If Trent Brown Doesn’t Return, the Raiders Seem to Have a Suitable Replacement in Waiting

One of the most impressive position groups on the Raiders roster this year has unquestionably been the offensive line.

Tom Cable’s offensive line has dealt with injuries and illnesses from every starting offensive lineman except Rodney Hudson. The Raiders highest-paid player on the roster this year, Trent Brown, has essentially only played one game and there is a possibility he won’t play again this year. Several players have filled in for Brown at right tackle, but the emergence of 25 year-old Brandon Parker has to be one of the most exciting storylines of the season.

In 59 offensive plays against the Chiefs on Sunday night, Parker didn’t give up a single sack, hit, hurry, or pressure. According to Pro Football Focus, Parker has played 124 snaps at left tackle and 160 at right tackle and only given up fives pressures all year.

There is still a long way to go before the Raiders have to make a long-term decision on Brown, but it is hard to imagine the team isn’t leaning toward dumping his hefty contract after the season in favor of Parker. By cutting Brown, the Raiders would gain $14 million against the salary cap and Parker will be in the final year of his third-round rookie deal that counts just over $1.3 million against the salary cap in 2021.

Who knows what is going on with Brown’s body and his mentals (as a wise sage once said), but given the whispers around him over the last six months, it’s fair to wonder if he might be content collecting the rest of his $21.5 million from the sideline.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted an encouraging message on Brown’s status last week, but there is still reason for a little skepticism given his choice of words. Hopefully this way off, especially considering the serious nature of some of his health issues, but given the way Brown’s season started (and the more recent issue with the team’s medical staff), it’s fair to wonder how Brown plans to approach the last two months of the season.

Thankfully, no matter how the remainder of Brown’s season plays out, the Raiders seem to have found a suitable replacement in Parker.

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15 thoughts on “If Trent Brown Doesn’t Return, the Raiders Seem to Have a Suitable Replacement in Waiting

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I hated Cable for the way he treated Bruce Campbell when he was drafted. But Parker has really come into his own as a starting tackle in this league. As for Brown there is no point in paying a player who is always injured. He had some injuries last year too as I recall. He only played/started in 11 games.

    1. Trent Brown is one of those guys that doesn’t care about his teammates or if he plays again this season. As long as he’s getting paid, he’s content on watching from the sidelines.

  2. Most of us Raider fans would have never thought Parker would be a decent tackle. He has improved greatly in his third year. As for Brown, I don’t think they ever asked him to improve his weight or conditioning because of his status as a beast the few times he was actually healthy enough to play. As of late, the time he has missed isn’t do to injury so he should return, however what kind of football shape will he be in? We have several high paid underperforming players on this team on both sides of the ball that we need to replace.

  3. It’s THIS SIMPLE….get rid of him and good riddance! He has NO heart for the Raiders. Hopefully other teams will see that he is only about the money and he is not given a second chance to take advantage of another team!! Lazy and worthless is all he is!!!! Truth!!! He has NEVER wanted to be a Raider!!!! He’s just BIG….that’s it! Pathetic work ethic! Wash your hands of him and move on! Not worth 50 cents to my team when he only wants to sit on his lazy *** just for a paycheck!!

  4. John gruden is fed up and i don’t blame him and I am too. This guy doesn’t want to play in my opinion. Yes the IV thing and covid isn’t his fault but I doubt that he still would of played much. Dump his ***.

  5. Yes I am with you. The best thing you can do for your team is Be Available!! If you are not available you can’t help. Cut the crap and just go with Parker. He was one of our draft choices anyway. It just took him longer than Kolton Miller to get it. And speaking of getting it, Derek Carr has finally gotten it. Took him longer than it should have to realize that he is the best player on the field. That was the only thing separating him from being his best self.

    1. Not sure I agree with the Carr comment. Carr was playing at an MVP level in 2016, year 3 in the league, under Musgrave. Had us at 12 wins and playoffs. The broken leg, change in OC and fear of getting hurt had a huge effect in his game. He lacked the confidence to play the same way until Gruden, consistency of a HC and offensive system. The confidence and leadership is back like it was in 2016.

  6. I think trent brown is good when he is “PLAYING” But not that good to pay 14.1 to sit on the bench I don’t care how good some-1 is if you don’t play don’t pay dump his a** give parker a shot!!!!!

  7. I think trent brown the raiders should move on 4rm him why pay someone 1.3 to b a bench warmer “heck no” give b.parker a shot

  8. I was never a fan of the Trent Brown signing anyways. If you can get a more reliable option for a fraction of the price, it’s a no-brainer. Maybe they could add a defensive free agent with all the fresh call space…

  9. Brown is making easy money by not playing so it will be interesting to see what his next medical excuse is for not playing again this season. What a waste of money last year & this yr. Hopefully the Raiders get together for next yr about him. He has the same attitude about the Raiders as A Cooper had his last season with the team.

  10. i said this before get rid of brown an littleton too they dont want to play ball all they want is there paycheck

  11. I find it hard to believe that Brown is content just sitting this season out! Players want to be recognized as the best at their position, and Trent Brown was arguably that before he came to the Raiders ! I’m sure he’d like to be out there building on that reputation, but he’s not, and he’ll be judged by the what have you done for me lately credo. I think he’ll be back this season, maybe as soon as the Jets game! He’ll be a boost to the line. Beyond this year we’ll that’s an issue to deal with in March and April!

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