Gruden Deal The First Big Thing Mark Davis Has “Really Wanted To Do” As Raiders Owner?

It’s generally not good policy to take a standalone statement and make a story of it…

But former Raiders fullback Marcel Reece, who remains very close with Mark Davis, last week offered something that’s a little too tantalizing to leave alone.

Speaking with Vic Tafur of The Athletic, Reece revealed just how much it meant to Davis to bring back Jon Gruden.

“[Mark Davis] is very excited, he has been working on that for a long time. It’s a great feeling when you can get the right coach at the right time.”

“I don’t know if I should say this, but this is the first major thing that MD has done that he really wanted to do.”

It’s no secret that Davis really wanted Gruden, but if Gruden’s hire is, in fact, the first major maneuver that the Raiders owner has really wanted to do, that would be significant.

Poor Jack Del Rio.

Poor Reggie McKenzie.

Or forget JDR and McKenzie… what about the move to Las Vegas?

Would that not qualify as something “major” that Davis really wanted to do?

Maybe it was an innocent statement (or taken out of context) from Reece, but if that was the case, why preface the thought with “I don’t know if I should say this, but…”?

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4 thoughts on “Gruden Deal The First Big Thing Mark Davis Has “Really Wanted To Do” As Raiders Owner?

  1. Mark Davis really wanted to stay in Oakland. When that was no longer an option, he really wanted to move to L.A. and when the NFL didn’t let that happen, Las Vegas happened. I think Reggie was someone he really wanted also, just not as much as Gruden.

  2. Seems pretty clear cut. Mark Davis never WANTED to move to Vegas. I think that’s been clear all along. He did all he could do.

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