Insider Says Raiders Have a Mystery OC Candidate With Head Coaching Experience

The Raiders are expected to make a decision on their offensive coordinator this week, and the list of available coaches that have been linked to the team has been shrinking in recent days.

Former Rams passing game coordinator Zac Robinson followed Raheem Morris to the Falcons, and the Bengals retained Dan Pitcher after Brian Callahan left for the Titans. If newly-hired GM Tom Telesco wanted to bring Kellen Moore with him from the Chargers, that option left the table when the Eagles hired Moore to be their offensive coordinator.

Among the names still available that have been linked to the Raiders are Kliff Kingsbury, Eric Bieniemy, Klint Kubiak, Luke Getsy, and Tim Kelly.

There might be another candidate in the mix, but Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter did not reveal his name on his daily Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast…

“There [are] still a lot of names out there and I was told that there was one name that nobody has. I don’t have him. I don’t know [who] it is… that could possibly get an interview that was a rather large, big name [coach]. A former head coach. The person said I’m not going to tell you who it is, so I can truthfully tell you I have no idea who it is, but I was told it was a very well-known former coach.”

One former coach that was brought up a few weeks ago, that we haven’t heard a lot about since, is former Jets head coach Adam Gase.

There are connections between Gase and some members of the Raiders organization, so Gase would fit the limited description of a former head coach with an offensive background.

Gase wouldn’t be a popular pick among the fan base, but this is the Raiders and stranger things have happened.

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18 thoughts on “Insider Says Raiders Have a Mystery OC Candidate With Head Coaching Experience

    1. Frank Reich would be a good choice. There’s a rumor Chip Kelly could leave UCLA for an OC job and that could be interesting. Kliff Kingsbury seems like a weird fit for Pierce. Kliff wants to spread out the formations and run very finesse football. AP like ground and pound.

      1. I taught at Oregon State when Kelly started at the University of Oregon. He was spectacular!! After several years I think that he was hired in the pros as GM and head coach. Sadly, he flamed out there. He then built up UCLA I think. I suggest that our administration check on why his pro career didn’t work out. My guess is that he had trouble getting along and, only guessing, he didn’t ge along with the older players vs fathering college kids. At UO he was very, very creative. He may be leaving the college ranks because recruiting was getting to be too difficult. Harbaugh seemed to go from college to the pros then to UM and now back to the pros. In sum, Kelly will be an interesting call. He is very creative and a real football guy.

  1. On pins and needles waiting to here who the new OC is going to be. Wishing my team the very best always. Go Raider Nation, make us all proud.

  2. Another bad decision from Mark Davis anything could happen. Tom Telesco was a bad decision, Champ Kelly would have been ideal. But Mark Davis is kinda and of an idiot when it comes to the staff needed to pushed the Raiders forward.

    1. Your an idiot… Mark Davis has gone “balls out” in terms revenue, that he’s willing to invest in Da Sillver n Black! His only fault, his only fault is being a fan. It was the fan in him, that led to Chucky 2. His insight is impressive, in that before it was fashionable to seek Harbaugh as head coach…. He had tried for years previous. People do not recognize or give Mark Davis enough credit…. Such as taking a broke organization, (since it’s days in Los Angeles) and for the first time creating a surplus of revenue that this organization has NEVER SEEN!

    2. I couldn’t agree more with you. Telesco? How has he distinguished himself? Bravo for the AP hiring, but Telesco was a terrible hire. Mark Davis takes one step further and two stops back.

    3. Telesco is a proven commodity and did a goood job drafting for the Chargers. A GM’s ability to draft is the most important factor and all is fans like Kelly but Mark Davis made the right choice honestly he did an excellent job because he also retained Kelly as the assistant! That’s how winning teams handle business!

  3. let the coach and GM select who the feel most comfortable with. They will have three years to win or show remarkable improvement or they will be replaced. I hope they do not take a QB in the first round to many times it doesn’t work out and they miss on a quality player. Take an OT or DB with the first pick. I hope we see an improvement in drafting players and not spend a load on free agents who seldom contribute and many only give minimum effort.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. Telesco? How has he distinguished himself? Bravo for the AP hiring, but Telesco was a terrible hire. Mark Davis takes one step further and two stops back.

  4. let John gruden call the plays. Lol. That would actually be great. Just to have him back with the team as offensive coordinator. We would be a power house. Remember how he would call the deep play for ruggs bless that kid’s sole. Those times were very exciting. At least for me as a raider fan. Then the crap happened but is now water under the bridge bring John in with AP together and let’s go get that title

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