Lincoln Kennedy Says Raiders Defense Is More Efficient Under John Pagano

Since taking over as defensive coordinator in Oakland, John Pagano has been gifted two of the worst opposing quarterbacks he could have hoped to face.

Nevertheless, the Raiders have recorded 8 sacks and their first interception in two games under Pagano. The Oakland offense is still a work in progress, but thanks to the defense giving up only 15.5 points-per-game over the past two weeks, the Raiders have suddenly stumbled into a little “mojo.”

Maybe it’s been more about the quarterbacks they have faced, but former Raiders OL Lincoln Kennedy believes there’s at least one major improvement with the defense since Pagano has taken over.

“He knows how to call plays and the big thing that I’ve noticed from his presence at the coordinator spot is that the defenses are getting called in quicker,” said Kennedy on Monday during his weekly 95.7 The Game appearance. “They’re more efficient, the turnover when they have to get new personnel in is working more efficiently and you don’t have a lot of those where you’re scrambling around seeing a lot of people confused.”

Of course, Paxton Lynch and Geno Smith can make any defense appear more efficient, so it will interesting to see how things shake out over the next four weeks as the Raiders face Kansas City, Dallas, Philadelphia, and the L.A. Chargers to close out the regular season.

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2 thoughts on “Lincoln Kennedy Says Raiders Defense Is More Efficient Under John Pagano

  1. I believe Pagano can get rhis defense up to par… Next year . The scheme they are playing is all wrong for the personnel they have . The biggest thing he can do to help himself and the Raiders as things sit now , is to start playing some different people . Reggie Nelson should play only in red zone situations because he won’t have as much ground to defend . Shalom Luani should start over him . Yes , he’s a rookie but a much better athlete than Nelson at this point in his career . The front office needs to help Pagano in the off season and draft a couple of true defensive ends . Adding one in free agency wouldn’t hurt either . They’ll have to find someone to replace Sean Smith but I’m interested to see if Amerson can play better in a different scheme .

    1. I’d like to see Luani and Obi used more often and Nelson on the bench. Nelson is too slow on EVERYTHING. I actually wanna see how Smith does when he’s used correctly but I agree that we need at least another cb and de

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