Raiders Owner Mark Davis Hasn’t Said Much, But It Seems Clear He’s Not Happy With the NFL

Since Jon Gruden’s sudden resignation on Monday night (stemming from the discovery of his derogatory emails), not much has been heard from Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Davis issued a simple statement indicating that he had accepted Gruden’s resignation, and a social media announcement from the team stated that Rich Bisaccia had been named Interim Head Coach. Other than that, it had been mostly radio silence from the Raiders until Wednesday afternoon when GM Mike Mayock took the podium.

Davis told ESPN on Wednesday morning that he has “no comment” on the current state of affairs involving the Raiders. As for how he feels about Gruden’s departure, Davis seemed to vent frustration over the way the last two weeks have played out.

“Ask the NFL. They have all the answers,” Davis told ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez.

It isn’t clear when Davis plans to speak to the media in depth, but as of now he doesn’t appear happy with the NFL, who some believe twisted his arm to force Gruden’s resignation.

Andrew Brandt on Twitter: “Translation: “I didn’t want to fire Jon. They made me.” / Twitter”

Translation: “I didn’t want to fire Jon. They made me.”

For years, Davis has been catering to the NFL. A lot of that probably had to do with his reliance on the league to get the Raiders to Las Vegas. But now the Raiders have a home and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the league moving forward.

After all, a little dissent for the NFL at the top of the organization wouldn’t be anything out of character for the Raiders, right?

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