Gruden Thought Raiders Should Have Drafted Johnny Manziel, Not Khalil Mack, In 2014

Khalil Mack and the Raiders are moving along slowly in talks on a new long-term extension, but if it were up to Jon Gruden four years ago, the Raiders wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place – because he wouldn’t have drafted Mack.

”I’m still shocked they didn’t pick a quarterback,” Gruden said of the Raiders in 2014 after the Mack pick, adding that Khalil reminded him of Sio Moore.

Gruden thought the Raiders should have drafted Johnny Manziel with the fifth overall pick.

Instead, the Raiders ended up getting Mack, followed by Derek Carr in the second round, and Gabe Jackson in the third – rounding out what will soon be the highest paid draft class the league has ever seen.

In hindsight, Gruden’s assessment of Mack isn’t particularly encouraging and neither was his assessment of Manziel. If the Raiders had drafted Manziel, they’d have had two problems: 1. They would have drafted Manziel in the first round and 2. They would not have drafted Carr in the second round.

McKenzie, its worth noting, was offered a trade for the pick he used on Mack and another trade for the pick he used on Carr.

Fortunately, he didn’t bite.

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9 thoughts on “Gruden Thought Raiders Should Have Drafted Johnny Manziel, Not Khalil Mack, In 2014

  1. Show Mack the money and quit playing hardball with the situtation. It is hard on the fans!

    1. I totally agree with you pay the man he’s worth it by far Jonny over Mack lmfao also no Carr who would even think of that…

  2. Meanwhile not so much since that unbelievable draft. Let’s see how this years class pans out? Hopefully better than the last few.

  3. Running a draft from a media booth, using your own opinion from the outside is much different than preparing for a draft with a personnel department, and building a team from the inside.

  4. its ridiculous what they get payed,ya mack is the real deal,because his counterpart makes the high dollars then so should he,what happened to the love of the game,us making 35,000 a year compared to 25 million a year that they make is a little bit outrages,then we have to pay alot for tickets and parking pass,dont forget the beer,give us a break,you made it a business and have to pay your employees there comparable worth,mack is worth what von miller makes,pay the man,i like gruden but 100 million to coach,for that price we could have bill belichek,just saying

  5. In the beginning I was dubious about Gruden coming back but I was starting to feel better about the situation. After these comments, though, Heaven help us. I thought it was an Onion headline.

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