Mike Florio Still Bashing Derek Carr, Can’t Understand Why He’s Blocked on Twitter

NBC’s Mike Florio has been bashing Derek Carr for three years, but he still can’t figure out why the Raiders quarterback has blocked him on Twitter.

Since Florio has trouble piecing together information, it’s seems like a reasonable time to offer the former lawyer a little clarity on the matter.

First, it’s safe to assume Carr doesn’t care to read negative articles about himself. We already know he blocks negative articles about teammates, so why wouldn’t he apply the same rules to himself?

Beyond the incessant reports that Carr might be leaving the Raiders (careers are only so long so Florio will eventually be right), Florio has also attacked Carr personally, even questioning his faith.

ProFootballTalk on Twitter

So @derekcarrqb boasts of being a “follower of Jesus Christ” on his Twitter page, but he nevertheless wants to beat up a couple of TV people who dared to criticize him.

Remember, this is the same Florio who blocked respected Raiders’ beat writer Vic Tafur. So obviously Florio doesn’t like reading negative comments about himself, either.

A bit hypocritical, no?

ProFootballTalk makes a lot of coin by waving around rumors. That’s their niche in the industry. There is huge market for football gossip and that’s all fine and well. But to criticize a player for not wanting to read negative stories about themselves seems like one of the dumbest arguments Florio has made in a long time… and he has made a few.

Remember this gem?

ProFootballTalk on Twitter

15-ounce football.” #PostTruth https://t.co/Nvd5HWMTi7

Makes you wonder… how heavy does Florio think footballs really are?

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14 thoughts on “Mike Florio Still Bashing Derek Carr, Can’t Understand Why He’s Blocked on Twitter

  1. Mike Florio is a desert when it comes to the NFL, its owners, coaches, players and fans. There is just never anything there. He never gets any insider information, his takes on the sport are weak and mostly wrong and he is just painful to read. He is ALWAYS a hard pass when it comes to reading something worth your time.

  2. Typical “Carr apologist” response…

    Realize…the myriad deficiencies David…oops…difficult to tell them apart…Derek possesses…

    Almost all of them reside between his ears & his “ego stroking required” persona…this guy is not a leader… he plays afraid & avoids contact if @ all possible…I want a real NFL QB who absorb a hit to make a play…a QB who makes plays with his legs…

    Like Patrick Mahomes…got it? Not a puzzy!

  3. That guy Mike Florio is an idiot, it’s not Carr, that’s the problem with the Raiders it’s their defense, and it’s been the problem for years. Another problem the Raiders had in the past is they never had coaching stability. So before Florio mouths off know what you are talking about

  4. I am sick and tired of the negative comments on Derek Carr.
    I am also upset at the Raider camp for not protecting him. If you want to trade him have the guts to do it with class. Derek is a sensitive person, no harm there, but the toughest of players would have difficulty in accepting all the theories of a bunch of sports writers in what his future is. Most could not hold his jock strap and don’t know how to work for a living.
    Gruden, if you don’t want him find a suitor that he can move on with, then say something positive instead of hiding behind your snickering face.
    The man gave you his best with a rag tag receiving corp. If Gruden dumps him, Ithe will be the end of my long time Raider support. The followers of Fresno State wish the best for Derek with a team that has backbone.

  5. Mike Florio is an ***! Say goodbye to a listener and hopefully a career! Hey Mike I hear the XFL is looking for C talent! You’re a natural fit!

  6. Florio needs to get back in his closet and play with his Barbies and stop talking ****. Hack

  7. Derek carr has a great future with the raiders if Gruden and mayock get him some weapons. But it’s up to them to do that. If they dont then derek carr has a great future wherever he goes.

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