Brent Musberger Says He Is “A Little Disappointed” In Coverage Of Derek Carr By Las Vegas Press

Raiders play-by-play voice Brent Musberger is tired of the trade rumors around Derek Carr. Musberger doesn’t think a trade is going to happen and he doesn’t believe there is much of a gap between Carr and the top quarterback the Raiders have been linked to: Deshaun Watson.

“I have to tell you that I’m a little disappointed by the continuing chatter about the Raiders,” Musberger said on the Rich Eisen Show.

“You know Deshaun Watson’s name of course came up and it’s possible he’ll be moving on from Houston. Derek Carr’s offense was more productive than Deshaun Watson’s.  Now I’m, not saying that Derek Carr is a better prospect… but people need to look at what Derek accomplished last year with the eight wins. The problem that they lost eight games was never on Derek Carr. It was completely on the Raider defense.”

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Derek Carr has been the subject of trade rumors for a while now, so we asked #RaiderNation voice if it’ll be him or someone else starting at QB when the 2021 #NFL season opens this fall?

Musberger also doesn’t like the way local media in Las Vegas has been covering Carr.

“Derek Carr was a playoff quarterback last year and if they wish to make a move it would be in the backup spot. It doesn’t make any sense at all for the Raiders to spend a lot of what is going to be a reduce salary cap on a new quarterback. And I’m a little disappointed in the local press in Las Vegas in not really supporting him and what he was able to accomplish last year with this team. The problem with the Raiders is on the defensive side of the ball.”

Next question… and one that Musberger didn’t have the opportunity to answer… is will the Raiders extend Carr’s contract in the offseason?

When, or if, that happens the trade rumors around Carr will come to a halt like Amari Cooper on a deep post.

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20 thoughts on “Brent Musberger Says He Is “A Little Disappointed” In Coverage Of Derek Carr By Las Vegas Press

  1. In my opinion, all of the blather surrounding Derek Carr has been invented and recycled ad infinitum by a few sports pundits. They never get tired of being wrong. Gruden has never been on record saying they don’t plan on keeping Carr under center. There are a few “fans” that have fantasies about replacing Carr and suddenly the defense plays a lot better. If it wasn’t so simple minded it would be funny.

    1. The Raiders should not trade Carr. They should not trade Mariota unless they can get a 2nd round pick & a player. Mariota can play. You need a reliable backup. He is under contract. Keep him and resign him next year.

    2. He’s also never gone on record and said cut this crap out, DC is our QB and we are not looking to replace him. Gruden can shut all these rumors down with a very strong statement of support. Anytime the leadership doesn’t emphatically rumors down, they’re likely true.

    3. Jon gruden always worrying about getting more people on offense than defense jon Gruden and the defense is the problem get rid of gruden and work on the defense

  2. If Derek met a fortune teller that told him that if he stays with the RAIDERS he would win at least one championship. But if he went to another team he would win at least two championships. I can almost guarantee you he would stick with the RAIDERS. That’s how much he loves our team and we should be **** grateful we have him. Compared to QBs that are loved by their fans but are currently demanding trades from those cities. Those aren’t the kind of guys I would want to buy a Jersey of

  3. Same talk every year no matter how good Derek Carr plays. Call them pundits and/or call them haters. Musberger is 100% right with his take on the situation.

  4. Today’s sports writers are nothing about integrity and all about click bait articles! They’ll say and do anything to get you to click on thier stories and for whatever reason the Las Vegas media has decided that Carr will be their whipping boy! It’s hack journalism and the only way to combat it is not take the bait! Don’t click on it, don’t repost it and above all else don’t believe it! 3 years now they’ve had Carr out the door first in Oakland now in Vegas, how do these guys/gals still have jobs? If I went to my job and was wrong almost every single time I’d be on the unemployment line, not allowed to continue being wrong! The Carr contract extension when it comes will be yet another thing they get wrong about Derek Carr! Carr2021 and beyond!

  5. Let’s also remember Al Davis’ policy of neither confirming or denying transaction reports by the media. Since the Raiders won’t refute, and it’s the down season, the media every year can make up anything they want with the Raiders involved.

  6. Leave care alone get him a new o line addition and a receiver and edge rusher,linebacker ,corner,and cornerback. Fix up the defense.

  7. Yes Brent, we know you think Carr is an Angel, if your so tired go take a nap
    We also know the reason Mariota was not played more cause he would be paid more, as per his incentive laden contract, however, Mariota is better than Watson and Carr

  8. I agree with Roger’s comment, that the media stirs up all these trade rumors. How can you go from the Colts trying to get Carr and the Raiders response is Carr isn’t on the trade table, to trade rumors of Watson and Wilson? The only thing I heard Gruden say is that Carr is like an extra coach on the field. To me that’s a positive thing. This will be his 4th year with a system that he knows apparently just as well as Gruden. So why bring in someone else that would cost a lot more and that will be less fluent in the system? It really doesn’t make sense. Carr isn’t the problem, defense was the problem. If not for the defense the Raiders would have swept the chiefs. Carr one the first one convincingly and put them ahead in the second with little over a minute to play but the defense couldn’t hold. Ask yourself this question, how many times did Watson beat Mahomes?

  9. Carr Is the Alex smith of the NFL !! He Can’t handle pressure !! Especially on Third Down’s ? At least marriottas can read a Def 👌🎭

  10. Let Sam Pittman bring his staff to Las Vegas and watch Derek and the Raiders go 18 and 0. Yea Buddy Jon. Lol

  11. Derek and Da Raiders,,,, sounds like my next long edged razor sharp JAZZ band

  12. All the negativr chatter bout Carr is coming from fake wannabe Raider fans & haters . Name one qb that was better last year than Carr ? Mahomes by a little ? Maybe – You cant bring in another qb and think they can operate Grudens system right away . Derek Carr is a STUD and you will realize it if we get the defense to hold their own !

  13. All the news reporter’s report what the producer’s tell them to say and keep stiring up ****. For all people who believe the news, I’ll wait until I hear it from the horse’s mouth

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