Here’s Why The Raiders Ultimately Chose to Release Gabe Jackson

Gabe Jackson was one of the good guys on the Raiders for the last seven years (yes, it has really been that long). A great person, a great teammate, and a great player. He will be missed next year in more ways than just his presence on the field.

And while Jackson’s release may have been a bit of a surprise, it probably should not have been. Raiders GM Mike Mayock politely warned us a year ago.

“We really wanted John Simpson,” Mayock said after last year’s draft.

From the moment the Raiders traded up in the 2020 draft to take Simpson, the changing of the guard (quite literally) was always the plan. The Raiders couldn’t invest as much as they did in Simpson and not give him every opportunity to start in his second season. The real question was whether he would be replacing Jackson or Richie Incognito.

Unfortunately for Jackson, his salary cap number was set to be $9.6 million next year and Incognito’s was only $5.475 million. Incognito was also the highest-graded Raiders’ offensive lineman in 2020 by Pro Football Focus in terms of both pass protection and run blocking. Meanwhile, Jackson has gotten very low grades as a run blocker in each of the last two seasons.

So now all eyes will be on Simpson and possibly Denzelle Good if the Raiders can bring him back. Jackson’s name wasn’t mentioned much as a Raider and that’s always a good thing for an offensive lineman. If all goes as planned, Simpson’s name won’t come up a lot next year, either.

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11 thoughts on “Here’s Why The Raiders Ultimately Chose to Release Gabe Jackson

    1. Time to get younger at that spot, simpson will be GREAT! Now, on to that defensive line and praying the Raiders sign Richard Sherman and move him to free safety!!

  1. Once a Raider, always a Raider! Thanks Gabe for sticking it through and being a consummate professional! Sorry you couldn’t get a ring with us this time around, but maybe down the road a piece. Peace out bro! ✌

  2. I’m really sad to see Mr. Jackson go. Mr. Gruden & Mr. Mayock haven’t really made the best choices in Free agency & the draft so far. I sure hope what they have planned for replacements for both Mr. Jackson and Trent Brown pan out. Our window of opportunity is starting to fizzle out. You either are winners, that remain winners because it becomes a habit or when you get used to losing, you remain losers.
    Carr is fantastic when the line holds as he has proven No quarterback is able to perform well without an offensive line!
    Good luck, it’s just been way too long since the raiders have been relevant in the NFL.
    I became a Raiders fan in 1980, because of head coach Tom Flores & Jim Plunket! They are both Hall of famers.

  3. Incognito played in…2 games in 2020. Not a huge sample upon which to compare him to the rest of the NFL. He played well in 2019, hope he has recovered and is amazing in 2021, 2022, 2023…

  4. I’m sorry to see Gabe go, he’s been awesome in every way.

    I wish him nothing but the best.

  5. Think Gabe should be retained on possible rework on contract save Simpson to replace incognito next year. Try to trade Trent brown if no takers cut him save the money to spend on players that want to come into camp in shape and want to ball out

  6. Due to the unusual circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic EVERY player should consider a pay cut to save their position on a team they want to play for. I wish Jackson was still with the Raiders, the man is solid at his position, it’s just a money issue!

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