Should The Raiders Check in With a Certain Three-Time All Pro Safety That Happens to Still Be a Free Agent?

If we learned anything from the Raiders game at New England on Sunday, it’s that their defense needs help.

As bad as Paul Guenther’s group has been as a unit, the safety position has been arguably the worst on the team. After three games, only one safety has graded among the Raiders top 15 players on defense according to Pro Football Focus (Johnathan Abram at no. 15), and it’s fair to wonder if they shouldn’t look around for help in free agency.

So why not check in with 31 year-old Earl Thomas?

If nothing else, his experience would eliminate some of the bad angles and poor tackling in the back of Guenther’s defense. The presence of Thomas might also allow Abram to spend more time around the line of scrimmage where he has been at his best.

Thomas has endured some legal issues in recent months and the Ravens were willing to lose big money just to get him away from the team. There would definitely be risk to adding a player like Thomas, but there is also risk to assuming the defense will get better by doing nothing.

So it might be worth a shot to bring in another safety. After all, anything is better than defensive effort the Raiders put on tape against the Patriots on Sunday.

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26 thoughts on “Should The Raiders Check in With a Certain Three-Time All Pro Safety That Happens to Still Be a Free Agent?

  1. Yes go sign him Mayock! The secondary got smoked all day long and couldn’t make a tackle to save there lives! #24 & #20 need to get their sh…..t together!

  2. I think its worth a try on a proove it. No guaranteed money. That seems to be the death nail. BTW, Anyone notice how Benson Mayowa is playing. We probably could have kept him for Collins money. Why didnt we stay closer to Aldon Smith and get him in back in camp. Looks like he may have turned his life around like Waller who could have been a good presence for him. Finally, while Maranelli is a HOF’er I dont see why they let Bruckner go. He had the D line going and not sure why you screw with something thats working. I think you gotta give Guenther one or two more games and it might be time to say bye bye. Meranelli shouldnt be anything but an interim replacement though.

  3. Wouldn’t it be easier to fire Guenther? We keep changing the pieces with the same result.
    Earl Thomas scares me in the way that only a player who got kicked out by his own teammates csn scare me.

    1. Fire Guenther, he waits until mid season to Blitz when these professional athletes should be ready to sack, hurry and disrupt the QB and offense. Promote Marinelli to D Coordinator, teach the Defensive players to aim for the hip and not leave your feet so you don’t get burned. No arm tackling, drive right thru your opponent. Simple

  4. Earl Thomas mentors a willing pupil in Abraham, increase coverage alleys and security with knowledgeable and sure tackling and coverage, reduces over exertion and injury to Abraham, stop long runs and deep open receptions, and add so much needed toughness and swagger to our defense. Geunther is soft and he has structured a soft defensive unit, that has potential to be tough as nails like the old ***-kicking Raiders.
    Here are just a few suggestions:
    1. Sign Earl Thomas immediately!
    2. Bring in Harrison for a tryout at tackle
    3. Move Clelin Ferrell to tackle and give him a chance to prosper on the inside..not a NFL DE
    4. Start Ruggs and Renfrow, and mix up the rotation with Edwards, Agholor, and Zay
    5. Why in the hell did you bring in Witten if you ain’t gonna use him?
    6. Replace Joyner with Robertson to help with coverage and assist consistently with the run
    7. Play Nassib and Crosby at DE
    8. Play Raekwon at Mike and LittleTon as the monster back, always on the side of the receiving tight end; with Earl Thomas we can play Abraham tighter at the line of scrimmage on running downs and Earl can hold down center field and come up smartly when feasible.
    9. Demand that Derek Carr take more shots downfield as less check downs that foolishly endanger our receivers and backs.
    10. More team and scheme flexibility and match feasibility, that benefits our team rather than places them in awkward and losing situations; that make us vulnerable to every good team and coach that we play.

    So much more I could scheme and say, but I’ll end with thus: Go Raiders and just win baby!

      1. Ok Raider Nation…it’s time to call a spade a spade…Gruden gas list his balls and needs to go back to the booth where he can talk a good game…rather than coach one! He chickened out a kicked a field goal in the redzone at tge end if the first half; when we could have totally changed the momentum and leverage of the game. Geunther gives up the usual 30 plus points per game, and the offense fumbles, penalties, and just generally inconsistent play.
        It’s time fir Mark Davis to get his money worth, and needs to put Gruden and Mayock on notice and fire the worst DC in the league.
        I am so sick and tired watching thus absolutely soft and incompetent defense, inconsistent offense, and cowardly tackling on thus team. Josh Jacobs may be the only true Raider in spirit and soul; that pisses the mental and physical toughness to play like and call himself a true Raider.
        I’m tired and disgusted in this entire group, in spite of being a faithful fan and true supporter for over 50 years. I wonder if coaches and management care as much as the Nation, or it’s all business and mediocre football.
        I will make a prediction that if sone serious changes and improvements aren’t made quickly and efficiently; the Nation will diminish and rightfully so, we will stop accepting speeches, loses, and excuses at the financial loss and disrespect of the fan base.

