Insider Shares Rumored Cost for Raiders to Move from Pick 13 to the No. 1 Pick

With the 13th-overall pick in the draft, the Raiders are at the mercy of several quarterback-needy teams if they choose to wait and see which quarterbacks fall to them in the draft.

There is reason to believe that Mark Davis would be willing to do whatever it takes to move to the top of the draft, but there is plenty of mystery around what it would cost to get the no. 1 pick from the Chicago Bears. Some don’t believe the Bears are even willing to trade the pick.

On his daily podcast this week, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter shared what he was told the cost would be for the Raiders to trade for the no. 1 pick.

From Hondo, via the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast

“What I was told, and I believe this person, is that for the Raiders to move from [pick] 13 to [pick] 1, it would cost three [first-round picks] and three [second-round picks]. That is a mammoth cost. To move from [pick] 12 to [pick] 3, it was three [first-round picks] and one [second-round pick].”

If the Raiders view Caleb Williams (or anyone else) as a generational quarterback, there is a case to be made to give up an unprecedented draft haul, although the last time a team traded away that many assets, the result was not a good one.

More recently, the Cleveland Browns gave up three first-round picks and a handful of mid-round picks for Deshaun Watson, and most would consider Williams to have a much higher ceiling than Watson. At the very least, Williams wouldn’t come with the legal history and the massive contract that followed Watson to the Browns.

So, would three first-round picks and three second-round picks definitely get the deal done if the Raiders want the top pick?

It’s possible the Bears will end up wanting even more.

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9 thoughts on “Insider Shares Rumored Cost for Raiders to Move from Pick 13 to the No. 1 Pick

  1. I love Williams, no doubt. But if you sell the family farm to get him you surely better also have a plan to protect him! Our O-line was better last year but giving up that much means we’d have no chance of drafting sure fired studs on that line, you get developmental ones which could work. We would have to be all in on the best FA O & D-linemen and anything else of need. Sure we will fine some hidden gems but not as sure fired as the top of the class guys.

  2. I assume this is just BS and Horrible Idea Number Infinity, on the lines of hiring Belichick or Gruden as head coach. Please let’s stick to reality. If the Raiders chose a QB, they can get a good one at 13 and not lose vital draft choices (and we have a LOT of needs). I think O’Connell has potential, but I wouldn’t mind getting another rookie to compete, such as McCarthy or Penix. I also wouldn’t mind getting another edge rusher or O lineman. I do not want to give up draft picks in a draft with good RBs, WRs, and defensive stars. Let’s fill our roster with potential, not exhaust it for foolish bets on one person.

  3. There’s no way any quarterback is worth 3 first round picks and 3 second round picks no matter who’s the quarterback

  4. Mark Davis should let the GM and coach make football decisions. We don’t need a Jerry Jones type owner! If a good QB like J.J. McCarthy is available at 13 then take him. Otherwise, use our draft picks for cornerback and O Line.

  5. Caleb williams is gonna be a bust! Write it mark it jot it down . There needs to be a cockyness to a QB. But this kids seems to be straight arrogant. Also after watching some of his games i just wasnt impressed.

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