HOF Sportswriter Says Henry Ruggs III is His First Wide Receiver Prospect Without a Single “Negative”

Hall of Fame sportswriter Ray Didinger (it’s ok if you haven’t heard of him) has been grading NFL prospects for decades and he has never given a wide receiver prospect a perfect grade… until this year.

That perfect grade went to Henry Ruggs III and Didinger talked about the Raiders latest pass-catching road runner prior to the draft.

“On the left side where the pros are, it’s all the way down to the bottom line,” Didinger told Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie on Philadephia’s WIP Radio last month. “I don’t have a single entry on the other side. I do not have a single negative. The only other one that I can remember where my sheet looked like that, where there was all pros on one side and no cons on the other side, was Andrew Luck.”

Didinger said Ruggs has the speed of Tyreek Hill, but with “better hands” and the “toughness” of Steve Smith – which is extremely high praise all around.

We know Ruggs is getting a head coach that has been dreaming for three years of drawing up plays for a receiver with his speed and raw potential. Who knows what kind of craziness Jon Gruden will draw up for Ruggs, but ideally it won’t look a lot different than this…

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Expect Ruggs to make plenty of plays as a rookie, but with 4.27 (or better) speed he should also open the offense for players like Darren Waller and Tyrell Williams. And if defenses can’t stack 8 players in the box against the Raiders anymore, how big of season do you suppose Josh Jacobs might be in for?

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7 thoughts on “HOF Sportswriter Says Henry Ruggs III is His First Wide Receiver Prospect Without a Single “Negative”

  1. Love it man I haven’t so hype for the season to start just even ota…since we went to the super bowl in 2002 if I remember right…man just see D.C going to blow it up with all the new weapons we got and this defense if they can stay healthy and play together can be top 10-15

  2. I hope he is the truth. Mayock has made. Brilliant moves so far a d building a squad for the future.. if Carr can get back into for. Which I think he will but the receivers have to stop dropping passes.. his stats would be crazy if they catch half of those drops bc most of them would have been big plays at key times… He has made the right reads with great throws but we got to be near the top of the league in dropped passes since Carr took over.. get him weapons a d he will produce and be our QB for the next 10 yrs.

  3. I’ve been waiting for a reciever like Ruggs III since Cliff Branch, now if we can only get this season started since this pandemic Covid-19, I can’t wait to set if your assessment is correct💯💥

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