Data Suggests Raiders Penalized at Double (Sometimes Triple) the League Rate on “Subjective Call Penalties”

Last week we highlighted an intriguing article that pointed out a clear and obvious bias by the league when it comes to “subjective” calls from the referees.

This week, the author of that story appeared on 1140 CBS Sports Radio in Las Vegas (Silver and Black Today) and further explained the data. According to his information, the Raiders have been penalized at triple the rate of some teams on these subjective calls by NFL officials.

The following quote is an excerpt of the conversation:

“This year when I looked at the penalties that were called on the Raiders, I defined the class of penalties ‘the discipline class’ and that class of penalty is like delay of game, too many players on the field, neutral zone infractions, encroachment, false start, all those things that the fans can easily see in TV… those are the indicators of a team’s discipline… with regard to that type of penalty control in their game.

Surprisingly, when I looked at those classes of penalties for the Raiders, the Raiders were at 80 percent of the average. In other words, they were in the top third discipline in terms of penalties, that discipline class penalty. That actually shocked me.

But when I compare this to what we call the more subjective-call penalties where it’s interpretive on the part of the referee, the Raiders are penalized at double the rate of the NFL average, especially as it pertains to first downs, automatic first downs, and score drive sustaining penalties. Big penalties. They’re penalized at double the average rate of the NFL. Many times they are penalized at triple their rate.”

The full audio quote and link are in the embedded link below.

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Has @EthicalSkeptic proven @NFLOfficiating bias against the #Raiders for the past six decades? His evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Hear him lay out his case. #RaiderNation Listen to the full interview here:

Hard to argue something suspicious isn’t going on, right? Especially when you consider the penalty discrepancy against the Raiders has been going on for decades.

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23 thoughts on “Data Suggests Raiders Penalized at Double (Sometimes Triple) the League Rate on “Subjective Call Penalties”

  1. This article is VERY TRUE. Sad but VERY TRUE ! I believe what I see and I see this EVERY RAIDER GAME ! The NFL needs to address this issue immediately . If you see the Referee’s making these issue’s hold them accountable. Fine them suspend them and if they don’t correct their issue’s/mistake show them the DOOR ! It’s a job they are getting paid good to good to have these kind of mistake’s/issue’s happen on a regular basis.

  2. WE ALREADY KNOW!! We have seen it for years. Was waiting for someone to actually write about it and show the N.F.L. that someone else see’s it too!

  3. worthless group of fools who are blind as a bat. Dump everyone of them. They are worthless

  4. Somebody send this to that crook Roger Goodell, somebody with the ability to make something happen with this, step up we need you!

  5. We’re tired of watching nfl referees calling bullshit penalties in our team can’t the owners do anything about it, some those calls are pretty obvious!!

  6. I’ve been a Raider fan since 1974 and it doesn’t surprise me at all. Usually towards the end of a game they throw I flag on our defence ” hand to the face defence” or ” roughing the passer defence” or on our
    offence ” holding offence” ” false start offence” it never fails but other than boo at the tv what can you do but stop watching stop buying NFL merchandise cancel the Directv nfl package and buy a jailbreak Firestick and watch for free. Its obvious Raiders ownership doesn’t give a ****, if I was a Raider player I wouldn’t go to the pro bowl or any other nfl function but I won’t hold my breath for anything like that to happen. I’ve noticed when I’ve watched the NFL network lately they haven’t even mentioned this study but what do you expect from a bunch of talking heads. I appreciate the the study though cause it gives me something to throw in the face of people that say it’s just RAIDER conspiracy. Raiders organization stand up for your team and for the Raider Nation!!! Thank you.

  7. watching raider games with my friends ,who are not raider fans (i am 62) they all see it as well as i have said it all along, way before the bs tuck rule. How come the referees don’t see these stats. This year alone- the offensive pass interference against green bay, carr sliding way before the sideline, kc interference call, denver goal line ?????

  8. 2 things here this has been going on for a long time.players and coaches get fine so why not these moron refs? Fine there for horrible calls this needs to be fixed and everything should be reviewable in atleast the 4th quarter we can keep letting refs pick who wins.and mack Davis is a piece of **** if he dont give front row seats in the endzone to the violator for the same price he has been paying forever during all these **** show seasons. What a joke atleast take care of one of your loyal fans

  9. Finally documented. Something needs to change. What about the Patriots tampering with AB, the league keeps bending us over without a kiss.

  10. It’s confirmation of the fact the league is rigged. Look the same stats for the league darlings like the Pats. It’s the opposite. All professional sports are controlled through officiating. Too much money at stake not to control it. This biased against the Raiders dates back to at least the league merger. This hatred for AD runs deep. I will continue to be a Raiders fan. But in no way spend a penny to support a league who rigs games.

  11. I think the Raiders have lead the NFL in penalties something like 18 years in a row?

    That is almost impossible, since the coaches as well as they players are not the same.

    The NFL has it out for Raiders. It started with the immaculate reception, the tuck rule, the non-penalty when Tony Sirigusa cheap- shotted Rich Gannon in the AFC championship game; with no call,,,,, and continues today with one or two horrible calls a game that change the outcome. The call on Richie Incognito being a perfect example.

  12. I’ve watched my share of NFL games over the years, and, as a Raider fan knowing how much they are penalized, I wish I had a dollar for each time I’ve witnessed a no-call in the subjective category in a non-Raider game and have commented, “If it was the Raiders it would’ve been called”, I would be a rich man! Penalties such as PI, holding, a hit near the sidelines, to name a few. It is definitely noticeable and needs to change.

  13. Unfortunately the zebra’s are affecting the out come of several games now, the NFL brass needs to address this problem ASAP!! It’s only going to get worse if the NFL doesn’t hold these referee’s accountable!! Dock pay like they do the players when they make horrible decisions!

  14. Ever since al Davis sued the NFL to leave Oakland the first time and won NFL refs have been penalizing the raiders more than any other team has no one else figured this out pretty obvios

  15. I agree the Raiders do get double sometime trpile the call. I thought last Sundays game was more one sided and it wasn’t in favor of the Raiders. I also think we should be able to see more of there games on tv than there are. Many teams play week after week on Sunday, but not the Raiders

  16. It goes back to when Madden was the coach . they made the rule book for the raiders. Its not what they say you can do. Lol its what they dont say you cant. Lol. Like you cant wear gloves that that are the same color as the other teams Jersey that rule was made because of the Raiders I wasn’t cheating when you couldn’t tell they were holding a little longer because you couldn’t see their hands so well they would blend in when the league cought on they made the rule. They been watching to close for ever after.

  17. Thank You for bringing attention to this matter, since Al Davis successfully sued the league the Raiders have been the most penalized team. Keep up with your reporting on this issue. The Tuck rule should convince you of the obvious resentment against the Raiders.

  18. I really think this is wrong I believe the ref. dictate who wins in some cases and this is wrong. I hate the way the Raiders are treated.

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