Host: Derek Carr the Victim of “Misplaced Anger and Misplaced Blame”

Who is most responsible for the Raiders latest mid-season collapse?

One of the popular names being tossed around is Derek Carr. Quarterbacks are always an organizational lightning rod for criticism when things aren’t going well, and Carr is no stranger to that dynamic.

Carr hasn’t been perfect this year, but a Las Vegas radio host isn’t interested in making him a scapegoat for the season. Not with everything that has been working against the Raiders as an organization over the last few months.

“You don’t blame your quarterback because Brandon Parker really is not a starting left tackle in the NFL,” Vinny Bonsignore said on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s In The Huddle radio show.

“You can’t blame the quarterback because Alex Leatherwood hasn’t developed as expected. You can’t blame Derek Carr for that by sitting him. You can’t blame and sit Derek Carr because the two guards got hurt. You just can’t. It’s misplaced anger and misplaced blame. Carr should play out the rest of the season and see what happens after that.”

It’s anybody’s guess what will happen with Carr in the offseason, but there is no question that teams will be calling the Raiders about his availability. A portion of the fan base might not buy the explanations for Carr’s up-and-down season, but don’t be surprised if a lot of NFL front offices will.

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90 thoughts on “Host: Derek Carr the Victim of “Misplaced Anger and Misplaced Blame”

  1. You cannot just look at this year and make any determination about Derek Carr. However you can look at the totality of the career and see if he has the attributes to win.

    1. Not really. A QB can only be as good as the supporting cast will allow. Carr has been the victim of inconsistent coaching and mediocre surrounding talent.

  2. A real NFL QB will challenge his teammates, commend them doing their job correctly, and will chew them out when they don’t know their assignments, etc. He is not capable to set the example by doing so. Maybe new owner, new coaching staff, and change up the team personnel. Carr has never played well in cold weather.

    1. Agreed
      Carr has all the tools to be a top QB in the NFL but having the ability to play well does not mean you have the ability to lead a group of egotistical underachievers.
      It’s bad enough that there has been little consistency with maintaining and developing a supporting roster.
      I like Carr and I hope he does get traded so he moves on and perhaps finds a fire inside that motivates him to lead his team to a championship.
      As far as the Raiders go. I’ve been a fan since Lamonica. Thats a long time. I saw the Immaculate Reception, Ghost to the Post, The Sea of hands and the Holly Roller. That was a long time ago. Since then other than a few fleeting positive seasons its been an embarrassment. The mystical reputation is nothing but a memory and based on what I’ve seen over the years the team has no direction or firm plan for the future. Its truly sad.

  3. i wish people would stop making excuses.. he had a great line last yr WITH THE SAME RESULTS AND THE YR BEFORE…

    1. Hasn’t had a good line since 2016. They are always injured. The starting 5 last year didn’t play 60 downs together.

    2. Why do people keep saying that!? Last year the OL was not great! That’s the the reason none them are here!

      1. its hard to judge any line playing in front of the tinman.. hes no threat to run, hes no threat to throw downfield unless the wr is wide open, hes no threat to scramble and give everyone a chance to separate. his play action is laughable because the defense knows more than any of us and their stuffing the run… ITS GROUNDHOG DAY AGAIN IN RAIDER NATION…

      1. Its called cuts and adjustments.This coaching staff has niether. If the O line is failing then bring in the QB with more natural instinct, mix it up….and the end of the day 8 winning seasons in the last 35 yrs one would think they might be open to mixing things up….prepare home games to be a 50/50 split coming soon.

  4. If anyone watched the Chiefs play the Chargers last night, you’d understand. Derek Carr is not a good quarterback. He doesn’t take chances he doesn’t give his teammates opportunities to succeed and he doesn’t pump anyone up. He’s the worst franchise qb of all times. Anyone arguing about team records can keep flipping cards. Derek has to go!

    1. That was a good game. Watching it I couldn’t help but wish we had Herbert or Mahomes as our QB. I respect Derek as a Christian and good quarterback, but those young guys are great qbs. There comes a time in the season when one realizes the rival teams (other than the Broncos) have what it takes to get to the post season. This is the time, and I am embarrassed that our defense met pregame on the Chief’s logo and acted stupid before losing the game and being stupid.

