Greg Olson Not Concerned That Amari Cooper Bulked Up For A Third Consecutive Offseason

One of the talking points of training camp in each of the past two years has been the significant size that Amari Cooper seems to add each offseason.

All was well after he put up 1,153 yards in 2016, but after adding muscle again in 2017 (and struggling on the field), some felt that Cooper may be suffering from “David Boston Syndrome” and getting too stocky for his position.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur asked offensive coordinator Greg Olson about that theory and if the coaching staff had any concerns about Cooper’s size as he’s gotten bigger now in each of the past three offseasons.

“I think as long as he continues to maintain his flexibility, which we’ve seen him make some great catches as he’s been out here thus far, but as long as he’s able to maintain his speed and his flexibility, then certainly we’re good with that,” Olson said on the State of the Nation podcast.

“I think receivers, they come in all different size and shapes. He’s comfortable with where he’s at right now. He likes the weight room. He spends a lot of time in the weight room. I think he takes a lot of pride in maintaining his strength, so we don’t have an issue with it as long as he’s able to maintain that flexibility.”

The image that started the conversation again this year was featured on and is shown below.

For what it’s worth, Cooper’s speed and agility has not been an issue, even when he has struggled. The biggest problems for Cooper have revolved around staying healthy and holding on to the football – neither of which are negatively affected by muscle mass.

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5 thoughts on “Greg Olson Not Concerned That Amari Cooper Bulked Up For A Third Consecutive Offseason

  1. The use of “David Boston Syndrome” in a sentence with Amari Cooper is frankly ridiculous and borderline offensive. David Boston wasn’t near the talent AC is, and was nothing but a headache to the teams he played for. His muscle gain was due to steroids (and hope you’re not suggesting AC is on the needle) and not hard work. Last years fall off has already been studied and the OC fired. I do believe he needs to continue work on “catching” the ball but the whole offense “should” be better under Gruden and Co. We all hope and pray! But the reference to Boston just isn’t accurate or fair.

  2. Look it the in-in & shred!!! For an entire season, entire games, overtime, playoffs, Super Bowl. Be that main vein and play with an unmatched vengeance- which he will- NFL SR.YR.

  3. It seems to me I remember Coop ca5tching one about 10 to 15 yards out and bulldogging his way into the end zone last year. I have no problem with it…..and he’s going to see a lot more action this year.
    But wait……there’s more. Good physical conditioning and weight training cuts down on injuries. Go Coop!

  4. I always called Amari, “Baby Julio”. This is the breakout that puts AC on that Julio/Calvin Johnson level. The birth of Beast Mode at wide reciever!!! Watch.

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