Raiders’ GM Tom Telesco is Placing an Emphasis on a Detail That Would Please the Late Great Al Davis

Raider fans are still in the honeymoon period with their new general manager, but we learned something this week on Tom Telesco that would make the late Al Davis proud of the team’s new personnel chief.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, a source told him that Telesco is already placing a strong emphasis on the speed of the roster. He wants players who can run.

“At every position… [Tom Telesco] is putting a massive, and that is the word that they used, a massive value on speed. That is a big deal to him,” Carpenter said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast.

Carpenter said his source emphasized that speed is important to Telesco at every position on the field.

One of the positions that Telesco will probably be looking to add a lot of speed is the wide receiver group. According to one metric, the Raiders have the slowest wide receiver group in the NFL…

Arjun Menon on Twitter: “Route-weighted 40-yard dash times for every offense’s WR room in 2023. Decent way to look at how much speed each team put on the field from the wide receiver position / Twitter”

Route-weighted 40-yard dash times for every offense’s WR room in 2023. Decent way to look at how much speed each team put on the field from the wide receiver position

If the Raiders decide to bring in faster wide receivers, it might still be a challenge for them to get on the field. Jakobi Meyers emerged as a solid receiver in his first year with the Raiders and Davante Adams is still one of the best in the league.

Tre Tucker should have an increased role in the offense next year and his 4.40 forty time is more than enough to keep opposing defenses honest.

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12 thoughts on “Raiders’ GM Tom Telesco is Placing an Emphasis on a Detail That Would Please the Late Great Al Davis

  1. Not impressed with the hire but pierce getting in Telescos face and letting him know the Raiders were trying to score 70 not 63….ouch! So Mr Telesco as being a Raider fan for 50 plus years here is how you get into the Raider nation. Draft a qb that will blow away the nation. Yes yes yes go get your next speedster but only one with a brain. Dump jacobs, renfro and trade adams to the jets. Build up bulk in the O&D lines. The nation will forget you came from the lonely doltz and will respect you. This is a recipe for you, take it and good luck. 1 Nation/ Raider nation.

    1. Pathetic….Did Stabler or Plunkett ” blow away the nation”? No, they won with smarts, poise and guts. A real Raider fan would know that.

  2. No, no, no!
    Build me the team around an offensive line that’s big and will beat up the other team’s D. the AFC West is jam-packed with great D’s. Running the ball up their throat and then occasionally hit the bomb to devonte and get some good work out of our tight ends and we’re good.

  3. Big Raiders fan here, but you still need someone to throw the ball and a good offensive line to give him enough time to air it out. 49r’s and Cheifs don’t have that much speed and they’re in the S.B. Al Davis was always big on building a good O-line. When was the last time you had 3 out of 5 offensive linemen in the HOF? Raiders did, Otto. Shell and Upshaw. Last time the Raiders played in the SB we had 2 old slow guys, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. The last speed guy we had was using his speed in his car and crashing!

  4. Please trade up to #2 in the draft an take the QB from the AFC West .an AFC we gotta have a qb who can run an pass to compete .an teams take us raider GM .Listen

    1. Yes, i totally agree with you. Pay now and play. Case example Mr Mcstupid and Mr zigzag thought CJ Stroud was not good enough to draft. From the bottom of the barrel to playoff team wow, stroud is an absolute gamer. Go and do what it takes to get a super quality qb. Pleeeease!

  5. I have been a Raiders fan since 1968. I recall a conversation had when Bill Parcells was asked about his take on the Raiders. Bill Parcells said, at that time, that the Raiders needed to add some speed, specifically to their defense. When Jimmy Johnson took over the Dallas Cowboys, he drafted speedy players to turn them into a three time Super Bowl winner. Based on what this article has said, about Tom Telesco, I am in full agreement with him, relative to making the Raiders a faster team, on offense and defense. While I don’t know where Tom Telesco stands on other aspects of this team, I am in complete agreement with him, on this topic. This article accurately states that the late Al Davis coveted speed. Al Davis made that a cornerstone of his legacy. May that legacy, and a return to greatness, continue for the Raiders under this new management’s regime. Thus far, I like the way Tom Telesco is thinking.

  6. Great show hondo I’m a long time Raiders fan. I’m 66yrs old been a fan since I was young and started watching football. Now for next year 2024 and after looking at the schedule I think we’ll have a losing record. I hope not but I think we will. Now I hope we can get cliff Kingsbury as OC or some of the other names that I’ve come up with as follows: Charlie Weis Jr OC Ole Miss, Jeff lobby OC Oklahoma, Garrett Riley Clemson OC, Liam Coen Rams passing game coach. These are the names I’ve come up with. And if we draft a QB at number 🤔 #13 I would like Michael Pennix. He can throw the deep out outside the numbers and down the field and short and intermediate level. Keep all our picks he’ll be there at 13. The OC ‘s I have all worked with young QB’s and can teach there imaginative, explosive, creative and have good passing and running games. 😊

  7. AFC West Head Coaches:

    Antonio Pierce
    Andy Reed
    Jim Harbaugh
    Sean Payton

    Yep, don’t matter, last time I checked I still bleed Silver and Black. Lovin’ my new black AF1’s.

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