    2. All of you Carr haters, he’s not responsible for your hate, here’s a man that has broken every record in Raider history when a Q/B is doing that and their not going anywhere you all should be hating on the organization instead of the Q/B you doing that tells me you don’t know nothing about football, you have a elite quarterback ;I just hope we get him I’m a Steeler haters will rue the day you got rid of Carr you will watch us go to the playoffs and Super Bowl, Mark Davis will be chasing his tail trying to find another quarterback,you will be like Patriots wishing they they had never got rid of Brady,but like I said give him to us, Raider Nation is a bunch of idiots

    3. He is not the worst quarterback the o line is horrible the d line is horrible yes it’s ups and downs but he’s one of the best quarterbacks this year he needs to be traded to a team that can win that has a good o line and a good deal line. RN4L but will always be a Derek Carr fan.

    4. I too watched the fame and asked myself what Carr would do with those players and that coaching, more so when I remember that he outplayed both of those QBs last year (Herbert once, Mahomes twice). No one in the rest of the Raiders offense except for Miller and Renfroe, would start for those teams. Waller would for LA but not for KC. FACT. And let’s not even talk about coaching.

    5. Absolutely. Clean house. We’re used to mediocrity so we can wait another year while we rebuild. Carr is gun shy. Mobile qbs can handle the pass rush he cannot.

      Many companies insist on alcohol/drug free workplaces.
      No more car crashes, wife beatings, and other recreational sports for athletes!

    6. Agreed. He doesn’t give his teammates opportunities to make plays. Takes the easy 3 yds when they need 4 or 5. Too many checkdowns and seems satisfied…which is painful to watch.

  5. Has Carr ever broken a tackle. What’s his completion percentage while scrambling? Did you watch Herbert and Mahomes play the position. Carrs a hood qb with a clean pocket and open receivers. His receiver separation is good. He’s had the highest paid line same results. Gtfoh already protecting the golden child. We’re a bottom ten team with Carr.

    1. Because we have a bottom ten defense. No QB and I mean no QB can succeed without a good defense.

    2. Yep let’s trade Carr so we can take over the league and win the super bowl next year in Vegas. Once we get rid of Carr Leatherwood will be a pro bowl RT. Once we get rid of Carr our defense will be top 5 and cease from being the laughing stock of the league. And last but not least. Once we get rid of Carr all receiver’s not named Waller and Renfrow will miraculously run better routes and get open down field. Who will replace Carr? Uh🤔 I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. We just need to get rid of Derek Carr. He’s holding us back

    3. And you’ll be a bottom five without Carr. And the line was overpaid, the mistake was not in getting rid of their fat assets, but in not replacung them with better fat asses.

  6. If the rest of the league somehow hasn’t caught on to the fact that Carr is a head case with major shrinkage issues, that’s their problem and we need to take the picks for him. People thought we were the problem with Amari Cooper too, and he’s had the same shrinkage issues in Dallas he had with us.

    1. What are you talking about? Amari Cooper couldn’t hang on to the ball here, but somehow corrected that in Dallas. Carr is not a head case are you kidding? He is the only consistent player over his right years here. If we had a top 15 defense you would see us in the playoffs every year.

  7. I’ll bet Roger gooodel is enjoying watching the Raiders fail this season he’s sitting his fifth avenue office looking out the window going hahaha he’s a scumbag from the word go. he’s causing enough trouble this season and it did not need to happen could have waited until after the season or done it before the season but I think he did it on purpose to destroy the Raiders this season just my opinion I don’t like I never have liked him I agree with Jerry Jones should have been gone 2 years ago 3 years ago like say guys it’s just my opinion

  8. So in the beginning of the season when Derek Carr was receiving all these MVP chants and 300-yard games — where were the complaints about the O-Line then? Or in the Dallas game? There’s been some shifting, but it’s basically the dame O-line.

    Gruden molded Carr like Professor Higgins did Eliza in MY FAIR LADY. Carr is a rhythm quarterback that drops back to a certain spot and then fires the ball. He’s like a bad actor — get him off his spot and he can’t deliver his lines. He has no improvisational skills and is a career 53-70 Win/Loss record. Did he go to the playoffs last year when we still had our All-Pro O-Line? No, Carr has NEVER been in a playoff game. Nor will he.

    And what’s funny, if he ever does appear in a playoff game — he’d be an unseasoned 8-year plus quarterback.

    This Carr has a broken transmission and an engine with no heart… he’s a Prius with a broken 4th gear…

    1. Closest comment to nailing it about Carr I’ve seen in forever. I’ll just add the fact that he’s scared. All the time. Ever since the leg, he plays at least half his snaps in a panic. Stiff, freaked out…even his handoffs look like he’s defusing a bomb. That kind of constant apprehension is nerve-wracking and morale-killing and infects the whole team. Can’t wait to see him gone.

