Report: Raiders Continuing to Monitor Yannick Ngakoue Situation With Jaguars

There aren’t many teams still sniffing around the idea of trading for Jaguars DE Yannick Ngakoue, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders have been a team that has remained interested in the Pro Bowl defensive end.

“There are some teams who have been interested [in Ngakoue] over the last couple of months, but from what I can tell many of those teams have not maintained active trade discussions,” Rapoport reported on Friday. “There is one team that has continued to kind of monitor this situation and seems like it would still be open to a trade and that would be the Raiders.”

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From @gmfb: No trade is imminent for the #Jaguars and Yannick Ngakoue, but a few teams (including the #Raiders) have kept an open mind and are monitoring the situation. A deal would be very challenging, but not impossible, to do.


Without question, the Raiders are still looking to boost their pass rush. They have been linked to free agent DE Jadeveon Clowney and seem willing to give up draft capital to get Ngakoue.

Why all the conversation about adding a pass rusher when the Raiders are already stacked with solid pass rushers?

The answer in a word: Mahomes.

The Raiders believe they need one of the best defensive lines in the NFL if they want to slow down the league’s best quarterback.

Rapoport said a trade for Ngakoue will be “very, very complicated” but still could happen.

Considering the Jaguars will likely get a third-round pick for Ngakoue by way of a compensatory pick for Ngakoue if he leaves in free agency, they aren’t currently motivated to take less than that in a trade. Potential trade partners aren’t interested in giving up a high pick for a player that they can’t re-sign until after the 2020 season. So there are a lot of factors involved in this potential trade situation.

The best way for Ngakoue to get out of Jacksonville if that’s what he really wants?

Take a page from Antonio Brown’s playbook and make life so miserable on the Jaguars that they are begging to get him away from the team. Not saying he should do that, but it sure has been a proven tactic in these situations.

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  1. Good point, what does Yannick want ?. Someone should ask him. What is the reason Jags have held on to him for all this time ? I think The Raiders would have signed him months ago,and he would’ve been playing this season and next. It’s just my opinion but I think he would make one hell of a Raider.

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