Insider: Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Might Decide on Extending Derek Carr Ahead of GM/HC Search

Raiders’ owner Mark Davis has a lot of big decisions coming. In a matter of months, the organization lost a team president, a head coach, and a top wide receiver. The Raiders have a general manager and starting quarterback somewhat in limbo, as well.

For Davis, the first order of business will be to determine which decision needs to be made first. Typically, the hiring process starts at the top and works it’s way down, but that might not be the way the Raiders handle things this time around.

According to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, Davis may decide on Derek Carr’s contract before deciding on a general manager.

“While many people assume Davis decides on Mayock first, I wonder if he decides on extending Carr even before that,” Tafur wrote on Thursday in The Athletic.

In theory, Davis could decide not to extend Carr before deciding on everything else, but that would be an odd decision to make before interviewing potential GM and HC candidates…

“Hello. Thanks for you’re interest in the job. Just so you are aware, I’ve already decided that if you take the job, you won’t have the option of coaching the top-10 quarterback currently on our roster.”

That’s not the message that most, if any, potential hires will want to hear.

So it’s probably safe to assume that Tafur’s statement is pointing to the idea that Davis is considering the idea of extending Carr and letting the remaining chips fall from there.

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63 thoughts on “Insider: Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Might Decide on Extending Derek Carr Ahead of GM/HC Search

  1. If Mark Davis is smart he extends Derek Carr before the end of season, lessons his upcoming stress’s that he will be faced with! I don’t believe that there would be any complaints by any future potential hire at the Head Coaching position about having a proven QB on his roster! I also wouldn’t get rid of Mike Mayock at this point in time either. Give him another year without Gruden to see how the 2022 draft class performs. This team is good now even though it’s been dealt more than its fair share of blows that have kept them from being great in the eyes of the beholders.

  2. Yeah he better do something quick because after this year he won’t own the team the NFL is going to force him out for hiring racist murderers gangsters and thugs get rid of this guy he is in the obvious problem to the

    1. What kind of bitch *** statement is that??? Get back to rubbing your moms ankles you stupid mother ******.

    1. He definitely IS A WINNER. He’s got the most come from behind wins since he’s been in the league to prove it.

  3. Don’t do it Carr Is Not The Answer For The Raiders!!!
    Russell Wilson = SUPERBOWL 🏆🏆🏆!!!

    1. When’s the last time Wilson was at that level? He also have the number one defense to. Russel Wilson is playing like crap this year. He’s usually great but he’s great in that system. It wouldn’t be the same with the raiders. The HC coach won’t change it for him. He’s not Tom Brady. Wilson is past his prime. Rogers would be ok but who knows.

  4. I’ve been a loyal Raider fan since 1968.
    Derek Carr will never, ever lead them to anything but disappointment.
    Let’s use the Thanksgiving game as a recent example.
    Huge, gaudy statistics.
    1 TD pass.
    I think they kicked 5 field goals.
    For every missed TD vs a made fg you’re minus 4 points.
    They had to go into ot to win by 3 on a fg.
    If Carr had guided them to tds on those drives Raiders win 53-33, no ot.
    Like many qbs he historically pads his stats and especially completion % during blow outs and games with no chance of winning late.
    There are things elite, winning qbs naturally do.
    Read defenses, not checking down and dumping off to closest receiver, making sure on 3rd down to throw past first down marker and not put most of the pressure on the receiver.
    Work in the pocket on a swivel.
    Forward, side to side, backwards.
    Zero pocket awareness.
    Rarely seems to fight off the blitz- just goes down.
    He has the ability to scramble and run but rarely does.
    Since his leg and back injuries I see a cowardly qb.
    Overthrows, underthrows way too often.
    Mariota should get a legit shot.
    I predict they end up 8-9 with no playoffs again.
    Please don’t extend or resign him.
    Trade him while he still has value.

    1. Man, as much as I want Carr to succeed. You couldn’t have said it any better man. Spot on take!!!

    2. Carr will get 5 years 220 million. Looks like you better find another team. In other words GTFO!! 😂😂

    3. Trade Carr for who? There’s no one out there available. The Elite QB’s won’t be traded. So stop it! Just have to wait for an elite to come out of college.

