Raiders “Pretty Much All-In With Derek Carr” These Last Four Games

There has been talk of the Raiders potentially benching Derek Carr for Marcus Mariota, but it sounds like that talk is almost all coming from well outside of the Raiders’ building.

A report out of New York City, that was later twisted by a tweet from Eugene, Oregon, implied that the Raiders have been “mulling” a change at quarterback. But those rumors were shot down on Thursday by one of the Raiders’ most respected beat writers.

According to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, the Raiders have no plans of moving Mariota ahead of Carr on the depth chart.

“I think Mariota’s biggest supporter may have been Jon Gruden and he’s gone,” Tafur told JT The Brick on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM. “They’re not excited about taking Carr out of the game. That’s not something they want to do, so I think they are pretty much all-in with Derek Carr these last four games.”

What the Raiders should be “mulling” however, is a few more packages that include Mariota. At this point, the coaches should be trying anything possible to get the running game back on track – especially on a weekend in Cleveland where the weather is forecast to be cold, wet, and windy.

Like it or not, the Raiders are going to have to find a way to run the ball against the Browns. If they don’t, they might be in line for their eighth loss of the season – and this one at the hands of a roster decimated by COVID-19.

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21 thoughts on “Raiders “Pretty Much All-In With Derek Carr” These Last Four Games

  1. Here’s another rumor, Derek is going to bench himself for the benefit of the team, because nobody else has a clue as to how bad this has become❗🙏 Please Santa all I want is a different quarterback, I’ve watched every game and I deserve this 🎁🎅🙏

    1. Then I don’t know which team you’ve been watching, because Carr is one of a few working pieces in this roster

    2. You are stupid dc is the best qb we have had in at least 20 years why don’t u become a donkey fan you are not educated at all when it comes to the raiders PS Santa isn’t real 🤔

    3. Your intelligence level on the game of football is VERY underwhelming!!! If one doesn’t know what they are talking about, one really shouldn’t open their mouths!!! Furthermore, jacobs is no more off his game than Carr!!! Both are playing behind one of the worst o-lines in football (primarily Simpson and Leatherwood)!!! Although I haven’t said many kind words about Gru, the o-line can’t really be blamed on him (Good was supposed to start at RG and Leatherwood is a rookie (Leatherwood has been horrible but in his defense he is a rookie and the verdict is still out). Anyone that has even a notion about football knows that in the colt’s victory last night, the o-line was the difference (Carr is a much better qb than Wentz-who had a total of 49 yards passing- and Taylor is not a better running back than Jacobs-Taylor and Wentz plays behind a dominant line!!! The Raiders will not be a winning team until the o-line is dominant!!! oh, and an even good #1 WR would be nice, Santa!!!

  2. Good luck making the running game work if your Oline just quits and continues to play like they have no desire to beat then man in front of them. They’re “decimated” with injuries and playing with guys who probably wouldn’t make another NFL roster after what v we’ve seen from them. I’m definitely not holding my breath! I just hope DC or Mariota doesn’t get hurt.

  3. Again the Raiders make a big mistake leaving Carr in. It shows the coaching staff I have a close mind.

    1. The only way I’m ok with that is if we know we are not making the playoffs and want to save so no problems for next year maybe we get a o line

  4. Decisions such as replacing the starting quarterback are, and should be a decision made by the Head Coach. Since this interim Head Coach does not hold the support unanimously of all
    the Organization. He can’t replace Derek Carr. The Raider Organization has been pretty clear that they support D. Carr. As it was reported, after interviewing with the Raiders Organization, Tom Brady commented, “Your sticking with that m——-f——-? That tells you the Organizations position. The interim Head Coach can’t bench Carr.

    1. Do you really think that even The Great Brady could play behind this o-line and without receivers??? Brady has a very good o-line and 2 Great receivers. I wouldn’t wish ANYONE take Carr’s place and be put in the position that Carr is!!!

  5. Wait…. Did you just say “respected” and “Vic Tafur” in the same sentence!?! Hahahahahaha!!!! He’s NOT a reporter, he’s a sideline bopper, and DEFINITELY not one of the most “respected”! By that comment in itself, THIS story now has ZERO credibility, like Tafur’s “reporting!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!

  6. After some rudimentary film, play call percentage, play design “clever” factor and history, tons of open history study, nearly any coach in the NFL should be able to pick our coaches apart with an elementary school spreadsheet. I mean, the examples are all there. This leaves no blame for Mark Davis, he picked some great advisors and got great results. Until the NFL hit squad trashed his chain of command. If there is any move not made that he deserves admonishment for, it is his not fighting back against the NFL for punishing him for the perceived sins of his father. Mark, when bullied, hit back. Thye truth will come out.

  7. The golden child. He doesn’t do enough to help his team win. Like him all you want. As long as 4 is our QB nothing will change. Insanity!!

    1. you want something to change??? start with o=line and receiving corps!!! Edwards and Jones, Simpson and Leatherwood aint cutting it!!!

  8. I think Carr is a great quarterback, But just like any player if you’re not Getting it done for whatever reason, Try putting in another player in , kind of like they do in baseball . Even if its just for a couple plays and it does the team good ! ! why not ? If I was a coach I would try this just to see . If it is a win win ! You will know when the rest of the teams follow suit . Note : this isn’t just for quarterbacks it’s for all positions . GO RAIDERS .

  9. Lol, do any of you actually watch the Raiders play? You think Carr is the reason we are losing? Bless your sweet little minds so precious

    1. A LOT of ignorant people who don’t understand the game of football seem to hold the answer to the demise of the raiders!!! I agree with you, NOONE could play behind this o-line without WRs!!!

  10. All these comments about Carr supposedly not getting it done, yet Raiders have the 2nd best passing offense in the NFL. They only reason the offense isn’t scoring more points is bc the run game is so bad. Those casing fit Carr to be replaced clearly don’t understand the game, and should keep their obviously uneducated comments to themselves.

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