Gruden: “Not Hard” to Assess Derek Carr After Difficult Season

After another week of rumors around Derek Carr, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was asked on Monday if it will be difficult to assess his quarterback after the season. Considering the pre-season loss of Antonio Brown and the unfortunate injury to Tyrell Williams, the question was fair.

But Gruden said he won’t have trouble figuring out what he has in Carr.

“Not hard,” Gruden told reporters about his assessment of Carr. “We’ve spent a lot of time together. He’s done a lot of good things. I know there’s a lot of swirling reports out there [of disharmony] but Derek’s done a great job. He’s done a heck of a job for us.”

It’s been an up and down season for Carr, but it’s worth noting that among quarterbacks with at least 300 attempts this year, Carr’s quarterback rating (101.1) is sixth-best in the league. Only Drew Brees, Lamar Jackson, Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes have been better.

For what it’s worth, even the elusive QBR score, that Carr hasn’t always rated highly, is better than it’s ever been. Carr owns the seventh-best QBR (65.5) in the league among quarterbacks with 300+ pass attempts. All this despite not having a true no. 1 receiver since Amari Cooper, who is looking less like an elite receivers nowadays anyway.

Could Carr be a little more elusive in the pocket?


Could he use his legs more often?


But pocket passers have won 7 of the last 8 Super Bowls and none have come close to having championship success with a receiver group as depleted as what the Raiders have right now. Maybe Gruden will find another quarterback in the spring, but smart money is on Gruden beefing up his receiver group and rolling out Carr on opening day in Las Vegas – presumably to the sound of something other than a choir of boos.

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41 thoughts on “Gruden: “Not Hard” to Assess Derek Carr After Difficult Season

    1. Everyone wants to look at carr first u need to look at his weapons second look at coaching third the raiders are playing a lot of rookies I am not a big fan of gruden but he has done a okay job with what he has had to work with I think we should give both carr and gruden another year if no improvement get rid of both of them

    2. I am a Carr supporter. I think raiders would be crazy to give up on him now. He is only 28 what Carr needs to use his legs when there is a opening. When you can give threat of running it will free up some one in the passing game.

  1. Vital needs are on defense. Secondary needs to plug the big wholes. We also need better refs but unfortunately we dont draft the refs. I’m fine with Carr steering the Offense. Another year with Chucky can only help him master the offense. Let’s face it. Injuries & traveling played a big part in this crazy season. Love where Raiders are going.

    1. Agreed on defense. But I’d love to see them draft a good WR1/WR2 option for him. He’s got the RB and the TE slots, we just need a deep ball threat to open the offense up a little bit. But I 100% agree, defense needs a few more pieces.

  2. To the Carr haters it seems nothing short of walking on water will satisfy their lust to get rid if him! Carr is My QB. Now, next year and beyond!

  3. Carr is only 1 of 4 qb’s with a 70% + completion ratio this year. TD to Int ratio is also excellent. And out of the four qb’s , he did it with the least talented group of WRs (dropped balls every game.) Also Carr deals with the most turnover of coaches, WR’s, and offensive coordinators. Give Carr a Mike Brown, Stephan Diggs, etc. and he probably leads the league in these categories. The last quarterback remotely close to these numbers is Rich Gannon and he had Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. Carr is already the Raider all time leading passer (passing Stabler this year). We need receivers, linebackers, healthy players and we are a legitimate playoff team. We have an exceptional quarterback. Haters just can’t figure it out and need to go away. Jamarcus Russell days are over.

  4. The problem all year has been Gruden’s play calling, absolutely no wide receivers, and a defense that does not have a skilled secondary. Carr is the best QB the Raiders have had and I’ve seen them all. The difference is that all the other QBs had weapons. We would be on our way to the SB if Carr had Rice and Brown. The only bright spot was special teams.

  5. Not a Carr fan here. Carer can be great but if continues being scared he will never be elite. Too many times there’s nothing in the progressions and that’s it, he’s content to let the play die. He needs more Rich Gannon mentality. More grittyness. If he can do that, he’ll be great. If not we need to find that next Gannon.

  6. Even if they do decide to keep Carr, I hope they look QB in the later rounds of the draft. There are a couple of sleepers out there that should be available.

    Carr’s slow processor, inability to see the entire field, lack of creativity & refusal to throw to WRs is on him.

    Vs Jags, he had Zay Jones open 1-on-1 vs a LB with an open field ahead of him. He was begging for the ball. Carr looked RIGHT AT HIM, pivoted & dumped it off to the double-covered Washington who was immediately buried.

    It happens at the 5:20 mark here:

  7. Did someone say “too many untimely and unnecessary penalties”? Didn’t think so. Pretty far into the thread to bring it up now but I am, anyway. Only allowed to shoot yourself in the foot so many times in a season, no matter who the personnel is.

  8. Just imagine if Carr played for the Chiefs, Patriots or Ravens. Would those questions come up about him? Or would these teams become the Raiders? Look the clown screwed the Raiders up and the team. If the Chiefs lost all of their top receivers would Mahomes be that good? Or Brady had no recievers or Jackson had a injured front line? So if the Raiders get that top receivers and people stay healthy the offense would become a machine. It’s our defense needs to grow and get players who know how to tackle.
    Carr will be the QB next season and beyond.

  9. Get QB Carr a healthy Jules and a healthy Wes and you will have an instant change in Raider weather.

  10. Carr is what he is. He will never be any better. While we can make the playoffs with him, he lacks the killer instinct on the field.
    He certainly doesn’t make the players around him better but with some Wrs we can win with him.

