Musburger: Players Said the Right Things, But “They Were Hurting” After the Henry Ruggs Tragedy

Not many media personalities have watched the Raiders’ drama-filled season unfold from a closer seat than play-by-play voice Brent Musburger. This week, Musburger did a segment with Raider Nation Radio’s JT the Brick and shared his thoughts on Henry Ruggs and the impact his deadly accident had on the team.

“The team responded with a couple of wins [following Gruden’s resignation], but then after the tragedy involving Ruggs it kind of took their breath away,” Musburger said.

“I don’t think people realize how emotionally draining things like that can be. The youngsters and the coaches… they said the right things, but I knew they were hurting. They had to be, deep down, as so many people were throughout this period. But they sort of stayed the course and as far as I’m concerned the Thanksgiving day victory saved their season.”

It was clear that Musburger is personally missing Ruggs, too.

“It was very draining even for me. I was a huge Ruggs fan on the field. I remember his great game-winning catch against the Jets, I remember how he went up and he high-pointed Howard of Miami. He took the ball away. Thinks like that, it was hard on me and even now I miss him dearly not being out there.”

From a football standpoint, it seems the Raiders may have stumbled into a solid replacement for Ruggs in DeSean Jackson. It took a few weeks to get Jackson acclimated with the offense, but it was clear against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving that the Raiders finally have a deep threat again.

And for what it’s worth, Jackson said on Thursday that he would like to stay with the Raiders beyond this year – and close out his NFL career in Las Vegas.

No objections to that idea here.

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22 thoughts on “Musburger: Players Said the Right Things, But “They Were Hurting” After the Henry Ruggs Tragedy

  1. Regarding Henry Ruggs, what other options were there? It is a **** shame for Henry Ruggs, as well as the Raiders. A life changing decision! Wow.

  2. Its really screwed up that Ruggs threw his hole life away just to get away from Derek Carr
    Gruden intentionally got caught so he would’nt have to go down with the ship.DAM IT RAIDER FANS 4 the love of jesus face the facts your organization has no chance as long as BROKEN DOWN CARR is on the team

    1. It’s a shame that you live your life with these delusional little thoughts in your head. Do yourself a favor and save your few firing brain cells, no one wants to hear this human waste of a thought. We would all be better off. Now you have a great day and happy holidays.

    2. I reay don’t understand all the Carr James. I don’t believe you can be a true raider fan and dislike Carr the way so many do. We would be so much worse off without him!

    3. Jason, no offense, but are you mildly retarded? Because, if you are, then I applaud you for trying to post as a functional adult…But, if you aren’t retarded, then you really should stick to swimming in the shallow end of the pool where you belong

      1. Thank you Kyle. Jason is a real loser to write what he did. I highly doubt he has anything over a high school education. And possibly did not graduate from High School.

    4. Sounds like ppl have done the same to you. How else could you come to the conclusion. To think that 2 ppl would intentionally destroy their own life and that of another, just so they dont have to play with a QB…that’s absurd…silly rabbit trolls are for kids

  3. They talk about missing Henry Ruggs and the life changing decision he made. What about the poor young lady and her dog that died in that horrific firey crash. I feel sorry for her.

    1. Well seeing as not one person in the raiders organization knew the poor woman, it would be difficult for them to miss her. They in no way said Ruggs shouldn’t be punished for his actions. Just that they missed watching his talents. Nothing more.

  4. I really hope you’re not a Raiders fan. Because if you are we don’t need people like you and whatever team that you do follow ? Sad to have somebody like you AS a so called fan!! Going after on person that has nothing to do with this article… Just saying you suck.. A**!

  5. Aren’t there any monitors on this site to get rid of this fool Jason ?? Somebody please scrap this idiot. He’s only here for attention his family won’t give him !!

    1. To the raider fan. We should stop making our opinions so personal. We all get it, a lot of
      Raider fans don’t agree with Jason. But he has a right to voice his opinion whether you or ,I
      like it or not. It is his opinion. And he should not be calling people names. We disagree So

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