If Jon Gruden Has Not Been Particularly Convincing In Denying Derek Carr Trade Rumors

With Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper out the door, everyone wants to know if Derek Carr is about to be next. To their credit, members of the media have been relentless in seeking an answer from Jon Gruden on Carr and Gruden’s responses have mostly been the same. He continues to talk like Carr won’t be traded.

But Gruden also said Mack and Cooper wouldn’t be traded, so the head coach has proven himself to not be the most trustworthy source on the matter, even though he’ll be the one making the decision.

Trading away a $125 million quarterback would again rock the Raiders and it would shake up the NFL landscape. For that reason, if Gruden isn’t open to trading Carr, he should surely be much more emphatic in denying the rumors. “I certainly don’t see us trading the quarterback” is hardly a strong position to take considering Gruden is the one and only person whose opinion matters on Carr’s future with the Raiders.

In fact, based on Gruden’s responses so far, trading Carr actually sounds quite possible (maybe even likely). Beyond mixing in a little common sense to Gruden’s comments, there are media whispers that Gruden is listening to offers for Carr. The Athletic’s John Middlekauff was reporting that Gruden was listening to offers on Mack long before anyone was interested in listening and he seems to be saying the same is happening with Carr.

For what it’s worth, with the trade deadline not until October 30, there’s a good chance the uncertainty around Carr goes on for the better part of another week.

Good times.

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  1. Lol are all media losers just stupid? We all know Middlekauf is a very angry very jealous and very bald crybaby, but he’s simply missing the main point. First of all, Jon is lying? Hey losers in the media, ever think maybe Jon is using you fools, like EVERY coach and GM does leading up to the draft? Consider that tactic for a moment Einstein. It has been common forever that sports management use the media for misinformation. Jon is so inept he has three firsts next draft. I for one would NEVER pay Mack elite QB money. Never. Jon got a first for Coop when his value is at best a third. Lastly, if you crybaby’s in the media, (Baldykauf), don’t like being “lied” to, get outta the business.

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