    4. This was spot on this is what I’ve been screaming for a few years time to move on from him he’s never going to get any better then this.

    5. It’s time for you to find a new team to give you your daily dose of disappointment. We who believe in the Raiders believe in DC. There are enough other quarter backs that you can dump on in the NFL. He is currently 5th in the quarter back ratings and we Raider fans believe that it’s only a matter of time before he gets us that Ellusive Trophy.
      I’m old but I believe that Carr will deliver as promised. He’s a God fearing man who believes that he can do it. Currently listed as the number 5 quarter back in the NFL, there are few others that have passed for over 30,000 yards.
      My advice, find a new team that you can trash, we don’t need you nor do we want to listen to you!!

    6. Yo good words that Carr isn’t the answer and he DOES just pads his stats. That’s the ONLY way he’ll get into HOF. Start Mariota and taste the winning time again. Aloha

      1. From an articles by a Sports Journalist that KNOWS the sport…here on this page…

        “It’s the ultimate hypothetical talking point that Carr would leave the Raiders and win a Super Bowl, but it’s probably a safe assumption that if Carr leaves, he will go to a playoff-caliber team. There are a handful of rosters around the league that are a quarterback away from competing for a championship. Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and the Packers (if they lose Aaron Rodgers, but not Davante Adams) are a few teams that come to mind.
        So it’s possible that Carr’s next team (if he is traded) will have more success than the Raiders. ”

        Give him a TEAM and he would most likely win! Just sit on that for a minute.

    7. Been a Raider fan since 73 and facts are facts, if you choose to face them. Carr has been as stellar as you can ask while carrying a team through 2 rebuilding periods, while upper management is failing to put together even a Playoff much less Superbowl Package. A QB does NOT win games ALONE. Carr has proven time and time again, that IF the team performs he will deliver. Take last KC game as an example. Everyone wants to dump Carr but look at the replays if you missed or ignore the actual game. 4 passes that the receivers got IN THE HANDS and either fumbled afterwards or literally batted the ball to the defense for a pick! And Carr got blindsided on his fumble. OLine has ONE JOB… and tey gave up 4 sacks and gave the runners NO ROOM…
      Meanwhile on D, they gave up 5 TDs in the first half! And you cant say they werent rested. The Off turnovers were late in the drives! But ALL of those mistakes you can chalk up half and half between the players and the coaches.

      Carr threw 73% accuracy and got 250yrds and a TD, and gave the other TD to JJ in a run play.

      you all better stop and think what would happen if we let Carr go. We play LOTTERY again and have to rebuild an entire offensive system and retrain the entire team, trade for the right pieces AGAIN to build around whatever style QB we pick up next and then ONLY if we win the Lotto and get one at least as good as Carr.

      Raiders (for those who forgot) were 12 years consecutively a non-winning season before Carr and Mack helped turn that around in 2 years. If Carr hadnt broken his leg on the cheap late shot, we would have picked up rings a few years into the rebuild.

      This were the main ones on the team that was ready to bring a ring home…

      QB Derek Carr
      WR Amari Cooper
      C Rodney Hudson
      LB Khalil Mack
      FS Reggie Nelson
      G/T Kelechi Osemele
      T Donald Penn
      WINNING COSTS so DAVIS needs to dig deep if he wants to win again.
      Give Carr THAT type of team again, and we will go to the big game! You know (I hope) Davis will be investing in 2024 now so lets hope he doesnt JUST re-sign and keep CARR but ALSO : JJ RENFROE ABRAMS DRAKE EDWARDS DIABLO NGUKE WALLER CROSBY NGAKAUE HOBBS PERRYMAN and JEFFERSON

  5. Mr. Davis just sign the checks please do not try to make personnel decisions. Leave that to your GM and Head coach or we will never improve.

  6. Carr puts up numbers but is not a winner, I don’t care about stats, ” Just Win Baby ”
    It’s unfortunate, but it’s time to move on from Carr. Trade for Defense and Draft picks. Raiders need a new start. Carr isn’t going to get it done. Can’t proform under pressure to win consistently. Raiders forever !


      1. He has had 8 years that’s not long enough for you ? In his 8 years he has done nothing but fall apart in the second half of the year but hey let’s give him another 8 years so we can always be in the hunt and miss the post season.

