HOF Voter Offers Lame Explanation To Why Former Raiders HC Tom Flores Isn’t in the Hall of Fame

Maybe we finally know why Tom Flores hasn’t been voted into the Hall of Fame. Or at least the reason why one voter hasn’t voted for him.

It’s apparently because Flores didn’t win during his three season in Seattle from 1992-1994.

“The entirety of his coaching career matters,” Hall of Fame voter Peter King tweeted on Monday. “Six winnings season in 12 as a head coach. He was 14-34 when he left the Raiders and coached Seattle.”

It would be interesting to know if King even knows the landscape in Seattle during the three years Flores coached the team (it wasn’t pretty). The Seahawks quarterbacks in those seasons were Stan Gelbaugh (8 starts), Kelly Stouffer (7 starts), Dan McGwire (4 starts), and Rick Mirer (29 starts).

Mirer, you might remember, was the second overall pick in 1993 and flamed out as an NFL quarterback. But in his first two seasons (his only two under Flores), he actually had better quarterback ratings (in both seasons) than in any other season that he started as an NFL quarterback (7 seasons).

Carrying the title as coach and general manager in Seattle, Flores was partially responsible for the Seahawks depleted roster, but should his shortcomings as general manager keep him out of the Hall of Fame?

Did they consider Tony Dungy’s failed career as a player when it was time to vote on him as a coach?

The Seahawks were a lost cause in the early 1990’s and Peter King (among other voters apparently) is holding Flores out of the Hall of Fame because he couldn’t win with those terrible teams. They ignore the fact that Flores won four Super Bowls – one as a player, one as an assistant coach, and two as a head coach. They ignore the fact that Flores won Super Bowls with two quarterbacks (one that is apparently not good enough to sniff the HOF) and has a 19-13 record against Hall of Fame coaches.

Those stats are apparently meaningless.

But what (or who) needs to be meaningless are the lousy excuse for HOF voters (most, not all) who continue to make a mockery of the HOF voting process… and continue to keep deserving candidates out of the HOF until they are no longer alive to celebrate the achievement with their family and friends.

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8 thoughts on “HOF Voter Offers Lame Explanation To Why Former Raiders HC Tom Flores Isn’t in the Hall of Fame

  1. It’s obvious that Peter King won’t be going to any HOF. Bottom line – he really sucks.

  2. Jim Plunkett was QB for both those super bowl wins. But he certainly needs to be in the HOF.

  3. The first ever minority HC to win two championships. Favre(yes not a coach/Steve Young) won 1 ring,and there in the HOF. Being a raidas(Al Davis voice carries forever) fan for 32 years now. Really says there’s a vendetta against us. HOF CLASS 20?? GO RAIDERS!

  4. Peter King and those like will continue their prejudices regardless of what is said. I’m a lifelong Raiders fan and I didn’t like when Howie Long got in the HOF before Tom Flores , Jim Plunkett or Cliff Branch. What else are we to think that it has nothing to do with skin color? Please! These kind of hacks are what will kill this game. I doubt very much if Peter King can even toss a football let alone coach a team.

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