Poll: Who’s The Most Valuable Player On The Raiders Roster?

It’s been a while since the Raiders had anyone to call a franchise player, but the future in Oakland (or wherever they decide to call home) is finally hopeful and the additions of Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, and Amari Cooper are a big reason why.

It’s an impossible question, but it’s a free country and nothing is impossible so I’ll ask anyway.

Who is the most irreplaceable player on the Raiders roster?

Carr threw 32 touchdowns and made the Pro Bowl while Mack recorded 15 sacks and was voted an NFL All-Pro. Cooper arguably had a better rookie season than either of them. So good luck…

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Yes, for some of you that was like choosing a favorite child, but you managed to pick one… even if only to see the results.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Who’s The Most Valuable Player On The Raiders Roster?

  1. It has to be Carr even though Mack is one of the best defensive players in the NFL. Qb position is of vital importance. Look at the Texans. Jj watt dominating games but they lose because they don’t have a competent qb. That’s big in this league and raiders have a franchise qb in Carr.

  2. I don’t get why everyone is preaching about how vital a QB is when you all saw what Denver did this past season. I’ve always said defense wins games

    1. In retrospect to what phenomenal Super Bowl caliber defenses have accomplished such as the Ravens & Broncos, it isn’t sustainable to win that way. Whereas, with an elite QB like NE you are always in the hunt.

  3. In today’s league aerial attacks are more common then ground and pound so you see an increase in what the quarter back has to do this is why I say Carr because now instead of throwing 20-25 times a game in some case that number has almost doubled but I’ll say around 30-35 on average a qb throws the ball if it was run first like in years past I would have chosen Khalil Mack he is a monster that is hard to stop

  4. As much as we all love Mack and Cooper, it is absolutely Derek Carr, of course

  5. The pick is easily Khalil Mack. If Carr gets hurt we can plug in McG and the offense will keep rollin. If Mack gets hurt it affects the whole Defense in the worst way. Btw, the Raiders should draft Ezekiel Elliot if they want the most explosive offense in the West. If he’s gone at 14, which he probably will be, they should trade down for his teammate, FS Vonn Bell

    1. +111 lol not just one +1 haha

      Elliot would be my first choice and I literally told someone today “If not Elliot or Ragland (since we still have no ILB), then trade down and get Bell as well as another 2nd round pick from the trade”

    2. ps … the +111 is only for your draft opinion. While Mack is my favorite player in this leage, Carr is #2 and, in my opinion, more critical to our success.

  6. Mack IF he played QB….but in a QB driven league, it’s gotta be #4 easily.

  7. Raiders need a vertical threat to stretch the field that can attack the ball in the air. An average qb can make that happen !!

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