If the Late Al Davis Were Still Around, is There Any Question Who the Raiders Would Draft at Pick 12?

If the late Al Davis were still running the Raiders draft, it would surely be one of those years where he told the room to shut their mouths and stay out of his way.

Of course you already know why…

But if you haven’t heard, there is a receiver in the 2020 draft that possesses the elite physical ability that Davis once coveted more than any other. Not only can Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III run like the wind, he can catch and run routes a whole lot better than the last Al Davis first-round wide receiver. Furthermore, Ruggs is even faster than the aforementioned Darrius Hayward-Bey. DHB ran a 4.30 forty at the 2009 NFL Combine and Ruggs has already been timed at 4.25 – on a slow run apparently.

“It just so happens I came out with those numbers and I actually was kind of upset after I ran because I didn’t feel like I had a good start but after they told me the numbers, I was like — I feel like I can do better,” Ruggs said in 2018 after his 4.25 run.

For what it’s worth, the fastest run at the 2019 combine was 4.29, so Ruggs has already been clocked faster than anyone at last year’s event.

Ruggs is projected to be drafted somewhere around the Raiders no. 19 pick, but if he posts an absurd 40 time at the combine, look for a team to take him higher in hopes of landing the next Tyreek Hill (but thankfully without all the domestic assaults on his resume). Just take a look at the acceleration and breakaway speed…

B/R Gridiron on Twitter

Henry Ruggs might take the 40-yard dash crown this year… 💨 Unbelievable speed. (via @CBSSports) https://t.co/R9XWZgDJWb

A world class athlete, even on the basketball court apparently. And yes, windmill dunks translate very nicely to the football field.

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Henry Ruggs can do this. Adjust your boards accordingly. https://t.co/tzOwTYhTHz

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  1. If Al Davis were still here Gruden, his ridiculous contract, terrible decisions, n failures would not be here n I for one would be much happier.

  2. We need to bring 4-5 WR into camp. We can’t draft them all but this would be a good start.

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