Insider Shares Decision by Josh McDaniels that “Didn’t Go Over Well” With Management and Staff

Now that Josh McDaniels is no longer with the Raiders, we’re getting a lot of information on the last 21 months that we probably would not have gotten if his departure has been under different circumstances.

Every locker room has differences among players, coaches, and management, but with the situation in Las Vegas getting so bad under McDaniels, it’s become therapeutic for Raider fans to learn about what was going on behind the curtain with their now-departed former head coach.

One story that was shared last week involved McDaniels’ decision to start Brian Hoyer in week 7 against the Chicago Bears.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, the decision to start Hoyer was one that wasn’t well received by a lot of people in the Raiders building. These were Hondo’s comments on his Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast

When Josh made the decision to start Brian Hoyer in Chicago, that was not a decision among his players that was trashed. They were supportive of it. They all like Aidan. They all think Aidan is really, really good. But they felt like ‘Okay, great. We’re going [to Chicago] playing a rookie [quarterback]. Play Brian. Fine.’

But I can tell you in the building among management, and among even his own staff, that did not go over well. There was a lot of people that wanted Aidan O’Connell to start. There’s a lot of people in that building and in the locker room that feel like Aidan O’Connell might be the most talented quarterback.”

Aside from the quarterback controversy, Carpenter reported on Tuesday that McDaniels and former GM Dave Ziegler were not on the same page with the decision to sign Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Dave and Josh disagreed on a lot,” Carpenter said in a Sports Illustrated Q&A column on Tuesday. “I will not get into all of it; I will after the season, but Josh was in charge. I will get into the ten biggest disagreements that they had and where both of them failed after the season. I will give you one area they disagreed vehemently, but you’ll have to wait for the others. Josh wanted Jimmy Garoppolo, and Dave thought it was a terrible decision.“

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7 thoughts on “Insider Shares Decision by Josh McDaniels that “Didn’t Go Over Well” With Management and Staff

  1. You have to get players on your side if they don’t believe in your system your in trouble ,after team meeting players new were done like a ticket on Titanic.

  2. Was never a fan of the move to how McDaniels, Less to sign Jimmy! I have been a raider fan for 50+ years and had told my other raider friends that i may jump ship if they sign Jimmy. Of course i didn’t but I was unhappy!!☹️

  3. I’ve been a Raider fan since ‘68 when I was 10 years old. The “Heidi” game, the heartbreak of the “Immaculate Reception ”, the joys of many game winning kicks & even quarterback play by my hero George Blanda were watched by this fan. But I was so disgusted with McDaniels and the way Derick Carr was treated I tried give up on the Raiders! It was hard but no more – glad for the change!

  4. At the opener, Aiden was good enoigh to start with 2 qb’s to back him up. Mgmt had no balls to turn him loose so soon. Kid has skills not headlines and raiders could be better stat wise in standings. Let the kid play the rest of the season. The draft has plenty of qb’s coming out a d sone vet qb’s will be available too.

  5. Most of y’all can disagree, but I feel we had our best chances to win now with Derek Carr. All the years of ups and downs, if we held on a lil longer with Devante added to the roster ( minus McDaniels), no doubt we could of handled the Chiefs or anyone else. Now everything pretty much screwed up, even Carr with the Saints. He’s a Raider, he doesn’t belong there

    1. Get over Carr, can’t stand you Derek loyalists who can’t see how bad he is, he’s trash and your so clueless. You must not know football or at least not know consistently good QB football and just not have watched every raider game on it’s entirety. So all you Derek Carr fanboy l sports center highlight watching guys go be a saints fan if you think he was our best chance, we should have let him go 3 years ago.

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