Tom Brady Still Expected to Join the Raiders as a Minority Owner

Tom Brady’s initial effort to join the Raiders as a minority owner was vetoed by the NFL, but it sounds like it’s only a matter of time before Brady and Mark Davis figure out a way to make it happen.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, Brady is still expected to join the Raiders’ ownership group. The question is more about when it’s going to happen…

“While the NFL shot down Brady’s earlier attempt to buy into the Las Vegas Raiders, multiple team and league sources confirm that ‘It isn’t dead,’ and ‘It is not a matter of if Brady becomes a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, but when.’”

The reason the league refused Brady’s first attempt to buy into the Raiders was on account of the bargain price that Davis was giving him.

According to the Boston Globe, Brady was getting as much as a 10 percent stake in the team for $175 million in the initial proposal.

Certainly, $175 million is a lot of money, but not for 10 percent ownership in a $6.2 billion franchise. You can do the math at home and figure what the price should be for 10 percent of a franchise at that valuation.

Looking ahead to the more immediate future of the Raiders as an organization, it will be interesting to see how much input Brady gets into the team’s next head coach.

An owner willing to gift a huge portion of the franchise to Brady would presumably be inclined to lean on him heavily for football decisions, too… wouldn’t you think?

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5 thoughts on “Tom Brady Still Expected to Join the Raiders as a Minority Owner

  1. I hope that this happens and the sooner the better coming from a Las Vegas resident. Although Tom may be coming for a discount, how can one really measure his value to the future of the team and the city? After all, he is the GOAT of all NFL quarterbacks, the most important position of a team. Our current qb seems to have a great arm and touch, and only needs to gain the knowledge of the pro game. Who better than Tom? What is it worth to have Tom hanging around giving guidance to our quarterback, the offensive coach, and even the coach and general manager? Credit Davis who wants to produce the best sports product for Las Vegas. After all, isn’t this what the NFL and owners want for the game?

  2. Hopefully it continues to be NON owner Brady as no REAL Raider fan wants him anywhere near the franchise. Let’s think about the HUGE FAILURE that was McDaniels & Zeigler. Who do you think said hire them? Who wink/wink nudge/nudge said they were going to Vegas after TB? He’s going to be on Flipping Fox calling games, so when exactly would he be helping the Raiders? The only thing that he has done is helped take a playoff team to Top 10 picks (more than likely) for 2 consecutive years. Exactly how is this a positive?

  3. Tom Brady is the best of the best. He deserves to be an NFL minority owner. Very knowledgeable with the sport. Tom will be very successful as a owner. I have been a Tom Brady fan since the first day I saw him out in the field playing Quarterback for the New England Patriots.

  4. Ok the problem is the owner he is nothing but a degenerate gambler he spends more time in a casino then he does in his office .when al davis died and past the team to his son it was over .al was old school and the likes of tim brown jerry rice marcus allen they all possesed passion for the game .its one thing for people to say hey im a raider fan but when u ask a person to name at least 5 players on the team they cant even name 2 ..its a shame players played with passion not the money .passion its gone its died and its all about money and if they dont get the big contract they ready to leave .and josh jacobs plays with passion and he can only do so much but if u have a front line that cant block for him its over im surprised he lasted this long with the front line we have he hasent gotten our other backs we had .we need to keep the coach we have now he has passion andthe players belive in him and if we fix the problems we have now like 4th and a long 1 u seriously gonnna run it with the whole defence line in the front .cmon or go for the field goal when were up 14 to zero and were on the 2 yard line and u deciede and kick a field goal that we missed …bad play calling bad clock managment. And get rid of alll bad apples that let the player past right by u cuz u didnt want to get ur jersey dirty ..our defence is top ive never seen our defence this good we just need to stick with our qb and fix aroumd him he showa signs that he can be a really good qb but what can u do if u only give him a 1.2 seconds to throw the dam recivers havent even ran a full route and hes already pressured cmon i think he can fisnished this season with our heads up high..and look past the dam mistakes like hireing garbage mcdaniels who in turn got rid of our franshice qb carr ..still cant get over that one .and and hired a washed up qb that we all knew he was injury prone like hes coming off a season ending injury and u give him 66 million to come in and play and not make a first for 3 and a half quarters like what the hell its embarraing to a raider fan to even do what they did to carr and to hire smucks like jesus christ .and davis stay away from gambling .loook whats it costeded u .its embarrising to give money 66 million to the busted qb and to the busted no good for nothing scam artist coach what was it 40 or 50 million ..and they aint even playing …how much could u have saved and helpt ur team out by having the passion your fathee had i said ask mark if he knows that hello do u know whsts going on

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