Is Raiders Voice Greg Papa On His Way Out?

He’s been the voice of the Raiders for two decades, but it’s starting to feel like Greg Papa’s days with the Raiders are getting close to their end.

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation around Papa’s plans now that the Raiders are officially bolting to Las Vegas, but never anything concrete and Papa, for obvious reasons, has never addressed his status with the team.

What Papa has done, though, is allow himself to remain conspicuously in the middle of an ongoing beef between the Raiders and their radio flagship 95.7 The Game.

Furthermore, Bay Area blogger Zennie Abraham says he was told that Papa is “not the favorite” of Raiders owner Mark Davis and it was only a couple months ago that a rumor was swirling about Papa angling to join the 49ers.

If Davis believes Papa is getting cushy with the 49ers, it would only exacerbate any mistrust the Raiders owner may already have for Papa.

Whatever the case, Papa could theoretically make a smooth transition across the bay considering the emphasis he and 95.7 The Game have placed on covering the 49ers over the past six months.

Just a guess, but at some point soon, it feels like the clean break is bound to happen. There’s too much smoke to not have a fire smoldering somewhere.

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27 thoughts on “Is Raiders Voice Greg Papa On His Way Out?

  1. Welll I completely stopped listening to 95.7 the game. I saw how they almost completely ignored the Raiders toward the end of the season and during free agency and it just kinda got worse from there. I thought I could maybe hear a few tidbits though Papas show, but other than the interview with Gruden not really. I know they are mad, but I thought you covered a team at least till they were gone. Will miss him though.

    1. Me too, I removed the app off my phone . 95.7 the game are sukka’s

  2. Bye Greg, would have been good to hear you say”TOUCHDOWN RAAAIDERRRSSSSS” in Vegas but get to steppin son

  3. Anyone considering switch you to the 49ers was never a Raider to begin with. Good riddance to the traitor

  4. Papa is an over rated blowhard. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way our.

  5. I hope your wrong because I have to continue hearing “Touchdown Raiiiiiderrrrrs”!

  6. Papa is a Raider to me and always will…💀💀💀 People Remember, its Business just like everything else…!!! Who wouldn’t take another job close to home, if you can get it…!!!
    Papa, its been amazing having you working all those special Raider Games we hold dear to our hearts…Much Love Pops from the 408..
    East 408 that is….💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. Papa’s definitely changed. All he talks about is the 9ers these days. Just like how he went from the a’s to giants he’ll go from the raiders to 9ers

  8. All the shade thrown on him for sheer speculation after spending 2 decades passionately calling Raider games. Those of you that already cast him to the wolves are just pathetic. He’s an icon and a voice I’ve loved hearing call games growing up a die hard fan. Chill out and give the man the respect he deserves…. At least until the truth comes out.

  9. Lol…love some of the comments, “who cares”, etc. But I thought this was a business lol (stadium fans favorite phrase) Now he’s a traitor, tho. Gmab…you know he was born in Buffalo and once a fan of the Bills, right? Comedy.
    Papa is one of the best in the business and it’s definitely their loss if this happens.
    Btw, the owners mistrust?? Lol…Papa was questioning Mark for interviewing Mike Shanahan… ummm as most Raider fans were, esp the ones that knew the history. Talk about being a traitor, if Mark did that to his own dad then pretty sure the man lacks the loyalty trait.
    In addition, Mark started alienating employees a long time ago…ask Amy Trask. So where is the real mistrust here?

  10. Has he already trademarked “Touchdown Niiiiinnners”? (That felt gross to type btw)

  11. With Coach Flores getting way up there in age, and the move to Vegas, it is sad we won’t see many years of the best duo in NFL radio. It is downright painful listening to 90% of the NFL radio teams, I just hope they manage to get some solid replacements to go with Lincoln. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kennedy becomes to the new color commentator and they pick up a play guy to go with him.

  12. So Musburger and Flores? combined age 370…these guys are going to be the oldest duo out there.

  13. All of you think that Papa should be gone, he is one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, Mark Davis doesn’t know his *** from a hole in the ground and Al has forgot more football than Mark will ever know in his lifetime. This is a bad move for the Raiders and definitely moves them backwards. Musburger can’t even compare.

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