Here’s One Reason Why The NFL May Have Gone After Jon Gruden (While Ignoring 649,000 Other Emails)

The NFL got it’s desired outcome on Monday when Jon Gruden resigned as head coach of the Raiders.

Gruden’s emails that were leaked by the NFL were too much for the Raiders to overlook and the organization is now scrambling to fill the void left by the most powerful employee in the building.

The NFL, though, might be scrambling soon, too.

After reviewing 650,000 emails, including many from Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder, there is little question that the NFL is in possession of incriminating emails that circulated the “toxic” workplace environment that plagued the WFT for years. So far, the only emails that have emerged from the league’s WFT investigation are a handful that came from Gruden.

But the accusations against Snyder and the WFT were as serious as anything that has been brought to light about Gruden. So why is the NFL covering for Synder and his employees?

Mostly likely because the owners want no parts of Snyder in a legal battle.

NFL owners have virtually unlimited financial resources, so they wouldbn’t fear Snyder in that regard. But if the league and it’s owners go to battle with Snyder, what do you suppose Snyder may know about the league and it’s owners that would make them so content to cover up the findings in their WFT investigation?

Some of the rumors around the WFT were incredibly heinous. If any one of them happened to be true, the consequences would be unprecedented for an NFL team.

Beyond the team consequences, what would happen to those who helped suppress the facts uncovered in the WFT investigation?

And what if those who were involved in suppressing the facts go all the way to the top of the NFL?

Maybe that’s why the NFL isn’t interested in sharing emails from anyone other than Gruden. Sooner or later, though, they might regret opening up this can of worms again.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s One Reason Why The NFL May Have Gone After Jon Gruden (While Ignoring 649,000 Other Emails)

  1. Some one doesn’t like Jon gruden why wait till now it’s wrong what was said but why wait 10 years

  2. Then NFL is complete crap. The whole thing about Gruden is BS. I GUARENTEE that If you gave me every private email that the Pope sent between himself and a friend over a decade ago – I’d find dirt.
    The NFL and the entire WOKE community is making us all weak and overly sensitive and, for now anyway, the blade just swings one way. The pendulum will come back the other way one day, faster, sharper and deeper.
    The NFL already has the worst officiating or they are crooked enough to ‘help’ a team beat another team… week after week. Pro Wrestling has more neutral refs than the NFL. There Gross income will continue to go down the drain.
    Go Woke
    Go Broke

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