. I’ve only been able to witness since 2002. I was 9, but I can remember every year after that of absolutely terrible calls. I know that was the Super Bowl year and no I have never been a bandwagon fan. My dad grew up in the bay and passed the tradition of raider nation to me. From Jamarcus Russell to josh Jacobs I have every first round rookie jersey. It has been a major issue for some time and since the death of al Davis I can say things have become even worse. Idk who this gentleman is who configured these stats, but I bet they would sky rocket the last four years. You could say that’s bc of rebuilding years but we have had talent up the ***. Joyner can’t even play his game bc of it. Conley was a great corner always right there when the ball showed up, but he was hesitant for some reason to be aggressive towards the ball arrival (more than likely bc of penalties get had earned) if you watch tape of Conley with the Texans all of a sudden you start to see that odd ball hawking ability he showed at Ohio st. I’m willing to bet that he balls out in these playoffs this year. Disappointing and a terrible look on the nfl whether they hate Davis or not horrible for the league. Thank you for keeping me rant

  6. Need to stop the Carr rumors already. It’s draining! Carr will be the QB for The Las Vegas Raiders in 2020! Period

  7. Gruden also said in Raiders report Chat Gunether is my homeboy, he isn’t going anywhere!

  8. The referee’s are a big joke I’ve been a raiders fan all my life and have seen some calls go against them especially holding penalties that would kill a game winning drive sure their the bad boys of the NFL and I wouldn’t want it any other way simply put you can’t beat the refs and the team the Raiders are playing remember tuck rule

  9. I believe the Raiders will win at least 2 maybe 3 Super bowls before John grudens contract expires he maybe the next Tom Florees my opinion on Carr keep him stay with your position in the 2020 draft use some cap money and don’t give contracts to I don’t give a darn bums

  10. I knew the NFL .hated the raiders ever since.Al Davis. Suede the NFL.back in the look at the games
    Every time they make a good play.the flag comes.SMH.its we know why.they hate us.

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