  9. Quit your crying DC sucks hit a few times in the pocket he crumbles, this is not me at consensus of the players he plays with move on .

    1. The players know he doesn’t suck actually. If he is traded to a playoff contender he will bring THAT franchise a Superbowl.

  10. Only ignorant imbeciles would blame Carr for the Raiders problems. These same types of individuals tend to have extremely low Intelligence Quotients and honestly don’t have the cognitive abilities of a mushroom. They’re last in defense, the line is one of the worst in the league at run blocking. They’re not much better at pass blocking. He’s got one decent receiver ( Renfrow) and everyone else are scrubs. His best tight end is injured, they lost their best fullback who blocked great, ran good routes, had good hands and was as good as Drake and Richard at receiving the ball, but it’s Carrs fault that they’re losing? Give me a break.

    1. Spot on, those people don’t know a thing about football. Try the line Raider Nation, it starts in the trenches, Madden wasn’t wrong. The Snake had time to eat a sandwich before the D could get to him. Carr isn’t the problem, sorry coaching and no O line are the major issues.

  11. When the Raiders drafted DC in 2014, should have been trying to put players around him to succeed. Too many Raiders draft picks through 20 years have been disappointed players. We need a coach and general manager that is going to come in and draft the right players on both sides of the ball for them to succeed. Until then, it’s a waiting game to see who’s staying and who’s getting released.

  12. Carr is not responsible for the Raiders woes. Davis and Gruden are. Davis gets rid of a coach and GM that drafted well and brought them to the playoffs for the first time in years. Then he brings in a washed up blow hard like Gruden. Whom immediately starts dismantling the team. Gets rid of a very good offensive line, drafts horribly Including low character Individuals.

  13. The Raiders are a mess (once again). Carr might not be the problem but he is not the solution. GM has wiffed in all our high draft picks., But to his credit found some real gems late in the draft. Finally distractions, distractions, distractions off the field and questionable O line trades has not worked.

  14. You don’t get rid of a top ten QB. Until you have a better option which they don’t. They can’t seem to be able to draft well in the first round either. Davis needs to find out if that’s Grudens or Mayocks doing.

    1. It’s Davis’s as well as Gruden’s and Mayock’s doing. Davis should relieve the franchise and fan base of Mayock, as well as himself through a sell of the franchise to a competent and better heeled hands off owner who is capable of hiring competent football minds.

  15. It does not matter who was more or less responsible for the Las Vegas Raiders collapse. The Jon Gruden forced resignation. The Fatal Henry Ruggs motor vehicle issue. The air in the bubble began leaking. Then losses began without any accountability. This was happening the same time as when the performance of Derek Carr became being questioned. The season
    has become a burden that the players just want to end, but there are (5) or (6) games to be
    played. The offensive line has been accused, The quarterback has been accused, the defense has been accused, the interim Head Coach has been accused of being the reason for the Las Vegas Raiders collapse. Take your pick it has been terrible.

    1. Raiders need to get Eric Bieniemy from the Chiefs. He is a great offensive coordinator and would be a great head coach!

      1. I like Derek Carr but it just seemed to me watching Mahomes & Herbert a couple of nights ago that he just cannot perform the QB position like they can. They seem to be a league above him.

  16. First off Parker is rt. Leavenworth is now a guard. You sound stupid making this argument useless to Raider fans at least.

  17. Carr is not going anywhere! Teams can call all they want but an extension is forthcoming for DC! You’ll just have to sit and wait for it to happen of you don’t believe me!!

    1. God forbid you’re right. The Raiders need a QB who, instead of fading in the second half, steps it up in the second half and leads his team into the final playoff chase with momentum.

  18. Carr had the keys for 8yrs. He got the money, stats, and talk but despite his skills which should have been transferable to any coach or oc program….well he got the money, stats,…….

  19. Please stop making up excuses for Derek Carr. Every year it’s a different excuse you replace the line , replace some of the wide receivers , you worked on the defense , change the coach and the general manager. Marcus may not be the answer but he deserves a shot for the rest of the season their car is not a franchise quarterback . The offense look better with Marcus in anyway . Car been there 8 years every year same story it’s time for him to go .