  11. Carr passer ratings are so high do to all the dump offs and short passes, how else could he be so high and still lose!!! The other QB wins…but Carr loses and can’t put up POINTS!!!

  12. The Raiders problems were much more than Derek Carr. Seems we had 18 different receivers and none of them are starting caliber. Once again the tight end is the leading receiver on the team. So many injuries on both sides of the ball. Linebackers need to be replaced all around. Secondary is needed. Seems offense was great some weeks and defense was good some weeks but neither seemed to play well often in the same game. 7 wins is far from what we thought we could have but it sure beats the 4 wins from last season and our rookie class is the best of 2019. I expect Carr and the Raiders to improve upon that in 2020.

  13. Great assessment! First time I went to O.Co was 1973. I cant help but be a Raider fan! I’ve made it to at least one game a year ever since. I’ve got a Tim Brown + Marcus Allen of live Raider games under my belt. So glad I was not at the last game there. My son and I saw the Broncos get destroyed by our Silver and Black at the end of the 2018 season. That’s my last memory if being on that hallowed ground. Thanks for the memories O.Co. Carrie with a decent supporting cast will be the ****. Gruden’s got this. One shitty zebra’s cal once cost Chucky a dynasty. He’s been planning his next ever since. See you in Vegas Nation. Just Win Baby!

  14. Carr is a great QB I just feel that in the back of his mind he is afraid of getting hurt again and being out. When the line holds and gives him 5+ seconds he is amazing can put it right where it needs to be and fast. He’s my QB..

  15. Carr does ok for a pocket passer. If the Raiders coaches are looking for him to be an elite quarterback they better teach him how to look at all of his options before throwing into a crowded areas on the field. I think the Raiders would be much better off with a quarterback that can use his legs and have the vision to see more than one of his receivers before making a decision to grow or just sacked. I believe in today’s NFL a quarterback has to be able to move around in the pocket to gain extra time to grow the ball down field… in the stage of Carr’s career I not sure if that is a teachable thing…

  16. To the Derek Carr haters I have this one question? Who is out there and maybe available that is a better fit for the Raiders? Marriotta? Cam Newton? Maybe we trade straight across for Dak Prescott? Phillip Rivers? Come on guys let’s be patient and hope we get receivers help for Derek!

  17. No folks, we need to move on from DC as the quarterback. The new style QB is what we need. Something like Lamar Jackson. We should draft Jalen Hurts with on of our draft choices and let him sit for a year behind DC and then roll him out. I bet you money he can be as good as any of them

  18. Carr is a true leader, a fair man, and a Raider through and through. He might still pull off a miracle this season.

  19. Cart Carr off in the sunset. Leaves too many points on the field. Never runs. Seen at least 3x’s this season he could have run for TD, but didn’t. Gruden has been stacking his #’s for him to get more for him than his actual value. The players named that are before him would warrant a 1st round pick in a trade. Except Cousins and Brees, solely because of age.

  20. Carr doesn’t call the plays or ref the game, both of which left plenty of room for improvement at times. We get a true #1 and somehow avoid as many injuries, Raiders are gonna shock the league next year. Despite it all, we showed one hell of an improvement over last year and it started with building character in the locker room.

  21. Carr is a joke. I stopped watching the Raiders because I couldn’t stand Carr rolling his eyes and throwing his hands up in the air whenever he threw a shitty ball and wanted to blame someone else for his mistakes. As long as Carr is the QB the Raiders will go no where. He was a one season wonder and time has passed him by.

  22. Derek Carr is the real deal. I believe he’s made the best of what he has to work with. With an offense line that stays intact he is definitely Super Bowl bound! He gets my vote always!

  23. I say keep Carr…draft a receiver with one of our 2 picks in the first round …our defence sucks…I hope by picking Ferrell last year won’t be a bust…defence…defence ..

  24. I think those people that don’t care for Mr Carr as quarterback are watching but not seeing.The coach knows what he’s doing and like myself sees our quarterback is doing a good no,Very good job and is and will be the Raiders Quarterback for now and future seasons.

  25. I myself was hard on Carr at times but he is a top 10 quarterback and he’s throwing the ball the way chucky likes it short underneath with the occasional deep ball

  26. The 31st ranked WR corps and 31st ranked defense doesn’t do Carr any favors. Grant, JJ, AB all gone and replaced with Doss, Ateman, Jones (all practice squad scrubs) Tyrrell disappears in entire games and with THE HARDEST SCHEDULE IN THE NFL is a recipie for disaster. Yet Carr is ranked 3rd in the NFL on 3rd downs and top 10 in several categories.

    Go Raiders Go DC4

  27. I think A.B. was the main problem Carr spent a lot of his time working and perfecting his game with him, he just needs the same opportunity To perfect his plays he has good receivers but another talented receiver I think would really make a difference . A.B. is very talented but is very big headed and immature he caused a lot of problems for the team and does not deserve that spot with the organization. COACH GRUDEN AND THE G.M. made the right move.

  28. It’s not a lust to rid ourselves of Carr. What it is, is a desire to see a more consistent display at the position than we’ve seen, and what
    has shown up this year in some of the games we were annihilated. Losses will come, but in some of these losses, like in previous years, the fumbles, interceptions, and sacks have seriously put us behind the sticks and cost us games we could have won–or at the very least, displayed a more competitive face than what was shown. I’ve been a Raider for 60 years, so I’m no bandwagon interloper or sunshine cadet. I wear these colors no matter what our record and I wear them proudly! I would rather be a 0-16 Raider, than a 16-0 anyone else!
    I want to see Derek Carr be the pro bowl captain he was in 2016. If he can do it– then it’s time.

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