Hue Jackson: “I Got Humbled” In Oakland

Hue Jackson’s time in Oakland came to a controversial end, but four years later, he says his firing was an experience he learned from.

“I learned how to be more humble,” Jackson told reporters at the NFL’s annual spring meetings. “I thought I had all the answers. I thought I was Superman. I thought I could do it alone with Amy Trask. I realized it takes a lot of people in your corner to make an organization work. I got humbled. Let’s be honest. I got my butt kicked up over my shoulder. Hey, 8-8 is 8-8. It’s not 1-15, but I could have done a lot better.”

Jackson says he will still have the same confidence in himself, but believes his mistakes in Oakland have made him a better coach.

“I think the first time everything was so new,” Jackson said of his time with the Raiders. “I think I will be better this time because of what I went through the first time. You learn from your mistakes and I made quite a few there. I am confident and believe in what I can do. At the same time, I know I can’t do it myself.”

Jackson was hardly a failure in Oakland, but from the outside, his situation in Cleveland appears to be even more dire than anything he encountered with the Raiders – a story his pal Mike Silver may already have stored to his hard drive.

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16 thoughts on “Hue Jackson: “I Got Humbled” In Oakland

    1. No, Hue can stay in Cleveland and ruin the Browns, we don’t need him in Oakland

  1. No, Mark Davis is having his own issues, being one of the poorest team owners and getting dissed by all of the other owners as well as the City of Oakland and the A’s. Mark needs to put his ego in check, partner with one of those billionaires so that he would have the bargaining leverage needed to get something done. If he were a billionaire, things would have been done already.

  2. I enjoyed Hue Jackson coaching the Raiders, but his coaching got distracted with him trying to be a GM, after Al Davis died. The AFC West was his to win, but his distraction with giving away two first round draft picks to Cincinnati for Carson Palmer, and then not winning the AFC West nor making the playoffs, was his undoing.

    1. Larry, I couldn’t agree with you more on both subjects. When Hue Jackson talked Mark’s Davis, who was still mourning the death of his father into trading away OUR future 1st and 2nd round draft pics for a QB who wouldn’t be NFL ready for 2 years, I lost ALL faith in Jackson.

  3. Jason Campbell diving head first and getting hurt was his undoing. We were 7-4 when he injured himself on that play. I thought Hue did a hell of a job. I think GM’s want credit for having “their guy” in there. If Reggie would have just hired a defensive coordinator and kept Hue, we would have done better.

    1. If I’m remembering correctly, I think they were either 4-2 or 4-3 when Campbell went down. I know Carson’s first game was that 28-0 beat down to the Chiefs. Think that put them at 4-4.

  4. I think Jack Del Rio is doing a fine job. Reggie did what he had to do to get Raiders out of salary cap hell. Have you seen our coaching staff. You dont pull that kind of staff with how bad the raiders have been without a solid game plan. Mark Davis will figure it out. Sure not his fault he is not a billionaire. He is offering up now 600k. .money doesnt fix everything. Look at the Sacto Kings . Raiders Nation will rise again . Drink the kool-aid my friends it will be fine.

      1. He fired Hue because Hue wouldn’t take a demotion and because he set the franchise back a half decade with his poor roster management. Once the league knew the Raiders were rebuilding with no high draft picks or money, no respectable coach would have taken the job. RM hired one of the only ppl in the league willing to be a scapegoat. We didn’t lose because Allen was the coach, we lost because we had no talent. Once RM fixed the cap and drafted well, we got a respectable coach. RM hired DA because he had to, bottom line.

        1. Negative. Check the roster. DA had the same roster his first year as Hue and got half the wins

  5. Firing hue was absolutely the right move. Hiring Allen wasn’t the best hire but if you KNOW your going in the tank and everyone knows it who of real credibility is taking the job. Reggie didn’t want to do that to an established coach and if the rookie pulls it off even better. The purge of players was happening regardless and that’s the reality of the hire following hue. Now once he got things in order, we got a staff right quick!

  6. I believe Hue Jackson was overwhelmed with the position he accepted as Head Coach/GM with absolutely no experience at either. However, Hue has an excellent offensive mind demonstrated with what he has done as Offensive Coordinator with the Bengals, his decision to trade for Carson Palmer was motivated by comfort and familiarity as played an integral part in Palmer’s development; however, what he paid for Palmer’s acquisition was profoundly excessive, which was subsequently his undoing. He should have never traded his first and second round picks, had he exercised some degree of patience he could have potentially got Palmer for less money and a third or fourth round pick because Palmer wasn’t even playing, he had retired and refused to play for the Bengals, he should have used these relevant facts as prudent negotiating factors, but when a team knows your inexperience, and you display a lack of patience it becomes much easier to make mistakes and pay more than what a product is worth….Just my opinion!

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