  20. I think raiders should rebuild care likes being a raider but I think for him to really have a choice for a super bowl he needs to go to a team that is well rounded he’s never had a well rounded team with the raiders and they will never give him a good team he had plenty of different coach’s with the raiders just needs stability in a team in all for letting care go for a better opportunity with a better team c what he can do

  21. Blame the Davis’s ;Two stubborn Schlubs.
    Yea I know all about Al’s Illustrious Place in Football History but I refuse to gloss over the fact that he single handedly drove his Beloved Franchise into the Oakland Pavement.
    And Mark,Well, I think His Haircut says it all.

  22. The Quarterback always takes the blame, and if Carr wasn’t doing a well as he is, I’d probably want to blame him too, however he’s not in the bottom tier in the league so, I’m going to let it land on the positions it’s supposed to be on, Head coach, receivers, o line, d backs and corners.

  23. Didn’t think I would ever say this, but I’m glad this pitiful team is not the OAKLAND Raiders. They are the Las Vegas Raiders and they SUCK! Las Vegas. You wanted them, you got them. A lousy team that will remain a cellar dwelling team for years to come. LOL.

  24. Carr isn’t the biggest problem. But he is a problem. His inability to scramble when necessary, or throw down the field when scrambling, are problems. His wide receivers don’t help much in that respect either, however. The biggest problem with this raiders team is coaching. And that includes gruden. This team, for whatever reason, does not utilize its talent. Carr has either had a good offensive line and good wide receivers but a shitty defense or, a mediocre defense and no offensive line. I feel bad for the dude. He’s a good qb. And if he goes to an organization that isn’t fundamentally dysfunctional, he can make runs deep in to the playoffs. He also deserves that. If I were him, I’d be begging to get traded.

    1. The Raiders defense has been bottom 3 each season he’s been with the Raiders. Last year they were last. This year they are last. But if we get rid of Carr somehow the defense will become top 5. It’s just hard for them to execute with Carr around🤷‍♂️

  25. Look I been a Raiders fan for a lot of years (was 7 when they hired Madden) been there for the good n bad years and I am I die hard fan all my life! I hoped Carr would be the guy for years! After he broke his leg n back he just hasn’t been the same. (Seen it meany times ) the only thing Carr lovers have is his pass completion percentage ( west coast offense his whole career) . Then there is his most passing yards for Raiders QBs ! He also has a statistic for most in Raiders history…. Fumbles ….. not just by QBs but by far more then any player in Raiders history….. 21 more then Marcus Allen who is second! That’s only fumbles if you include INTs Carr turned ball over more then anyone. Carr is average and way to inconsistent. Playing afraid all the time and is not a true leader! Time to trade or let him walk or ! He is not worth the 30-35 million they are talking about!

    1. Tu su sabes amigo ,yo sólo soy aficionado desde que se ganó a Philadelphia el super bowl y en visto a jugadores en este equipo jugar con valentía jugarse el físico cosa que ni en sueños a la señorita Carr y no iremos a ningún lado mientras sea el qb de éste equipo que amamos y nos duele verlo dando lastima cada domingo de juego!

  26. I think Derek is a good or excelent Qb but you dont make a good team with rookies or players playing only for pkay this team need players proud to be a raider player like orher player from 70s/8s0 decades bbot for rwceive a pay plays all the season need love and ciurage to be a raider player lijeAl Davis think this is rhe problem

  27. This has nothing to do with Carr, the fact is that this organization has not a real clue in what they do or do not have in No. 8 Marcus Mariota.

  28. Carr is a good/great QB that should have won MVP if not for a late season injury. He’s the main reason we even made the playoffs that year, without him that team was garbage. He has carried AWFUL rosters to 8-8 records. He isn’t Mahomes, and he isn’t Rodgers, but he shouldn’t have to be. I’ve been a raiders fan since I was a kid and it absolutely INFURIATES me that brain dead fans that don’t even know what they’re watching when they see these games are gonna run this guy out of town and off of our roster. Carr is better than whatever we’re gonna get. He isn’t perfect, but he can win. He’s just about the only player on this team that can consistently do that. Our defense is bad and has consistently come up short in big moments, our offense line is TRASH this season, and 2 of our first round picks got themselves thrown out of the NFL. Carr hasn’t been good this season, but he’s a good player. If he leaves this team he’s going to have success with someone else and you morons who want him gone aren’t even going to realize what we let get away. Dumb fans and writers like you are the reason this franchise is laughing stock. Carr had KC beat for a second time last year and the defense gave up a TD in less than 1:30. That’s his entire career, he makes plays and the defense doesn’t. His offensive line collapses. Jacobs fumbles. Etc etc. Yes he makes mistakes too, but they’re magnified because the rest of the team NEVER makes up for it.

