If Personality Was The Problem, Why Did The Raiders Release Marquette King Instead Of Marshawn Lynch?

Every indication since the Raiders’ decision to release Marquette King last week has been that the move had little, if anything, to do with King’s play on the field.

A number of reports have suggested that King’s departure had more to do with his personality than his play and pay.

If those reports are accurate, what about King’s behavior was so much more eccentric than what went on last year with Marshawn Lynch?

While running backs obviously impact games more than punters, there has been a lot more reported on Lynch’s questionable effect on the locker room in comparison to King.

Nevertheless, the Raiders ran King’s roughly $3 million contract through the shredder and essentially guaranteed Lynch $4.5 million.

Had they decided to part ways with Lynch, the Raiders could have cut him prior to March 18 without owing him a penny. Instead, Gruden and company went all-in on Lynch and backed it up with a huge financial commitment.

Just a guess, but considering the money the Raiders guaranteed to Lynch, there had to have been a conversation between Lynch and Gruden that went very well. Lynch was one of the best running backs in the league over the second half of the year and at a point in the season where others on the team were quitting, ‘Beast Mode’ seemingly raised his level of play – a detail that surely caught the eye of Gruden.

As for King, who knows how his situation played out – but there is a good chance Gruden watched this video a while back and has been seething ever since…

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4 thoughts on “If Personality Was The Problem, Why Did The Raiders Release Marquette King Instead Of Marshawn Lynch?

  1. A top five punter. Behaves like a child. Deserves a scolding and rules to follow. Not fired. Poor choice IMHO. Leadership was so lacking last year it’s no wonder there were so many problems. Leadership leads it doesn’t inflict additional problems on itself. I hope Gruden spoke to King, then made the decision. If not, I’m disappointed.

  2. Lunch is a skill position player who lead the league in yards after week 8. He can still play and paying 1.5 mil more to a guy who touches the ball 15-20 times a game, maybe more, makes more sense than paying 3 mil to a guy you hope you only see touch the ball 3-4 times a game. If King see the field more that 3-4 times a game, it validates that you should have spent the extra 1.5 on Lunch. Del Zero couldn’t control a locker room, and doesn’t have the long term security Gruden enjoys. Lunch knows Gruden can cut him and eat 5 mil total and still be employed the next 10 years. He did cut Larry Brown SB MVP against AD’s wishes and gave zero F’s. Bottom line, regardless of his swag/social media superstardom and talent, there were 2 other punters better than him and we have no idea who they are. Punters can lose a game for you on their own, but they can’t win a game for you on their own. No coaches lie awake at night wondering how to game plan against even the best punter in the history of the game. Nice interview by the way Marquette, always wondered how to burn 2.85 mil by just talking. That was swagilicious and entertaining!!! You are the King, but you ain’t da boss 😂😂😂

  3. Lynch brings toughness, leadership, and while he is a strong personality, he is actually liked by the rest of the team.

    King is one of the better punters, but how many punters lead a team in personal fouls? How many punters talk **** about their new coach before meeting him. I know, from watching King’s very funny twitter and insta posts that he didn’t mean any offense by those comments…but c’mon man. That’s not a good first impression. haha.

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