Insider: “A Lot of People” Think Mark Davis Would Love to Bring Jon Gruden Back to the Raiders

Mark Davis hasn’t said much since he fired Josh McDaniels, but he did say that he doesn’t have anyone specifically in mind to be the Raiders’ next head coach.

Not everyone is buying that notion, though, and some think that the Raiders owner might have Jon Gruden on the mind again.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast, Gruden has the NFL backpedaling with his lawsuit against the league, and it could ultimately lead to his return as a head coach…

“I am going to tell you there are a lot of people who feel that Mark Davis, more than [Tom] Brady and Jim Gray, the person he trusts the most is Jon Gruden and would love to bring him back. I am hearing from multiple people around the league that if Jon were willing to drop his lawsuit, they believe the NFL would give a passive nod to go back and re-hire him… everyone keeps talking about Jon Gruden.”

If he chooses not to return to the NFL, some think Gruden could have an opportunity with his lawsuit to bring down some of the most powerful figures in the league, including the commissioner.

More from Hondo…

“A lot of people believe that Jon Gruden’s lawsuit is going to take Roger Goodell out and it’s going to embarrass a lot of people… now that Nevada courts continue to support [Gruden’s lawsuit] and now it’s coming up on potential discovery, and if you know anything about the legal system, in discovery, Jon’s going to be able to ask any question he wants. It doesn’t even have to be about him. He can say ‘I want to talk to this owner, I want to talk to that owner, I’d like to talk to Roger Goodell, or whomever,’ and Jon Gruden knows where every body is buried in the NFL.”

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27 thoughts on “Insider: “A Lot of People” Think Mark Davis Would Love to Bring Jon Gruden Back to the Raiders

    1. Marc never wanted to get rid of Gruden. Gruden was building a nuculus team. From the draft. The DC’s we had was trash. Bradley did Ok. If he had 2 yrs. Would have been better. Hurts on another team playing well. Ruggs might not had been doing what he did. Yet. Gruden is Marc ‘s guy. Yes the league owners do not want the world how racist women bashing they were in 2011 they are?

    2. Nah we don’t need the cheating BS hanging over our heads.

      We also don’t need the racism/sexism/homophobia BS hanging over our heads by bringing Gruden back.

      Neither is a great hire…

  1. How about requesting that (J.Gruden) return any and all monies he has received for not
    coaching the Raiders since his release? How about telling him to coach with a burglars mask
    on. He is rich man for not coaching the Raiders. Can you sportswriters give it a rest? Who
    Mark Davis hires should not be someone who has stolen millions from him.

    1. He stole nothing. He was fired. That was not his decision to leave. His team was ready to take off, as evidenced by the fact that the team made the playoffs the season he was fired. If he had stayed, the Raiders fortunes would most likely have continued to improve and would be much closer to a Super Bowl than they are now.

    2. How about Mcidiot return the money for the next four years for the job that he didn’t do . Anyone that hires that moron is also a Idiot .

    3. Hey you need to get your story checked for facts not bs bud, if I was gruden I throw you in the pot to and see what skeletons you have in your closet ,go cheer for another team, go raiders and chucky, keep your raider hater trash to yourself Back up you talk about gruden stealin the dough show us your proof right big talk no action pronly a kc fan 😉

  2. What kinda smoke is Hondo smoking this week? According to him McDaniels wasn’t going to be fired the same week he was fired. He knows nothing about the Raiders unless he is told directly by Mark Davis and we know that isn’t happening. Hondo, shut up!

    1. Could not agree more with you. Every article lately is conjecture and ‘I hear’ and ‘I know’ but it’s all click bait. Just stop already. Report facts, not your opinion….

    2. Such trashing of hondo is garbage he does a great job, keep up the good work, lots of people like what you do and you do it well

  3. Mark Davis is a complete moron if he brings back Gruden. What are his accomplishments?he is not good at talent evaluation, and makes poor draft selections. Al Davis built the teams that Jon coached and won with, and when he was traded to Tampa the talent as already built. The only way Gruden can work win is I if he has a GM that makes all draft and free agent choices. He is a good coach with talent period. This team needs Harbaugh and a GM from the ranks of Baltimore, SF, or the eagles. No more of this crap and no names. These teams are constantly consistent with talent that can play on all levels

    1. He was head and shoulders better than Mcidiot. The teams that Mcidiot screwed up would’ve been the best teams Gruden would ever have since he came back to the Raiders !!

    2. You want a guy that picked his nose on national TV looked at the booger on his finger and then ingested it in his mouth nice second choice you pick wood b? Maybe you need to admit chuckys the man and you need a new team bye 👋

    3. Dude his team was in the playoffs the year he was forced out. If he had DA instead of DUI Ruggs…

  4. Oh God NO!!! If a person makes the same mistake twice, it’s NOT a mistake. The old folks used to say; Don’t let the same dog bite you twice. How many times do you have to get bit by the same dog before you realize that you need to avoid that dog?

  5. Gruden may be someone Marky trusts, but Gruden proved he was not up to speed when he was the coach, The team did not perform, did not score, did not win like Raiders. Gruden was still coaching from 10 years earlier, and now he will be at least 15 years behind. No No No to Gruden. just my opinion.

  6. John Gruden would have made the playoffs with last years team and this years team !!! Slugo spider 2 banana, Just Win Baby !!!

  7. Traded Amari Cooper, drafted Clelin Ferrel, Jonathan Abram, Henry Ruggs, Damon Arnette, Alex Leatherwood. Passed on Derwin James, Josh Allen (Defensive Player), CeeDee Lamb, this guy would probably trade to get Carr back and give him $250 million 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  8. Agreed. Gruden does not know how to evaluate talent, he only knows how to coach talent.

  9. Let’s hope that ship has sailed! Gruden was too far out of coaching when Dummy Mark gave him that ridiculous $100M 10yr GUARANTEED contract that only seemed to inflate his ego. Someone needs to save Mark from himself. He, alone, isn’t capable of making the right call on the next HC and GM hires. That we know, after 12+ years of futility.

  10. Bring gruden back to coach he may be old school but he knows when to call the right plays. TheDraft though Grudens has no business being a part of, make A. Pierce your defensive coordinator find a smart gm with a successful background with great reputation and they are set, Besides not knowing if they have a franchise qb or not. That’s what I would like to see happen. What do my silver and black brothers think?

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