Raiders Have Been Spreading a Suspicious Amount of Trent Brown Love Lately

On Wednesday, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Raiders have been trying to trade Trent Brown and that the team has “a shot” at pulling it off.

A little while later Rapoport tweeted a picture of Brown working out and jumping high (it was impressive, actually). He tweeted again after that, this time saying that the Raiders are not expected to cut Brown if he is not traded.

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From @NFLTotalAccess: More on the #Raiders and the future of OT Trent Brown who the team isn’t expected to cut but could be traded.

Reading between the lines, it’s probably a safe bet that the Raiders are working hard to build up Brown’s trade value. Furthermore, they don’t want teams to believe they can just wait for the Raiders to release Brown (like what is going on right now with Marcus Mariota).

And for what it’s worth, Rapoport isn’t the only insider that has been sharing just how giddy the Raiders are about their $14 million right tackle.

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Raiders have definitely noticed all of Trent Brown’s workout videos on social media. Tough decision to bring him back at $14 mil. Could still go either way.

Sorry, but from the outside this seems like a bit much.

The Raiders just endured a miserable season with Brown and it cost them more than $21 million to have the experience. A few videos of Brown climbing stairs and jumping on cushions should only serve as a reminder of how little he did to get ready for the 2020 season.

As much as the Raiders might want the NFL community to believe they plan to keep Brown (if he isn’t traded), it feels a lot more like a scam. Or fake news, if you will.

One way or another, look for someone other than Trent Brown to start at right tackle for the Raiders next year.

The good news for someone is, if Brown stays healthy and wants to play for his new team, they will be getting one of the best offensive tackles in the league.

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