Raider Cody Podcast EP.67 – Oakland Raiders at LA Chargers

EP.67 – South Oakland (at LA Chargers)

Episode 67, Raider Cody breaks down the Oakland Raiders 24-17 WIN over the Chargers. Kenny King Jr joins to take phone calls & close out with Real Talk.

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3 thoughts on “Raider Cody Podcast EP.67 – Oakland Raiders at LA Chargers

  1. Derek Carr is in the top 10 of just about every good QB category , but he’s hated by so many Raiders fans. He’s done this without a true #1 and #2. He’s also done it with a make shift line that tends to end drive after drive with stupid penalties. He’s also had to deal with Injuries to Williams , Moreau and Renfro. Can you imagine how good that offense would be if Gruden had kept Jared Cook? WTF was he thinking letting him go?

  2. And let’s not forget all of drops this year that killed drives and led to losses. As someone who has known Derek since he was 10 years old, it’s hard for me not to take things personally. When they attack him, it’s like they are attacking my son. Yes, I’m that old. It gets very tiring to see article after article saying that he’s no good or that he’s going to be traded or let go because Mayock and Gruden are moving away from him and will be bringing in someone else. As if they are going to find someone better. Not gonna happen. Surround him with better talent and he’ll win us a Superbowl. He’s better than Dilfer, Johnson, who won Superbowls , so I have no doubt that he can get it done if they give him better weapons. Can you imagine how good that offense would be if he had Watkins and Hill to throw to alongside Waller and Renfrow?

  3. Oh my, I have no doubt now that everything is gonna happen for us and we’ll be in the playoffs vs the Chiefs in KC…… WOW if Carr can actually beat mahomes

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