In Missing Kendricks, Raiders At Least Showed They’re In The Market For A Linebacker

The Raiders may not have signed Mychal Kendricks, but in their pursuit of the former Eagles linebacker, they may have offered a glimpse into their mindset at linebacker.

Jon Gruden has more than talked up Derrick Johnson, but by dabbling with Kendricks it seems Gruden isn’t necessarily ready to put all his stock into a 35 year-old linebacker – in this case, one that went unsigned for nearly two months.

Even if Johnson proves to be a capable starter (and that’s a big “if”), Gruden needs depth at linebacker. Last year’s linebacker situation was bad, but injuries made it even worse.

So why haven’t the Raiders brought back NaVorro Bowman?

If seeing Kendricks sign for a max value of $3.5 million doesn’t bring Bowman and the Raiders closer together, then the issue has to be more than just about money.

There have been rumors about Bowman not being a Gruden guy, but those never made much sense. Bowman was respected inside the Raiders locker room and seemed to bring the kind of veteran leadership Gruden is forever determined to find.

Apart from Bowman, the Raiders were also interested in Brian Cushing at one time. The fact that he was their other option shows just how lousy the free agent market is right now at middle linebacker – yet somehow all is still quiet on Bowman.

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4 thoughts on “In Missing Kendricks, Raiders At Least Showed They’re In The Market For A Linebacker

  1. If it’s not the money then why hasn’t he signed with another team yet? Saying “he’s not Gruden guy“ wouldn’t explain why he is still on the market.

  2. The Patriots’ blue print has always included great depth at linebacker. Gruden’s championship team with the Buccaneers also featured great linebacker play. If we want to legitimately compete for the division title, the defense needs to improve dramatically and resigning Bowman would be the most logical step at this moment. Resign and start Bowman and allow old-Johnson to play on obvious passing downs. Makes perfect sense!

  3. In my belief, Bowman does deserve at least a 3yr deal at a base of 4.5 million with incentives that can take it to the 6-7 million range. He’s 30, he was still recovering from the major two injuries and typically year two after the Achilles injury is where you’d see the bounce back. Which would be this upcoming season. And since we clearly can’t or want to actually draft a transformational Linebacker in the 1st round or any other round for that matter. Three years seems fitting for the organization to buy some time. I have a feeling he(Bowman) was only offered a 1-2 yr deal.

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