HOF Voter: Voting In Cliff Branch Might Put Too Many 1970’s Raiders In The Hall of Fame

Cliff Branch should have been voted into the NFL Hall of Fame years ago, but the wait continues and according to Hall of Fame voter Rich Gosselin, there is a reason why the wait might not be over anytime soon.

“My concern has less to do with Branch himself, though, than with the team whose colors he wore – the Oakland Raiders. Specifically, the 1970s’ Raiders,” Gosselin wrote for the Talk of Fame Network. “The potential enshrinement of Branch would put 12 Raiders from the 1970s in the Hall. That would match the record number of Hall of Famers from one team — the 1960s’ Green Bay Packers, who went to six NFL championship games in the decade and won five of them, including the first two Super Bowls.”

“Let me repeat,” Gosselin continued. “Branch has Hall-of-Fame credentials. But can you enshrine every starter from a team that managed to reach only one Super Bowl in the entire 1970 decade?”

But here is the problem with Gosselin’s logic. Branch wasn’t just great in the 1970’s. He led all Raider wide receivers in receiving yards from 1980-1983 (four seasons) and won two Super Bowls with the Raiders in the 1980’s.

How is there no mention of what Branch did in the 1980’s in Gosselin’s case against Branch (and no, there isn’t one reference in the published link)?

Unfortunately, Branch passed away in August of 2019 at the age of 71. Just like his quarterback, Ken Stabler, when Branch finally does go into the Hall of Fame, he isn’t going to be around to enjoy it with his family and his teammates.

It’s now been 36 years since Branch retired and he remains one of the greatest players from one of the greatest organizations in sports. Unfortunately, there is at least one Hall of Fame voter that seems to think that organization already has enough players in the Hall of Fame.

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5 thoughts on “HOF Voter: Voting In Cliff Branch Might Put Too Many 1970’s Raiders In The Hall of Fame

  1. Yeah, that’s just bad logic. Who cares how many players from a team make it…if they deserve it and have the resume to support that…then they should be in without question. This definitely seems like a Raiders hate thing, I mean…how many receivers made it in before Tim Brown? A few that weren’t as good, that’s bogus! It shouldn’t just be about the championships, what they do on the field definitely matter. Calvin Johnson shouldn’t get in then either…0 championships despite being the most dominant receiver of his time.

  2. This is a nice article. It reminds me of a conversation I would have with my Grandpa. Don’t get me wrong I’m f****** 55 I’ve missed less than 10 games since 1970 I’m not a fan I’m a Raider. This however is stating the obvious.

  3. How is the team even relevant? You’re not voting in the team, but the player. Many far lesser players than Branch are in the Hall and it’s a shame, a disservice, and makes no logical sense. This guy is what’s wrong with HOF voting.

  4. This bull crap the H.O.F is for player that proven there one if best at there position and should not matter what era they played in period H.O.F IS A JOKE..

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