        1. ? What? he leads the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks? What world have you been watching games in?

  8. It’s time to start Marcus Mariota when car starts looking bad not waiting until the game is over the time is now don’t put them in for one minute start Mariota in some games use two quarterbacks it’s not like baseball where you can’t use a quarterback again a lot of those games could have been won
    that the raiders lost

      1. Middle of season The AFC WEST is the toughest division I think. RAIDERS and Derrick Carr is in the mix. We have to let DC handle his business. And hope he makes it to the super bowl and win , hope, hope, hope, Go RAIDERS!!!

  9. To ALL Carr haters. He will sign a 5 year $220 million deal. It’s time for you to find another team. Bye!!

  10. Typical idiot responses from an ignorant fan base:
    #4 is a pro-bowl QB. He is not the problem & never was. Always pile on the QB. No QB has had to deal with the BS that he has in NFL history. The defense gave up 27 points a game on average in his 1st 7 seasons. – but I guess he is responsible for playing safety and CB too. He only had 1 legit pair of revivers – now one is in Dallas. The idea of starting Mariota is completely absurd. Look at his numbers 30K passing in 8 seasons.

    He should bring Mayock back and see how he does without Gruden. Continue to build the O- line, defense & bring in Devante Adams.

    1. It’s obvious you don’t know football Carr is late on the defensive reads, he throws passes behind his recievers, he fumbles the ball more than any other QB, he has bad foot work, when he scrambles he doesn’t square up his shoulders, If you think he’s a Prp Bowl QB just because of his stats, you’re an idiot you don’t know what you’re talkin about ! Winning is the only thing that matters. No Pro Bowl quarterback, he’s a journeyman and that’s all he’ll ever be and he’s not a winner !

  11. I like Carr but the League now is a scrambling quarterback the league is moving away from a pocket passer defense is not allowing that secondary is not allowing that I like Carr but it changes need to be made, look at the scrambling quarterbacks and their success.

    1. Aaron Rodgers is washed!! He’s not the same guy that won the Super Bowl from ten years ago. He’s older, choked at big time moments… He is done!!

  12. Extend Carr right away! Top 10 quarterbacks don’t fall from trees!! When they make the playoffs this year on the arm of DC4 his value will go up and there will be plenty of teams lined up to steal him away, Davis needs to make sure that don’t happen!

  13. Carr has been our one claim to respectability since he’s been here. Top rated QB, quality person, leader in the clubhouse.

  14. I’m a Raider for life, as longest DC is our QB, I will ride with him until he’s no longer a Raider. That also includes our defense for some odd reason they seem give up the lead in 4th quarter. No QB can win that not Brady, Wilson, Rogers. Brady lost three super bowls to three defense teams. Wilson should have two super bowls. Rogers is decent but he would not to any better with the defense we have. When is the DEFENSE going to addressed, I’m out Raiders

    1. Not sure what it is but no defense would ever play that poorly for Tom Brady. He’s shame those dudes into retirement if they did! He’s Cutthroat!

  15. Raiders will be 9-8 at best and 7-10 at the worst. If Derek Carr gets another extension that’s absurd. Why don’t we just give him the team? Derek’s lost big games all the way back to his college days. He’s a wonderful person, father, Christian and teammate. He’s not a winner though. Winners are cut throat and do what it takes. I doubt football is Derek’s #1 priority! That’s his decision in his life. He’s great at doing enough to get by and taking advantage of opportunities that are given to him. But that’s all you get an above average quarterback who has a great arm. We can win with Carr if we had a top 5 defense but that’s harder to do then get a great qb!

  16. Super Bowls are won with an elite DEFENSE. Raiders are lucky to have DC, get that man a decent O-Line, oh wait, they had one and blew it up in the off season. Mayock should be replaced. Manning would be a good pick.

