If the Raiders Want Yannick Ngakoue There’s a Reasonable Trade Offer That Might Make Sense For the Jaguars

It will be tough, but if the Raiders want Yannick Ngakoue there is a way.

One of the biggest hurdles to a deal for Ngakoue is the fact that the Jaguars will get at least a third-round compensatory pick for him if they simply don’t re-sign him after the 2020 season. So in theory, a third-round pick from the Raiders (or anyone else) would roughly match what the Jaguars are going to get for Ngakoue if they keep him one more year.

But if Ngakoue can convince the Jaguars that he isn’t going to report until the middle of the season, a team trying to trade for him might gain a little leverage – especially if that team could offer a player to the Jaguars in the deal.

From the perspective of the Jaguars, getting Ngakoue back in the middle of the season (and paying him half of his roughly $17.8 million salary) would be a rough scenario – especially if the season is already lost by the time he shows up.

So what if the Raiders offer the Jaguars a third-round pick and a player like Gabe Jackson in exchange for Yannick Ngakoue?

The Jaguars would get a pick (a little better than a 3rd-round compensatory pick) and a player they could plug into the starting lineup for 16 games. The Raiders were reportedly trying to trade Jackson a few months ago, so it’s possible they would entertain the idea of trading him now. Jackson’s contract became guaranteed on June 1, but that contract appears to be tradable without the consequence of any dead money. If $9.6 million was freed up, the Raiders would be very close to being able to fit Ngakoue’s franchise tag under the salary cap.

Who knows what kinds of offers the Jaguars have received for Ngakoue, but they are in a tough spot. If they believe Ngakoue isn’t joining the team anytime soon, they may very well take an offer below what they’ve been asking for months – and still get more in return than what the compensatory pick would have been.

For what it’s worth, Ngakoue recently hired a new agent, but there still doesn’t seem to be a change in his approach to negotiating a new deal. And it’s also noteworthy that his new agent made a mockery on Wednesday of Mike Lombardi’s report that a trade for Ngakoue was close.

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Always a good day when a “reporter” leaks a trade that’s not happening as of now and then gets duped by a fake Twitter account of a National reporter backing up his fake trade!! I love this site!!!


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7 thoughts on “If the Raiders Want Yannick Ngakoue There’s a Reasonable Trade Offer That Might Make Sense For the Jaguars

  1. Give them Williams our WR in a swap and a 2nd round pick. Salary dump and each sides gets talent at a position of need.

    1. I agree 100% that trading a WR like Williams and a second round pick would be too much for the Jag’s to turn down.

  2. The Raiders have to face the Western division twice a year. We need a strong front four that will get to the quarterback or at least hold them. So let’s be bold and make the trade. And maybe sign Clowney too. Image the front line that would be.

  3. Makes sense to me Kent. In fact, either scenario makes sense to me or “something” that both teams find equitable. It seems that either way, Jacksonville is going to lose Yannick and the only remaining question is, what will they get in return for him?

  4. Raiders tried this, Jags dont want gabe because he doesnt “fit their system”.

  5. Give them Arden Key and a third rounder or just a second round pick. Don’t give up a high draft pick and your starting Offensive Guard, who is a good player. Keep our quality offensive line in tack to help Carr perform better this year. Ngakoue is easily worth a second round pick. They won’t find one with his talent in the second round of the 2021 draft.
    I’d keep WR Williams for at least one more year. He’s healthy and should perform well as a #2 Wideout, as our other young receivers develop. We still need experience in the WR group.

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