Report: Belief Is Raiders Could Get Two 1st-Round Picks For Derek Carr

If you took Jon Gruden at his word on Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, there was no hint that either could be traded.

Now it’s Derek Carr that everyone is talking about and Gruden hardly slammed the door shut this week on a potential trade involving Carr. If you compare his comments on the Carr rumors to his previous answers on Mack and Cooper, he actually sounds a little less adamant that he won’t trade Carr.

There’s no question that Gruden has inquired on what he can get for Carr in a trade and according to a CBS Sports report on Wednesday, the Raiders could potentially land two more first-round picks from a team in exchange for Carr.

That will be something to keep an eye on for sure.

Several reports have indicated that Carr has been told he won’t be traded, but there might not be a key personnel figure in Oakland that can be trusted right now. Reggie McKenzie is running around talking about all the moves he has made (knowing full well those decisions are coming from the head coach) and Gruden has spread more fake news since August than your least favorite cable news network.

Contrary to what’s coming out of the building, there are more big trades coming for the Raiders in the next five days. Whether or not Carr will be one of those moves is to be determined, but it would probably be foolish at this point to bet against it.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Belief Is Raiders Could Get Two 1st-Round Picks For Derek Carr

  1. That’s the belief? Here’s mine: Men who got into sports media as a “career” did it as a way of revenge. They were always the guys never invited to the high school keg parties. Never dated pretty girls. Of course not in college either. Just jealous dorks hoping to one day weild power, via a word processor. LaCanfora, Mike Silverbergstein, Baldikauf, etc, are all nothing but weak jealous losers. Period.

    1. Sometimes I do wonder if some in the sports media have hidden agendas. Florio is a really good example of bias. How come struggling east coast teams seem to face less scrutiny.
      Yeah I know the Raiders suck right now but the national media coverage is overwhelming. National headlines about did Carr cry or not is a non story yet Florio and others are consumed by it but why.
      I think a lot of it goes back to their hatred for Al.

  2. What am I missing? We won 3 games last year! If Del Rio is still coaching, with Mack ( who people can’t stop talking about, and how the Raiders were wrong to trade him. Again our defense wasn’t any good, and we won 3 games. He held out, an obviously didn’t want to be a Raider period. He has had some awesome games, that have equalled 3 wins and 3 loses so far. Grant it, the bears could be 6 – 0. BUT THEY ARE NOT. Now it’s Cooper. Not saying he sucks, but I’m pretty sure you would pay him top WR money. He has sucked *** the last two seasons. Name a top WR on the league right now, who has had 2 horrendous seasons back to back? With Del Rio. Now with Gruden. He say how the bum *** Patriots built there team. Letting go of Ty Law. They are always stockpiked with picks. The media has slammed gridentify cause out team sucks. All those draft picks, how many released? What team are those guys playing for? Get these bums out and get players who wanna be a Raider in. The media hates the Raiders as much as they can. Get your laughs on now, cause we will laugh last! And you cab have Carr crying ***. **** near leads the league in Shortest completion yards. I know Gruene told him to throw those passes. While punk *** baker Mayfield airing **** out.gtfoh 😐

    1. Well, the first thing that you are missing, is that the Raiders won SIX games last year, and not three. Obviously six isnt exactly great, but its a lot better than three. Furthermore, anyone who doesnt know how many wins the Raiders had last year, and, doesnt even have the sense to check, probably has no business commenting on them, or critiquing them.

    2. Bro your comment made my freaking day From one raider fan to another Happy Holidays!!!! LMAO

  3. Derek Carr may not be able to be Traded as his enormous $125 million dollar contract was drawn up with the inclusion of Nevada State Income Tax Law which indeed was part of the Negotiating Tactics used by the Raiders Front Office at the Time of the Signing… It could legally impact the Value of the Contract he signed in 2017…

    1. Im quite certain you havent actually looked at the specifics of Carrs contract.

      Part of the extension was actually added onto the final year of his rookie contract, in order to lessen the cap impact of the contract going forward. So while his cap hit for this season is 25 million, it drops down to 22.5 next year, and then drops again to 21.5 the year after. With the current market price for qbs exceeding 30 million per, Carrs contract already begins to look like a bargain.

  4. If there is any team willing to give 2 #1 picks for Carr, which I doubt, then the Raiders would be foolish not to trade him. But since I doubt any team would give those 2 #1picks he will still be a Raider by the end of the trading deadline.

  5. I’m a HUGE Derek Carr fan! If given enough time and WR’S WHO CAN CATCH THE BALL he could have put amazing numbers. He’s as tough as ANY QB to have ever played the game, if you actually look at the injuries he’s had and how little time he’s missed due to injury; remember when his pinky went 90 degrees sideways and he came back out to play? He broke his friggin’ back and missed like 1 game. On and on…. However, I’m also starting to think he’s a little too nervous (at least right now) out there, which is why there are so many checkdowns. His o-line is trash right now, so he’s getting hammered from all angles. Also, have his injuries made him less effective in terms of mobility, flexibility, and general physicality?
    I have a feeling the thought process is; if we get 2 first rounders for him, let’s take it. With all of these high picks we’ll draft the best QB available and also rebuild the O-line with studs to protect him.
    What I THINK they’ll do, however, is re-stack the o-line now and let Carr play one more year to see if he’s still the man to lead this team. If not, he gets dumped before the 2020 draft for more picks. If I’m not mistaken, that Tua kid (Alabama QB) comes out in 2020 and I don’t think there’s a stud QB in this coming draft……………But, what do I know? Gruden is a wild card….no idea what he’ll do….

  6. Look, I like Carr and all of the intangibles that he brings to the team as a leader. It’s a rare find in NFL players these days. But as a QB? I said after his rookie year that we were likely seeing something close to his ceiling as an NFL QB. And so far, that’s looking to be the case.

    Why? Because most QBs come out of as great athletes that make things happen against overall lesser talented defenses with a combo skills that are more physical than mental. Once they get to the NFL, where defenses are faster, smarter and much better prepared, they usually run into a steep learning curve. A young QB usually improves over their first few years in the NFL primarily due to them learning just what it takes to study, prepare, and increase their work ethic to meet the high demands of success in the NFL. As they add to their mental game they combine that with their athletic ability to find their peak performance.

    Now Carr was a fairly unique case of a kid that already knew how to prepare and outwork his peers. He learned as a teenager by studying with his older brother. While this lead to great early success, it begs the question of where was he going to find room for improvement? He’s not going to get more athletic, his brain is not going to get any faster, and his technique was solid enough that there wasn’t opportunities to make big strides there.

    No we were seeing him near his best. We also got to see him surrounded by a top OL, above average surrounding cast, and a sieve of a defense that put him into heavy passing situations to rack up stats against defenses in containment modes. Future seasons have shown he does well with these variables, but when you start to take some of that away, he looks pretty average in terms of skills and decision making.

    While he brings a ton of intangibles to the team in terms of leadership and toughness, at the end of the day, he’s not the QB that can throw the team on his back as needed. His skill set is replaceable. If there are two 1sts available, that’s usually enough ammo to trade up to a #1 overall, which could certainly net the best chance to replace him with either a rookie or with a couple other high impact players that can make a lesser QB look better.

    I’d pull the trigger.

  7. How bout a #1, #2, & #3 eh? Sign me up, he stinks right now massively! Haha. Raider Nation out……

  8. If they could get two first rounders (2019 & 2020) that would give them SEVEN first round picks in two years. SUPER BOWL BOUND! Just Win Baby.

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