Is Jack Del Rio Going Too Soft On Discipline?

Sunday was a rough day for Raiders running back Jalen Richard. On the stat sheet, the second-year running back was mostly invisible, but three fumbles and another bobbled punt could very easily have derailed the Raiders season had they lost to the Giants.

Richard was fortunate that each fumble was recovered by teammates, but the response to these mental errors is what’s most unsettling moving forward. Head coach Jack Del Rio continued to march Richard onto the field for punt returns on Sunday – very similar to the approach he used with Seth Roberts after a series of inexcusable mental gaffes in Mexico City.

It seems unfathomable (and almost unfair to the player) that Richard will be taking punts again in Kansas City, but even if he doesn’t, the situation has already been addressed poorly enough.

It’s concerning that Del Rio continues to take such a soft approach on team discipline and it’s hard not to wonder what other areas his ‘player friendly’ approach could be contributing to a surprisingly sloppy season.

Hopefully the head coach knows best and suddenly improved attention to detail is right around the corner, but it’s perfectly reasonable at this point to share a little skepticism.

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14 thoughts on “Is Jack Del Rio Going Too Soft On Discipline?

  1. Amazingly enough , JDR has a history of sitting CERTAIN players down when they are making mental mistakes . Not so much in Oakland but certainly in Jacksonville . Not sure why he has become so forgiving in Oakland .
    I sure hope he knocks this nonsense off going forward or he might be taking paychecks as a guidance counselor .

  2. I was wondering what the hell he was still doing returning kicks after the first two gaffes! These things need to be dealt with during the game.

  3. He didnt even think about using the W.O. they called up from the PS either. Washington sucks, they dont use CP or walford enough. Way too many unanswered q’ns or Is he just letting his co’s make all the decisions for when the hammer falls?

  4. Jack is not the “ra ra” coach this team needs at this point and going forward into next season. chucky anyone?

  5. I understand the concern about the discipline. However, Richard has been a pretty reliable player for the Raiders and a bad game doesn’t necessitate benching him just yet. If he has another bad day, I suspect TJ Carrie will be back there fielding punts after one muff or fumble against KC.

    Roberts on the other hand, has had a season full of drops and the costly fumble against NE, that was just careless ball protection.

  6. We lead the league in drops EVERY year. Certain defensive players have made the same mistakes repeatedly. Roberts is just garbage (keep in mind, he runs the right route or doesn’t illegally crack on the next play, DC likely doesn’t get hurt, that & NE are just small glimpses of his poor play). JDR has been poor on consequences his entire time in Oakland. Took 2 & 1/2 years to realize Norton sucked and his failure to upgrade an area he said was a priority at the end of last year (dropped balls), prevents us from knowing the absolute truth about Downing. If he wins a Super Bowl here, like NYG w/ Eli, it’ll be in spite of him, not because of him.

  7. I’m not sure why Peterson isn’t returning all special team kicks not just kick offs this makes no sense one of the most dynamic returners in history only returning kicks that’s just silly

  8. I say crab and patterson should start on the outside and cooper should replace roberts in the slot. Holton should be used more often to spread the field.

  9. Richard hasn’t done anything with the ball in his hands on punt return all year. And the fact that he was marched out there despite 3 fumbles is a joke. JDR is overrated a coach as I’ve ever seen. He had one winning season in Oakland and was given a 4 year extension? Shame on Reggie! A raise would have been okay. But a 4 year extension? Why isn’t Patterson returning punts and why isn’t he on the field more? Roberts is too inconsistent and Holten is too raw. Smh. And why didn’t we go after Wade Phillips in the off-season?

  10. Wade Phillips? Wade Phillips! That would of been too smart for us! Madden recommended JDR to MD n RM got the order. Not RM pick n RM usually writes up contracts that wont cause dead money. Im hoping he did the same W/JDR. This team is a shell of itself from 16’ cuz of JDR decisions. I say call Wade or Chucky back in and kets get this **** right for once. It will b a miracles to c post season this year w/125m QB w/no post season experience. Now shame on RM 4 that!

  11. This is the end and out season 4 Jack Del Rio if he doesn’t get things straightened out this season’s you should be gone next season there’s a lot of misuse of players on the field on both sides of the ball obviously it looks like he’s not too keen on what those situations are we need someone that can keep order in the locker room and know how to assign players and put them in the right position to be effective.

  12. Jeez. Doom and gloom, Richard was having a bad first half and yet they won. Clearly the coach’s fault. Stupid article i feel like a dope for reading it.
    Go Raiders! Raiders fan since ’78. This isn’t a bad year (yet) ya whiners!

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