In Two Head-To-Head Matchups This Year, Derek Carr Has Outperformed Patrick Mahomes

Derek Carr didn’t appreciate the disrespect he was getting over the past few years and he hasn’t been shy about saying it.

It’s been four years since Carr was last in the MVP conversation, but through 10 games in 2020 he is actually outperforming the 2016 version of himself. Carr’s 108.7 rating this year is well ahead of his 96.7 rating in 2016 and there is an argument to be made that he had more receiver talent around him in 2016 (though Darren Waller is definitely a luxury at TE that he didn’t have in 2016).

Maybe just as importantly as his overall numbers, though, is the way Carr has played against Patrick Mahomes this year.

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Derek Carr vs Patrick Mahomes:(Head to head in 2020)Carr Mahomes72.6 Comp% 63.6622 Pass yds 6886-2 TD-INT 4-2123.2 Pass Rating 93.4

Take away the drops and Carr would have posted the best game of his career against the Chiefs on Sunday. Mahomes has been his usual self this year, but the quarterback gap in the AFC West hasn’t been what most expected it to be. In fact, in terms of head-to-head matchups, it has been Mahomes looking up at Carr.

Now if all goes as planned, Carr and Mahomes can settle their 1-1 records against each other this year in the playoffs.

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10 thoughts on “In Two Head-To-Head Matchups This Year, Derek Carr Has Outperformed Patrick Mahomes

  1. I have been arguing with so many haters for since 2016 that Carr was/is a great QB. All he needed was a bit of consistency with coaches and offensive schemes and some decent talent around him and he could show his skills in terms of wins! That day has come, good OLine, great running back, great TE and decent receivers this year. Even when Carr didn’t have consistency in coaches, offensive scheme or a good offensive supporting cast, he still always played well individually even though the rest of the team didn’t! Any of you haters still want to insist that the Raiders need to replace Carr or want to say he is not a top tier QB?

  2. Alright I’m going to say it…Patrick Mahomes is over rated! I understand he’s great and all that, you can’t argue with his numbers; but is anyone else (Die hard Raider or not), just sick of people talking about him? How many sports writers in KC are talking about the fact that Carr had out played their boy? And let’s talk supporting cast shall we? Gruden and Mayock have put some solid players around Carr this year and look at his stats. I know for a fact that Mahomes has had the luxury of Kelce and Hill since day one. We could and probably should be 2-0 against the ‘world champions’. Well, call me ridiculous, call me a bleeder of silver and black, or even call me a hater… but I’m not sold on KC or Mahomes! I’ll take Vegas and Carr any day! Raider Nation, baby!

  3. Exactly!! Thank you for pointing that out. All Carr ever needed was a decent team and receivers that will catch the ball. If Agholar and Ingold make those catches Carr goes for 28-31 for over 340 yards, and most importantly the Raiders win and sweep the Chiefs!!! Btw, Gruden should send a jugs machine to Agholar. We can’t have those drops making us lose game we should win!

  4. As Mark Twain once said: “Nothing tells a better lie than a statistic.”
    Derek Carr’s career play has risen and fallen with the talent around him, which was always lacking at skill positions until now. It’s no surprise. He’s capable, competitive, and more experienced now, and is taking advantage of the speed and hands around him. But Mahomes led his team down field time and time again—racking up 36 first downs Sunday night. Granted, the defense had covid-related impediments all week and is suspect, but 36? That’s THIRTY SIX!!! That part of the comparison was left out of the article.

    1. The things that were also left out of the equation is the loss of three starters on D. If only CF was able to play Mahomes doesn’t get all those first downs, not only that but three of those end around rushing TD’s may not score. Let’s say that two of those rushing TD’s are FG’s instead, that’s a difference of 8 points. Instead of the Raiders up by three on the Chiefs final drive, they’re down by eleven and the game is over. Raiders win, and that’s the way it should have panned out. The Raider’s D is very young, and they will get better. The Chiefs are an outstanding team, and they’ll still be an outstanding team when we beat them in the playoffs, they’ll just be done.

  5. Carrying kicked mahomes *** We would have beat the chiefs twice if Raiders receivers hadn’t dropped CRITICAL passes Mahomes is great Carr is better.PERIOD

  6. Carr out played the best QB in the nfl We would have beat the chiefs twice if Raiders receivers hadn’t dropped CRITICAL passes Mahomes is great Carr is better.PERIOD

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