Report Hints that Aidan O’Connell Might Be Antonio Pierce’s Choice at Quarterback for the Raiders

It’s peak lying season in the NFL and that means we are going to be inundated over the next two months with a lot good and bad information.

From the Raiders standpoint, everyone wants to know what they are going to do at quarterback, and it’s a puzzle that we’ll be trying to piece together from now until the draft.

Considering we’re only three weeks into February, the Raiders probably haven’t made a firm decision on who they plan to target at quarterback, but it’s not too early to get a glimpse into their mindset as an organization.

Many believe Mark Davis is willing to move heaven and earth to trade for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft, and there is a perception among a few that Antonio Pierce would be happy to roll with Aidan O’Connell. Pierce has talked about adding another quarterback, but it’s no secret that he is one of O’Connell’s biggest supporters.

In a column this week, NFL insider Tony Pauline seemed to reference that dynamic… even hinting that O’Connell might be “the choice” for Pierce at quarterback…

“O’Connell seems to be the choice of Antonio Pierce, who had the “interim” tag removed from his title a few weeks ago and was named head coach after a successful tenure taking over for McDaniels... Yet sources tell me Tom Telesco, named as the team’s general manager on Jan. 23, wants a big name at the quarterback position.

There will be a lot of opinions involved in the Raiders’ decision on their next quarterback (owner, GM, HC, etc…), and it’s going to be interesting to see how the process plays out.

At this point, nothing can be ruled out, but it does feel like the Raiders are leaning toward taking a big swing at quarterback in the draft.

Whether they feel the need to trade up in the draft to get a quarterback or wait for one at pick 13… that seems to be the question everyone is asking right now.

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9 thoughts on “Report Hints that Aidan O’Connell Might Be Antonio Pierce’s Choice at Quarterback for the Raiders

  1. Three cheers for AP re AO for qb. Keep in mind, Tom Brady was NOT a runner. AO is a great thrower if your new coach can call passes where AO is protected. If you can get J.J. at 13 or another top 4 qb, go for it. Otherwise, fill the best position as needed at 13.

  2. I think AOC has the arm and accuracy, he needs to learn to step back further into the pocket giving the O line some work space, and the biggest learning point would be to learn his leg speed and learn to show he can run for short spurts and move outside the box if/ when needed.
    I think that would make AOC such an added asset.

    1. I agree with George. A lot of this is in the coaching. When Bo took over, there was a lot of improvement along these lines. I was sort of sorry to se Bo go, but he was new in his position and not consistent enough. Maybe Brady’s coach when a Pat had the secret since Tom was not a runner. Sadly his OC stunk as a HC. 🙁
      GO AO!

  3. That Pierce has a high opinion of O’Connell is not difficult to believe from the way he has spoken about him throughout the week. Even Kingsbury’s failure to arrive, in my humble opinion, is due to a different view of O’Connell. time will give us the answers

  4. Smoke screen, telesco and pierce probably have a deal in place with the bears. A wheelbarrow full of draft picks at no surprise. And with the number 1 pick the Raaaaaaidaz select jaydon daniels LSU! Done deal baby!

  5. Telesco is an idiot. All that could achieve in 11 years with the chargers is mediocre . I trust AP.

  6. I’d rather see Capt. Kirk or Baker or Fields if he’s cheap enough than AOC4. A top 10 selection will cost us dearly in the future. No reason for that! Don’t give up the farm. AP and Telesco don’t have a lot of time to make this work. Get a proven QB and refill the roster tank. There are way to many former McTrash acolytes in the building.

  7. Great news. I read article that Mahomes was held out of his 1st season or a total of 15 games to learn.

    We had the worse coach (according to the NfLPA) in McDaniels and threw AOC to the wolves. Even if we got C. Willaims, which I don’t want in the 24 Draft, we should not handle him like AOC.

    IMO, AOC is the real deal and has the “it” factor. Let’s get another QB to compete for QB2 after AOC wins. AOC IS A RAIDER! THAT IS ALL!

    PS. Do your flipping job and coach up AOC, so we can win some Super Bowls!!!!!!!

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