Ingold: It’s Tough To See Media Outlets “Disrespecting Our Guy”

Alec Ingold isn’t enjoying the quarterback rumors around the Raiders.

In a conversation on Tuesday with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore, the Raiders Pro Bowl fullback detailed why he doesn’t want to see Derek Carr on a different team next year.

“Derek leads by example and vocally he has those moments where when he’s talking, everyone is listening,” Ingold told Bonsignore on his In The Huddle radio show. “I haven’t been around the league very long. I haven’t been a Raider for more than a couple years now, but at the same time you do realize that some guys are doing things the right way.”

“He’s the first one in the building every single day,” Ingold continued. “He works his tail off. I get to speak from personal benefit. There is something that I get to see every single day. I get to see how he comes to work. I get to see how he leads in the huddle. I get to see all of those things… it’s tough for me to keep seeing other media outlets and everyone disrespecting our guy. He’s there with us and he’s leading the way and that’s a guy that you go to bat for… I’m trying to get there at 5:30 and he’s there at 5:15. I’m like ‘man, I thought I would get him this time.’ Nope. He’s there already. He’s watching his fourth game of film already. I’ve always taken pride in working hard and showing up early and it didn’t seem to matter how early I would show up, he’d be there first.”

Safe to say, Ingold isn’t interested in the Raiders making any changes at quarterback, even if those changes might bring Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson to Las Vegas.

Ironically, Raiders radio voice Brent Musberger shared similar sentiments yesterday on the Rich Eisen Show. Musberger said the Raiders need to focus on building a defense in the offseason and added that he was “disappointed” in the way local media covered Carr this season.

Luckily for those media he was referring to, they will almost certainly get more years with Carr to try to get their coverage up to standards.

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7 thoughts on “Ingold: It’s Tough To See Media Outlets “Disrespecting Our Guy”

  1. Glad team mats are speaking up for D.C he not our problem it’s the defense that needs to get fix..

  2. Been a Derek Carr fan since Fresno State, saw the talent and was really glad to see the RAIDERS draft who I thought was one of the best QB’s in the college ranks and he proved it his rookie year as a RAIDER. He’s has faced all kinds of adversity and has improved every season. If your a RAIDER fan and can’t see that, that’s really a shame,your missing ones of the best QB’S the RAIDERS might ever have. GO RAIDERS!

  3. If you win, you don’t get disrespected. Ingold needs to talk with their defense. Once DC is seen at winning on a consistent level all this talk will go away. No disrespect here, this is just fact

    1. Not a single QB in Carr’s situation has ever consistently won that I can think of. The Raiders have constantly changed out players, coaches and playbooks and has had a bottom 5 defense **** near the entire time Carr has been there. The media and other morons have decided to place all that blame on Carr. That is absolutely disrespectful…This is the first year they have finally started to aim that blame elsewhere. On the defense where it should be. All these QB’s who win consistently have all had the same coach, playbook, mostly the same players and a solid defense at the worst. You literally can’t say that in Carr’s case. People need to get educated and realize what the real issue here is and why the Raiders have a hard time winning games. It definitely isn’t Carr

      1. True but Carr doesn’t help himself when he makes questionable plays like throwing the ball away instead of trying to make a play on a 4th down, not running for a first down when the opportunity is available, or throwing a check down 2 seconds after he get the ball in his hand instead of waiting a second more for the deeper route. I’ve been a Raider fan since 1968 and saw great time, good times and the bad. I’ve seen great QB play. He is a good QB but not great. Even if we had a top 10 defense I don’t see Carr taking us to a super bowl win. You gotta have it. He doesn’t have it. Just my opinion

  4. Every year the keyboard geniuses start rumors about Carr, then repeat each other’s rumors like a bunch of old busy bodies. And every year they’re wrong.

  5. It’s a team sport. You cannot put all wins/losses on the QB. I know that is a thing around the NFL, because it’s the “key” position for the offense, but if you actually watch these games, yes there are some games I would say Carr lost us the game with a turnover or bad decision, but MOST of them Carr gave us the lead in the 4th qtr and defense couldnt get a stop, gave up big play, or worse when they made a big penalty like a face mask that gave miami yardage to go down and score and win in final seconds…

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