    1. So true…Raiders are a struggling team, with a great QB that needs more support from a stable and consistent coaching staff, that know’s how to pick and keep the right players. Raider players also needed to he consistent on the field, they also need to take chances, they needed to learn how to fly like bats, jump like a kangaroos!! 😉….whatever it takes to run the ball, intercept the ball, and slap that ball lose!…make plays happen however they can!
      Having the support from TRUE Raider fans would help as well.
      Go Raiders!!! God Bless

  29. Raiders need to get Eric Bieniemy from the Chiefs. He is a great offensive coordinator and would be a great head coach!

  30. If you have a way below average defense and a way below average O line and below average receivers except for Renfro and Waller (and Waller has not been playing) and you have below average recruiting and coaching and then trade off some way above average players the last three years——Yeah right its Carrs fault!!? I hope he gets traded to just an average or above team and above average coached team—-he will then shut all the haters up.

  31. We were on our way ,till we got off to a3-0 start. . The two baby birds in LA(rams & chargers) were not playing as well as the Raiders. So. They went and leaked stolen emails from the investigation of Washington. Redskins and of the 650000 emails they released Jon Gruden emails from 10 years back.. The Redskins , all good? 640000 or more no leaks? This was a hit to eliminate one man, Jon Gruden. I love the NFL but what they did here is what the government did to JFK. Cant tell anybody with a brain that he was singled out and screwed over. Release ALL emails and bring out all the racist owners and you dont have a league. Sue Jon sue! .NFL- no football league!

  32. We were on our way ,till we got off to a3-0 start. . The two baby birds in LA(rams & chargers) were not playing as well as the Raiders. So. They went and leaked stolen emails from the investigation of Washington. Redskins and of the 650000 emails they released Jon Gruden emails from 10 years back.. The Redskins , all good? 640000 or more no leaks? This was a hit to eliminate one man, Jon Gruden. I love the NFL but what they did here is what the government did to JFK. Cant tell anybody with a brain that he was singled out and screwed over. Release ALL emails and bring out all the racist owners and you dont have a league. Sue Jon sue! .NFL- no football league!

  33. Talk about a guy who has left his heart on the field and worked hard every year to get better and all he gets is BS from these so called Raiders fans. Lets look at the young guys H.Ruggs catches a few balls and thinks hes above the law . Jacobs and his fumbling his penis around doesnt know if he is dropping a ball or a kid. Lets quit blaming Carr. Most young players get it,Crosby,Renfrow, Waller, I mean. Cmon Josh wake up, grow up be a man! Tired of guys like you coming into the league and screw all your teammates who have to babysit you and then get the blame . **** !

  34. If Derek isn’t a good quarterback, can any of you explain the 2016 season? Kind of like Kenny Stabler not being a the quarterback that couldn’t get over the playoff hump? And then 1976 happened. There’s a reason why all of you just comment and don’t run a team. If any of you fools consider yourselves part of this Raider Nation, S.T.F.U. and trust the process. Winning is a team effort. I’m willing to bet that Tom Brady would have gotten dismantled by now if he were under center too. I’m glad that NONE of you foo’s manage or coach this team.

    1. This team has been a disgrace for way to long . Whats the answer ??
      The offensive line is just horrible , josh is a 1000 yard back .
      But not on this team.
      Carr is not a leader. Lets play marcus and see what he has.
      There are three former head coaches here . But they cannot get it together.
      The players are not pumped up to play

  35. 7 or so yrs ago reggie McKenzie gutted the roster and chose to start carr and build around him, many platers were gutted with some still starting on other teams, after a few yrs it was evident that it was a failure. jack del rio was shown the door and in came gruden and we saw another roster gutting and gruden and mayock said many times carr cannot win alone. he needs arsenal around him. they gutted the roster send even khali mack the door… here we are 3 yrs later and anyone who doesnt see another roster gutting coming this off season is blind. if they rebuild around carr again for the 3rd time they will be looking at NO RAIDER FANS in the seats… vegas residents are not going to pay their hard earned money to watch this debacle. Oakland fans are not going to pay up either and travel 8 hrs to see this. CHANGE IS SCARY but they have to see in these last 4 games if DEREK CARR IS THE PROBLEM OR NOT… i would never suggest making this change if they was winning but were seeing GROUNDHOG day again this yr… if they dont do this marcus will leave as a free agent after this yr and all we have is peterman… marcus is not gong to stay if they sign carr to a large extension.. HE CANT BE THAT DUMB UNLESS HE DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY AND JUST COLLECT A CHECK… and if they are not planning on giving carr an extension THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY GOT IN MARCUS….