  17. I just wonder if Daniel Snyder owner of the Washington football team, will he be in Las Vegas this weekend to watch the game. kind of curious. I’m not a betting person but I’ll bet he doesn’t show.
    I know I’m off the subject here but had to ask

  18. Someone said who cares about stats without stats what is there …carr is not the problem .. I don’t want another Marcus Russell or Jason Campbell or any of the other ones we had between Gannon and carr . Because football is stats I will ride with carr till he is gone. Wilson is well past his prime Rodgers is not much better …. last month is was Newton. Keep maycock one more year he is knowledge for sure give his face more into the organization see how it goes with gruden it seems he didn’t have much of a role . Improve o line and defense

  19. It’s time for you to find a new team to give you your daily dose of disappointment. We who believe in the Raiders believe in DC. There are enough other quarter backs that you can dump on in the NFL. He is currently 5th in the quarter back ratings and we Raider fans believe that it’s only a matter of time before he gets us that Ellusive Trophy.
    I’m old but I believe that Carr will deliver as promised. He’s a God fearing man who believes that he can do it. Currently listed as the number 5 quarter back in the NFL, there are few others that have passed for over 30,000 yards.
    My advice, find a new team that you can trash, we don’t need you nor do we want to listen to you!!

    1. He’s garbage and I’ve been a Raiders fan since the 60’s, You don’t know what a good QB looks like, because all you’ve seen is a journeyman like Carr. It’s time to move on.

  20. I’m loyal the the Raiders and the nation, not to a losing QB who has one winning seasons in 8 3/4 seasons. Carr after the leg injury isn’t the same. He pads his stats but the stats that matter he isn’t elite at. Like td’s and good redzone play. We kick so many field goals cause carr checks down. We will never go far with carr as our qb. So many of my fellow Raiders fans are delusional. They can’t see what’s in front of them and blame everyone but carr. It’s sad and a little pathetic. AL Davis would of got rid of carr by now. What happened to just win baby and commitment to excellence. We can’t do those things until we get the new QB of the future. The truth hurts, I supported carr for so long and I finally started seeing the writing on the wall. So many overtime games because of bad redzone scoring. Carlson won the Dallas game for us.

  21. Carr gives us our best chance of winning and is loyal to the team and organization. He deserves the same loyalty back. Getting rid of him will put us in another rebuild for years and years… Go grab Devontae Adams from Green Bay.

  22. Carr should have to prove himself. If I was the owner I’d say turn around the red zone performance. Right now we’re 25% touchdown in the red zone. Improve to over 50% and win over half the division games you have left. Seriously if we can’t beat Denver and LA then why do we have Carr?? It’s a complete rebuild hes been through one already he’s got nice padded stats. But seriously why not give an incentive based opportunity. You win out the remaining games we’ll make you the highest paid qb. You make the playoffs we’ll make sure that the Raiders are your final contract. You finish this season under 500 and Ide have to start new. Opportunity at hand!! Show the leadership and get your teammates that love you all in!!!! Let’s go!

  23. Get rid of Carr and Mayock. First of all why would you keep Mayock when he has already shown he has horrible talent evaluative skills. Alex Leatherwood, Clelin Ferrell, Damon Arnett to name a few. Secondly, Carr’s statistics are like empty calories. I’d much rather have a qb throw for 200 yards and win than 3,000 yards and finish under 500. Just look at Matt Jones. He takes care of the ball and he IS NOT afraid to stand in the pocket. Carr has so many come from behind victories because they start off so slow. If he scored in the red zone with TDs instead of fgs they wouldn’t have to play from behind so much. It’s time to cut bait with Carr and get someone else. I say trade for DeShawn Watson. He would give us more than what Carr has to offer. Lastly, if Watson was in Vegas, prostitution is legal. He wouldn’t have to worry about a masseuse trying to extort money from him!

  24. At 67 years old, I’ve been a life long Raiders Fan & a Season Ticket holder now in 3 different Cities, attending 100’s of Raiders Games ! Not being a betting man myself, I don’t claim to know as much about the minucia of Football as many modern day NFL fans do, but I think I know by now the difference between a winning & a loosing Raiders Quarterback ? As much as I wish he was a winner, Derek Carr is light years away from being a winning Quarterback ! His upside down win loss record for the past 8 + seasons makes that fact abundantly clear ! It seems he never got the memo “Just Win Baby” ! As a Raiders Fan, my ego aside I want what’s best for our beloved football team & Raider Nation, we’ve got to move on from Derek Carr the sooner the better ? His chances of getting hit by lightning are far greater than his chances of winning a Super Bowl with the Raiders ! Dump Carr – Go Raiders !

  25. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

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