Is It Time For The Raiders To Look For a Paul Guenther Replacement?

After another embarrassing effort on defense this week, is it time for the Raiders to think about finding a new defensive coordinator?

Paul Guenther didn’t have the luxury of a talented roster in his first two years, but he has enough good players to be a lot better than what the Raiders have been on defense this year.

There were moments in the Saints game where the Raider defense looked improved, but penalties and inaccurate throws from Drew Brees were arguably as much of a factor in the Saints demise as anyone on the Raiders side of the ball.

Against the Patriots this week, the Raiders defense started out by stopping New England on their first three possessions – once with a Johnathan Abram interception. But after the 1:53 mark in the first quarter, the Patriots scored on every possession until the end of the game.

Technically, Guenther’s defense was only responsible for 29 of the Patriots 36 points (a Carr fumble in the endzone resulted in the other 7 Patriot points), but it was the way the Raiders were run over by New England that was most concerning. The Patriots were barely forced to utilize Cam Newton because the Raider defense had serious issues with gap assignments and plagued with terrible tackling all day.

Touted free agents like Cory Littleton, Maliek Collins, and Carl Nassib have barely made in impact through three games and at this point it’s fair to wonder if the problem is the players or the coaching. New players and a new scheme aren’t an excuse for a lack of discipline and bad tackling – both of which were a huge problem on Sunday.

By all means, don’t make a brash decision to rearrange the coaching staff in week three, but at some point the patience has to run out. Continuity is only a good thing if the continuous result is reasonably acceptable or improving. So far, that hasn’t been the case with the Raider defense… and now they have the Buffalo Bills coming to town in week four.

It’s a shame, really, because Guenther was so good as defensive coordinator with the Bengals. Hopefully, things can turn around soon for him with the Raiders.

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21 thoughts on “Is It Time For The Raiders To Look For a Paul Guenther Replacement?

  1. If what this article asserts is true, “… that Paul Guenther was a good defensive coordinator with the Bengals…” then what is the problem? Is it him or is it the players? Surely, it’s either one or the other. The most basic premise in football is to stop the run. Is it that these guys don’t want to get their uniforms dirty? I’m sure that lots of guys who don’t have jobs would love to make millions of dollars to tackle someone. At least the Breston Buckner lead defense wasn’t afraid to hit and tackle someone. When he was in the broadcast booth, there wasn’t a problem that Jon Gruden didn’t have an answer for. Maybe being on the field has made him myopic.

  2. Where game where NE pushed or SLAMED them all inside to start, defensive ends, this was what led to all those rushing yards, 2 sacks, big deal, they made a superstar out of those RB running wide, and then Sony Michelle, GASHED us up the middle. What was that, undisciplined , tired, or quitting, I do not know. Abrams played ok, at times,. other times he was turned in circles if not upside down. The offensive line injuries hurt so does our defensive LB injury. But it looks like so many other teams do so much more with less talents, the other teams just look coached up better. The shy is not falling, we can settle in and beat the Bills or Bucs, if not things might get away from us QUICKLY…..

  3. Gunenther must go he haven’t done a thing. So predictable! Teams have no problem with his scheme.

  4. It might be time to think about it. If there is to be a change, perhaps the bye week. For motivation, the poor defensive showing has given a smile to Florio and Simms. Put this up as bulletin board material in the locker room and something about wiping the smiles off …

    1. Did you even watch the game?? The Raiders DEFENSE allowed over 250 yards rushing to the Patriots! Yes 1 game.. 250 yards rushing.. not 250 yards rushing allowed for the season through 3 games., but ONE game! Yes the DEFENSE is a BIG problem Malcom..

  5. True’ I thought’ COACH’ John Gruden would had already replace him before the SEASON!”

  6. Our defense is not nasty enough we were known for kicking *** and taking names.but we don’t have that anymore we need some help on defense go raiders

  7. How many years of absolutely uninspired defensive play must we endure in Raider Nation. Look at the 49ers DC. How about the Redskins DC that destroyed us in game 3 of 2017 on national tv? Our defense is not FIRED UP to play 4 quarters of football….ever. That’s not wo Guenther is!! Bengals. You talkin’ about Bengals???

  8. Wake up the hell up “Real Football Fans” the Raiders coaching staff is garbage. If any of you have ever played football past H.S. You would know this staff is absolute garbage & there electric football play calling is out dated. Coaches / Coordinator’s are always ahead of this “Staff”.

    If any resl fans watched last night’s game with “K.C vs Ravens” you saw the future in play calling.
    Offensive Coordinator:
    Eric Ballemy unbelievable

    There Defensive Coordinator- forgot his name: Blue print for Lamar Jackson, keep him in the pocket & make him beat you with his arm & football intelligence?? Guess what he could not with either?? Not progressed enough yet.
    We are not even at the same playing field as K.C.
    We will get beat in the next 2-games & off the bye, we are definitely not beating Tampa Bay. Lol

  9. Great assessment Thomas. Something has got to give sooner or later. Everyone knows that Gruden is obsolete and in over his head. Let’s just hope that Mark Davis can see that as well. Cutting Gruden, Carr, Tyrell Williams and Paul Guenther would save 50 million dollars next year alone. One thing is for sure, Raider Nation can’t take 7 more years of Gruden and Guenther.

  10. He was good in Cincinnati cause he was running Marvin Lewis Defensive Scheme ! He didn’t build that Defense at all .

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