Jon Gruden Sent A Players A “Message” Cutting Marquette King

As of last week, the Raiders employed one of the best punters in football.

This week, the only punter on the roster is Colby Wadman.

The decision to cut Marquette King came as a surprise to just about everyone and the question many are asking is “why” the powers that be felt the move needed to happen.

According The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, King wasn’t as highly regarded in the Raiders locker room as he is among his social media following.

The decision was also said to be a “message” from Gruden to the team.

If King can be cut, there aren’t many on the roster who can’t.

Since he arrived, Gruden has released two high-profile players in King and Michael Crabtree.

Crabtree was released just weeks after a report indicating he wasn’t going anywhere (what happened?) and King’s release seemed to come out of nowhere.

Could more surprises be on the way? Maybe don’t rule out the idea just yet.

Marshawn Lynch is safe considering his newly guaranteed money, but Jared Cook has long been rumored to be on the chopping block.

With the departure of Clive Walford, Cook’s job seems secure, but with Gruden calling the shots, who’s doubling down on that bet?

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7 thoughts on “Jon Gruden Sent A Players A “Message” Cutting Marquette King

  1. Stupid cock sucking fool..Bill “Fat mtf”Williamson knows nothing..Stop listening to to this fat,sfinky POS..Fucking assholes

    1. It’s true. Guy is probably the worst Raiders reporter out there. He was horrid as the Raiders ESPN reporter.

  2. I hope he’s not shooting himself in the foot with his message if indeed this report has even a smattering of truth . You can only make an example of so many players before you drain your talent pool . Jared Cook is a guy Gruden can definitely use because while he loves blocking tight ends , one of them should be able to actually catch the ball . Cook is a seam splitter which Gruden needs to make his sophisticated passing game go . King was eccentric but was probably coachable if Gruden had bothered to wait and talk with him .Instead , he saves roughly 3 million then uses part of it to sign , of all people , Reggie Nelson ? Chances are Gilchrist will start and has been around long enough to pick up on Gunther’s scheme . King may have been a clown but he could play . Nelson is way beyond his usefulness . Not a great decision by Gruden . They already released Crabtree how many messages do you need to send ? If it’s more than one , you’re probably in trouble anyway .

  3. I think what he’s doing is great. We invested $100 mil and he’s in charge. He’s bringing in players that have respect among there piers because they work hard . Hamster excluded lol. Great character guys that have bought in to the Gruden way. It immediately validates his process from the jump. Players now know to put team above all else. The perfect atmosphere to bring rookies in to. Maybe our picks will start to live up to expectations. ??

  4. Next man up on the block is the next dude to put on a robe, crown, and rock a scepter. You might be King, but you aren’t the boss. Don’t know a job out there that will allow you to clown your boss on a major TV network and still keep on working. You burned $2.85 mil this year and the remainder of your contract. You won’t see another 16 mil contract again in your career. And the “Gruden, Gruden, Gruden … the guy from MNF” line wasn’t even funny. No matter how much money you have saved, burning $2.85 mil this year and probably another $6 mil over the next two years by disrespecting your boss you have never met? Now that is the most entertaining thing you’ve ever done in your career. #cashmeoutside

  5. King clowned a teammate. He should have been cut long ago. Culture matters. Aqub Talib…

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