        Get it right Jon Gruden or give up the job and heavy cash that you are collecting to inflict pain every week and season on loyal fans of the Nation. We all deserve better…so do better and stop protecting your buddies that are failing to do their **** job! We need defensive players that play tough and committed, better play calling with courage and demand, and new coaches that know what the he’ll they are doing. Hail to all the Nation and we all deserve so much better…Go Raiders…just win baby!

  5. Stop bringing up Thomas. He doesn’t want to play defense for the raiders and that is understandable due to the shitty scheme and DC. Besides the Texas are about to sign him.

  6. Not only the defense… but offense as well needs to step up their game. Carr especially, he’s the team captain, act like it. They should definitely give Mariota a shot. I mean how much more worse could it get. What do they have to lose. MARIOTA!!!!!

    1. In all reality RODNEY…. It’s not Carr’s fault Ruggs was hurt there for he didn’t draw to defenders witch would have left Waller with single coverage. Besides that MARIOTA is on IR. YOU SHOULD FALLOW THE RAIDERS A BIT CLOSER.

    2. Fire Olsen and get a younger hungrier Offensive coordinator who wants to Win by passing deep all the time to tire the defense. Have QB roll out left or right, stronger passes with momentum. Use FB Alec Ingold to powerhouse defense and lead Jacobs path to the end zone.

    1. Use three TE to abuse the patriots defense. Olsen holds them back like he did with his first stint- worthless.

  7. The Team has suffered poor tackling all season. Seems to me that they are afraid of contacting the covid or something! Adding Thomas may be the veteran influx you might need to have everyone giving a better effort! The Raiders have always been the bad boys…bring Thomas to add depth!

  8. Rex Ryan from ESPN studio would be immense! The Current collection of defensive personel are not in the Image or Raider lore! Chucky has to quit with the tunnel vision on play calling and bringing in old buddies with old ideas and **** for results! If Vikes release Zimmer jump all on and over him!!

    1. Rex Ryan from ESPN studio would be immense! The Current collection of defensive personel are not in the Image or Raider lore! Chucky has to quit with the tunnel vision on play calling and bringing in old buddies with old ideas and **** for results! If Vikes release Zimmer jump all on and over him!!

  9. I realize Vontaze Burfict is a LB, but he’s the closest thing to Jack Tatum the (ASSASSIN) the RAIDERS have had in along time. Just his leadership and toughness on the field would spark a change in the hole defense.

  10. How bout kicking Guenther to the eff’g curb! Horrible eff’g DC!! C’mon Mayock, C’mon Gruden. The time is now.

  11. Yes! Everyone knows that our secondary is young. It bothers the **** outta me,seeing our guys trying to do arm tackling. When you play D,that means dont be afraid to tackle people. Bring in Thomas? Has leadership(check). Knows how to tackle(check). Can play centerfielder(check). All those we need badly on our secondary. So if we can make it happen? Then let’s do this!

  12. I think the raiders will do fine once henry ruggs lll richi incognito snd trent brown are able to play a solid game. But guys like clilin fererell and some of the deffensive rookies you guys signed last yr and the linebacker you signed this year definitely need to play better if you guys wanna beat some teams like new england or kansas city or some of the other solid teams in the afc in order to get to the superbowl cause im expecting a lot from you guys this year and if saftys like lemarcus joyner who you guys paid a huge amount of money for next several years and wont have a impact for the raiders then just let him go next year or whatevers. Same thing goes with clenin fererell. Sign some better deffensive probowlers around the league mr mike mayock. Wish you guys the best and although i live in korea ive always been and will be a silver and black raider fan sir.

  13. Mariota actually is back with the practice squad and we have 3 weeks to add to active roster so they let Keizer go, but the only way I want to see that guy or any other backup is if Derek can’t go. I know Derek is a dink and dunker, but check the stats over the years we are basically last in all D categories how can you expect to win that way??? Most times when we keep it close and Derek has a chance in the 4th to win he does cause he’s a solid QB, not a super QB but with a good to great D we would be amazing with Derek as he doesn’t lose games our D and O line have been the issues this year so far.

  14. Oh and yes Guenther has to go!!! He should have been replaced this year if not last. I know talent and attitude are also important, but a loser is a loser and we need a fresh new D scheme. Too late in the week now, so if he bombs against the Bills then kick him to the curb and promote Marinelli for a chance against the Chiefs.

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