Is Jon Gruden Preparing To Overhaul The Raiders Roster?

It was fun last week so lets do it again.

You brought good questions. Hopefully there are a few good answers sprinkled in here as well…

Do you think we have our starting safeties on our roster now or should we address that in FA?

It’s hard to imagine Jon Gruden having confidence in Obi Melifonwu going into next year. There were questions about his work ethic at the end of the season, but just as concerning was some of the conversation around Melifonwu in training camp. Specifically, what football skill set does he really bring to the position?

If the Raiders do cut Amerson and Smith, do you think they try and sign Trumaine Johnson?

Amerson was cut and Sean Smith will be released eventually, so the Raiders need to be aggressive in bringing in another cornerback. One free agent that should be brought back is T.J. Carrie, who is like the Swiss Army knife of the Raiders secondary and special teams – he can fill in just about anywhere.

Who do you see the Raiders drafting in the first round? Should it be a MLB or DT?

If NaVorro Bowman is re-signed, linebacker won’t as much of a need – or at least Bowman’s presence makes a defensive tackle much more desirable with the first pick. But what about cornerback? That’s a possibility, too.

Do the Raiders keep Marshawn Lynch? I feel those punishing runs are what we need.

All the conversation seems to suggest Lynch has a better chance of being brought back than Michael Crabtree. Both are probably gone, but Crabtree feels like the more tempting player to bring back. He’s still one of the most difficult receivers to defend at the goal line. Then again, so is Lynch.

What is Crabtree’s trade value assuming we move on from him?

At his current price, probably not much trade value for Crabtree. His little episodes in the second half of the season shouldn’t make him particularly attractive to anyone at nearly $8 million per year.

Will the Raiders release Washington and Richard?

Don’t think that will happen, but they are so similar that it does makes sense that one could be traded. Both would probably have a little trade value. The fact that Richard led all non-quarterbacks in fumbles (8) hurts his value some.

Will the Raiders release Reggie Nelson?

Technically, no. He’s a free agent, but he won’t be brought back. His game film from this season has to be the least enticing of anyone on the Raider defense.

Do you think Gruden has any interest in Malcolm Butler?

Gruden will have interest in someone at that position for sure. As for Butler, it would be nice to know what led to his benching in the Super Bowl. Historically, Bill Belichick’s castaways don’t have the best track record.

Do we trade up for Saquon Barkley?

No, but he could very well fall to the Raiders in the first round. This running back class is deep.

Any thoughts on the Raiders potentially going after Martavis Bryant?

First thought is he doesn’t seem like a player Jon Gruden will move heaven and earth to bring aboard. In fact, probably almost no chance at all it happens.

Who returns out of Lynch, Crabtree, Irvin, and Sean Smith?

Have to bring back Bruce Irvin, right?

Who should be the Raiders number one target in free agency this year?

Don’t know who they’ll go after, but Gruden and McKenzie are going to be busy. There are smart, well-connected people who believe there’s a monster overhaul coming to the Raiders roster. Thanks to the way McKenzie has been structuring deals, the salary cap potential is there for the Raiders to turn the roster upside down.

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