Is Tom Brady Hoping to Bring Antonio Brown to His Next Team?

Tom Brady is still unsigned so technically he remains an option for the Raiders.

According to an ESPN rumor on Monday, Brady’s plan in his new city (if he ends up leaving New England) reportedly might involve a free agent that the Raiders would surely have no interest in bringing to Las Vegas.

“Two people close to Antonio Brown — yes, that Antonio Brown — told us Brady keeps in consistent contact with Brown and has told Brown he wants to play with him wherever Brady goes next,” ESPN’s Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler reported on Monday.

“According to one of Brown’s attorneys, Brady has told Brown to keep mentally and physically strong so the two can reunite on the field at Brady’s next stop. Anything concerning Brown should be taken with not a grain but a bucket of salt at this point, but it does seem as if Brady and Brown formed at least some level of connection in their incredibly brief time together in New England.”

It’s probably important to note that this report did come from Antonio Brown’s camp. There aren’t many (if any) trustworthy people left in AB’s inner circle, so this rumor might carry even less weight than a Jason La Canfora rumor – and that’s saying a lot.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock addressed Brown last week at the NFL Combine and seemed to slam the door shut on any idea that AB might end up back with the Raiders. Mayock, off course, was the one on the receiving end of Brown’s “white devil” rant during training camp, which ended up being only one of about a six dozen outrageous behaviors AB carried out while under contract with the Raiders.

So by all means, go ahead and take him, Tom. But don’t think you’re going to sneak him through the back door in Las Vegas.

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6 thoughts on “Is Tom Brady Hoping to Bring Antonio Brown to His Next Team?

  1. This makes so much since … We sign Brady to 35 mil per season … Give him ownership in team … And as an owner …force the team to sign AB … Then they throw uncontested bombs that go for Touchdown or penalties and we go undefeated … Brilliant !

  2. Oh and just thinking … Tom I would not want AB any where near my wife … No matter how good of hands … And route running …

  3. And one more thing … Please stop putting up photos of AB in a RAIDER JERSEY !

  4. Let me list the upsides for Brady;
    Not playing at a high level.
    Money, this guy is crazy expensive.
    Another quarterback to add to the list of mistakes we have made at this position.
    Forget Brady!

  5. ANYONE, say what you will but, the San Francisco 49ers are on the cusp of being a Super Bowl champion in 2021. Of course, nothing ever remains the same but, given the San Francisco 49ers success last year and the majority of their roster still in tact, adding even a “declining” Tom Brady and a “mercurial” Antonio Brown would NOT diminish the San Francisco 49ers chances of getting to the Super Bowl in the slightest.

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