  36. Carr just doesn’t have the “It”, that’s needed to win. There’s something off about him. In 2019, I watched every single presser Carr had the entire season. The dude comes off bad to me. Remember that 4th down throw away cuz Cook wasn’t open to seal a loss? That was the day Carr was dead to me. He’s a loser. Mahomes and Herbert are going to dominate our division for years to come. We aren’t going to compete, let alone win. So what is the point? Rebuild. Fire Mayock, Cable and draft a QB in the 1st round is a good start.

  37. The Raiders of the last 30-35 years or so have been a mess, really since a mess since Plunkett and the rest of the vets from their last Super Bowl retired in the late 80’s. They have drafted horribly with a few exceptions here and there like Tim Brown, Steve Wiznewski, Charles Woodson, Mack and Carr being 1st or second round picks who have lasted. You cannot blame 30-35 years of mostly futility by an organization on Derek Carr, they were bad before he got here except for a blip here and there when Shell coached them in the early 90’s and when Gruden was here in the late 90s. That starts at the top with an aged Al Davis trying to do what he was able to do as a young man but not when he was older and his son who has had success with the new stadium but not on the field. Need a strong organizational foundation starting in the front office and drafting high character players, more high character than other places with less distractions than Vegas. I like Carr but would leave it up to the new coach & GM what happens on the roster but you better get the coach and GM right because that is where it starts and where the raiders have failed for so long.

  38. Carr is supposed to be the leader of the offense, he’s 17 games under 500 in his career on their way to another late season collapse . With Mahomes and Herbert in the AFC west the Raiders won’t compete with Carr at the helm.

  39. It’s about wins and losses. Carr is the greatest QB ever with a winning % under .500 so what. It is not like the Raiders don’t have someone who might be better…see Marriotta. Time to give #8 a chance to see if he can brings wins, because W s matter more than passing yds, Tds or comp %.

  40. DC is a good guy who has gotten a raw deal with the turmoil that has been the Raiders during his tenure. Obviously it’s not all his fault, BUT he is still not consistent enough to get a team where it wants to go….to the Super Bowl. His play has proved this over and over again each year. His playing poorly and losing must win games to inferior teams, His red zone problems, His fumbling and pocket awareness issues. Here is the clincher going forward for all you who want to re-sign DC…..KC Mahomes, SD Herbert, DEN Rodgers( coming soon)….even if all things were equal at every other position( and they are not) the Raiders are looking at last place for years against those starting QBs with Carr behind center. He would be the worst qb of the four without question. Nobody here can deny this impending inevitability.

  41. I hate how u people report inaccurate details. The Raiders are not again going thru late season collapse; they began losing following 3-0 start but truth-be-told their 3-0 start was not that impressive. The first 5 games the team could not score at all during each of their first halfs.

    Second your reports have so many typos n errors in grammar it tends to place reader in foul mood before you get to horrible content.

    Third, the team was never going to succeed under Gruden n not with the Oline he put together. Gruden conducted intterview at end of last season stating how team was one or two players away n then he went n made complete overhaul in players -really 1 or 2 players huh. Gruden is n always was a middle of the pack coach (thats being generous). With team under worst ownership in league history there was n will not be any success.

    Simple as that

  42. Just wait all the brainless haters ,that don’t know thier *** from a hole in the ground.Will be butthurt if carr leaves,when it gets worse,because he’s a top 10 with nothing good.Thank God you all don’t get to do any moves.Its funny how much idiots are raiders fans.I can’t stand any of you,and wished you would like a different team.Ive been a die hard fan since 8 yrs old,now 52.Be glad that players want to even play and come to vegas.Because I remember the days no one wanted 2.You ungrateful *** babies.You should be happy. How pathetic.I don’t even think they watch football,just talk **** the whole game.Start of the season oh carr finally is good ,now same *** drag.pick one or the other.inbreed *** haters.I wish any other q.b.would play 1 game,but none will with this team they will be lames know nothing and I guess all those other good q.b. in the leauge at the top of the stats besides carr will play in the playoffs.Only atop of the stats that other person atop ****.get a life and stop blaming and be real ,I wouldn’t want to do good with all the haters.the colts can win with the q.b. throwing 12 passes the whole game.lames.

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